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ASN Morning Read: We Begin 2016 with a Win

The United States men's national team comes back against Iceland, then does it again, then earns a late game-winner courtesy of a surprising source. Anyway: Victory. Onward, upward, etc. etc. 
BY Noah Davis Posted
February 01, 2016
8:00 AM
  • Rate dem players.

  • Make your Starting XI for Friday's U.S.-Canada match. (Not Canada again.)

  • This is a somewhat convoluted column about the current state of MLS, but a lot of it makes sense: "Can there be any doubt that a league that has arrived at a point where it is selling off its most promising young players while bringing in players who are politely described as 'experienced' (for which you can read 'old'), is a league that, however financially successful it may be, has lost its soccer way?

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