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ASN Questionnaire

Tony Beltran Is Extremely Poised on the Pitch, and Off

Real Salt Lake's important defender submitted to taking ASN's Questionnaire and provided some of the longest and deepest answers yet. You really need to read what he has to say.
BY Noah Davis Posted
November 02, 2012
12:18 PM
Tony, greatest influence?

"The greatest influence on my development has been my father. Though he was not initiated with the sport before I developed an affinity for it, once he saw my interest he was constantly encouraging me in all the right ways. He coached and managed all my teams growing up, and almost every day after he'd get home from work he would help me train at the local park. As I got older and began to be recruited by Club Teams and eventually colleges, his research and guidance helped me make informed decisions on what was best for my development. He never fails to watch my games today and discuss them with me afterwards. He is my biggest supporter, and a great man."

Wow. That is intense. And sweet. Did it get dusty in here?

There are more great answers on Beltran's ASN questionnaire. When you're done with those, hit up the ever-growing list or make a Starting XI for Real Salt Lake against Seattle Sounders.

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