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ASN Morning Read: The Greatest of All Time?

Clint Dempsey, Friday night's hat-trick hero, stakes his claim as the GOAT; that sure was a fun win, wasn't it; Darlington Nagbe is underappreciated; we move on to Panama.
BY Noah Davis Posted
March 27, 2017
5:05 AM
  • U.S. Victory Over Honduras Is Truly One for the Ages

  • Clint, Clint, Clint: "Dempsey's scoring rate of 0.42 goals per game now towers over Landon Donovan's 0.36. His three strikes against Honduras made him the all-time leader in World Cup qualifying games for the Americans, surpassing Jozy Altidore. They also left him just two goals shy of Donovan's career mark of 57 despite having played 26 fewer games. It's also worth noting that 15 of Donovan's strikes came from the penalty spot, compared to just six for Dempsey."Clint's record speaks for itself," captain Michael Bradley said."

  • 5 Thoughts on the United States' Win over Honduras

  • Subtle, Sophisticated Play Proves that Nagbe Belongs

  • An appropriate eulogy for the Jurgen Klinsmann era: " The players figured out he didn’t know what he was doing in 2013, then had to keep playing for him for three more years. At some point, you can’t talk yourself into giving your all for an incompetent manager anymore, especially when his incompetence is making your job harder. It’s deflating. The American players should not be criticized for quitting on Klinsmann, but instead praised for continuing to play their hardest for him even after figuring out that he was a snake oil salesman."

  • Next step:
  • Who's in your Starting XI?

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