Tweets of the week

Herc Takes a Dig at Palin; Mix Makes Run for Border

The men of the United States national team are all over Twitter, covering a wide range of topics with varying results. Here is our highly unscientific weekly ranking of their best/worst/most interesting tweets.
BY Jesse Yomtov Posted
November 18, 2012
9:11 AM

10. Bill Hamid Maybe a little East Coast bias here, but this is a question everybody in the D.C. area is asking.

9. Robbie Findley ……. *Crickets*

8. Brek Shea Zombies would cower in fear of his hair.

7. Brad Evans Bromance blossoms?

6. Zarek Valentin Based on this and Valentin’s past tweets, we’re not sure he makes the best roommate.

5. Herculez Gomez Oh, he’s a political pundit now.

4. Nick Rimando Like a scene straight out of every Cold War movie:

3. Joe Gyau Remember when Freddy Adu was dating JoJo? This would top that.

2. Juan Agudelo Watching Juan grow up is bringing tears to our eyes.

1. Mix Diskerud Guy scores his first goal, and now he’s tweeting with the official Taco Bell account. What a week.

Which tweet is your favorite? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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