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ASN Questionnaire

Here's Your Chance to Get Inside Greg Garza's Head

The versatile left-sided player talks to Adam Elder about his favorite memories, his greatest successes, and his toughest defeats in American Soccer Now's 16-question Q&A.
BY Noah Davis Posted
October 20, 2012
5:55 AM
Greg Garza knows some things about some things. But do you know much about Greg Garza?

Hear from the man himself in our latest ASN questionnaire.

A preview: Who was his favorite player growing up?

"Roberto Carlos. When I was really young, like 10 or 11 years old, I had some other Brazilians that helped me get playing in Brazil. Edu Americo—he played with Pele in a couple of World Cups. He’s not that well-known, but at Santos he’s pretty well-known. He’s a guy that I still look up to."

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