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ASN Morning Read: Game Day for U.S. in Edmonton

The United States women's national team gets ready for the knockout stage of the Women's World Cup; Clint Dempsey gets off with a slap on the wrist; Andrea Pirlo comes to New York, probably. 
BY Noah Davis Posted
June 22, 2015
10:00 AM
  • A nice preview of tonight's U.S.-Colombia match. 

  • This will be the last World Cup for Abby Wambach: "When I am on the field it is definitely all about business but this being my last World Cup I do want to stop and smell the roses at certain moments. For me that's what makes these tournament so awesome is that every continual game the stakes get higher, the pressure gets steeper.

  • This is fair: "But because the perpetrator in this case happens to be the U.S. national team captain, the marquee player on one of the league's marquee teams, the perception that Dempsey got preferential treatment will be hard to shake no matter how much the league might deny that was the case."

  • So is this: "For a league that is often accused of making up the rules as it goes along, it appears that nothing has changed."

  • Pirlo

  • Whatever, it's Pirlo:  
  • What are all the players in Germany going to do next season? And what did we do before Twitter?  

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