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ASN Morning Read: Two Days Until Game Time

This week is taking forever, isn't it? Maybe it's our excitement about Friday's Olympic-World Cup qualifying fiesta. Maybe it's because there's a new women's national team phenom. Maybe it's Clint Dempsey time.
BY Noah Davis Posted
March 23, 2016
7:55 AM
  • Clint Clint Clint: “I’ve enjoyed my time with the National Team and every time I’ve got called up to camp and played in games, I’ve had the same mentality. I’ve played my best, I’ve left everything out on the field and if you get opportunities to play, you continue in the same way. I don’t think that just because you have a little time off that you would change. For me, I’ve always treated it the same, wanted to make the most of the games I was a part of and tried to make an impact.”

  • Well, that's good news:
  • Well, that's fun:
  • Overhauled U-23 Squad Will Try to Book Ticket to Rio

  • Here's a crazy piece about Matt Miazga.

  • Do you know the name Ashley Sanchez? You should. She's the latest 17 year old to make the United States women's national team roster. 

  • All you wanted to know about MLS.

  • Your Wednesday morning moment of zen:

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