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ASN Morning Read: Tired of Waiting for Copa America

It feels like this silly tournament is never going to start, doesn't it? Ugh, just two more days before the Americans take the field against Colombia. We can make. Will a picture of Alexi Lalas help?
BY Noah Davis Posted
June 01, 2016
8:10 AM
  • Fun feature on the 1995 Copa America team: Here I am, an interim coach and one day later, I'm told that the players are going on strike [laughs]. We're not training. I get a call from [USSF Secretary General] Hank Steinbrecher informing me that they are sending the Olympic team to replace the national team. I said, "Hank, c'mon. Are you serious?" He said, "We're absolutely serious. If this thing goes south with the players, we're sending the Olympic team.

  • This is a dumb story: "In hindsight, going back to when he chose between representing Italy or the USA, we should have chosen the USA."

  • If you simulate Copa America by FIFA ranking, Argentina wins and the United States doesn't advance. I have no idea why you would need to do 100,000 simulations to tell you that a team ranked 25th in the world would prevail over a team ranked 29th in the world, but whatever. 

  • Klinsmann, Pulisic & Wood Chat About Copa America

  • "That said, these lineup decisions are ones Klinsmann will be considering throughout the tournament. Those who aren't chosen to start against Colombia may still get their chance during the group stage. There are three U.S. positional battles in particular that are setting up to be good ones throughout the Copa America. Here is a closer look."

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