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ASN Morning Read: FIFA Corruption, Gold Cup Prep

Bild secured a copy of Michael J. Garcia's report on FIFA, and now the lurid details are out in the open. Also, the U.S. plays a friendly on Saturday, one that will definitely features some unfamiliar faces. 
BY John Godfrey Posted
June 30, 2017
7:00 AM
  • Michael J. Garcia found some bad, bad stuff on FIFA

    For three years, the Garcia report was concealed. FIFA released a redacted summary, and Blatter, its former president, said that was the end of it. FIFA’s new president, Gianni Infantino, then declared he could not do more because of the need to protect the privacy of some of those involved, or because of active investigations by FIFA’s ethics committee. For two and a half years, the organization obstructed and obfuscated, fudged and fumbled.

    This week, as soon as the German newspaper Bild disclosed that it had obtained a copy, all of those reservations miraculously fell away. When the full report was published on Tuesday afternoon, FIFA claimed doing so proved its commitment to “transparency.”

  • How will Bruce Arena line 'em up tomorrow vs. Ghana? Some popular opinions available here

  • Jonathan Spector made the 40-man preliminary Gold Cup roster but did not get in to the final 23. He talks about that here, along with his adjustment to Major League Soccer. 

  • When not purchasing scarves, Brian Straus writes some good soccer articles

  • Good voter turnout, surprising winner:

  • Set your phone alarms and DVRs, people.

  • New York City FC is always fun to watch...and how many MLS sides can you say that about?

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