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ASN Morning Read: All Onboard the Sinking Ship

More revelations about the inner workings of FIFA come out in an investigative article from ESPN; an American scores in Mexico; a women's national team forward finds some excellent company.
BY Noah Davis Posted
February 17, 2016
7:25 AM
  • Here's an exhausitve look at how the FBI took down FIFA. It features Chuck Blazer in an adult diaper.

  • A good question: How much will FIFA actually change? Probably not much.

  • Essential reading for U.S. Soccer fans: Bedoya Maintains Great Form, Wood Scores Another

  • Matt Miazga had great seats for Chelsea's 2-1 loss at PSG. The former New York Red Bulls defender made the bench for the key Champions League clash. He did not get on the field. 

  • Bryan Gerzicich seeks a Major League Soccer club to call home. 

  • Michael Ibarra (remember him?) scores
  • Crystal Dunn joins a small club of women to score five goals in a single game. We bet you can name three of the six others.

  • Will Ferrell showed up on the The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and made the crowd chant LAFC over and over again. Are he and David Beckham the best MLS owners ever? (No.)

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