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ASN Morning Read: What Color Is New York City?

Rivalries sure are fun, aren't they?; American soccer needs more villians; Is Tyler Adams your favorite player? Because he should be; The race to make the 2017 Gold Cup roster heats up; Hot, hot, hot. 
BY Noah Davis Posted
June 21, 2017
8:20 PM
  • Here for any and all Tyler Adams stories: "Tyler Adams has a decision to make that few 18-year-olds could possibly fathom. He can wake up Saturday morning, put on his cap and gown, and join his classmates for a once-in-a-lifetime experience at his high school graduation.Or he can put on his soccer kit for the Red Bulls that morning, make the 90-minute drive to Harrison and join his teammates for a professional soccer game with 25,000 rabid fans waiting to cheer him on. Tassels? Or tackles?"

  • And the rivalry pieces: "The Hudson River derby, which has its next installment on Saturday at Red Bull Arena, began as something created at MLS headquarters on Park Avenue and in the marketing departments of the two squads. But a little more than two years later, the game is marked by excitement, fierce rhetoric, occasional brawls and, yes, the odd DVD."

  • This is fun:
  • Kelyn Rowe Hoping for a Chance at 2017 Gold Cup

  • One man's thoughts on the United States' Gold Cup group.

  • Why don't you go make your own roster?

  • American soccer's best emo commentator gets it:
  • Cool hat:

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