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ASN Morning Read: Under the Knife Goes Hope

The former United States national team goalkeeper has major surgery, which has to come as a surprise to the majority of fans; what will the United States do without Clint Dempsey?; FIFA 17 looks fun.
BY Noah Davis Posted
September 29, 2016
3:50 AM
  • Hope Solo had shoulder replacement surgery? "I’ve got a brand new shoulder (read: bionic) and for the first time in years, I can raise my right arm above my head. I’m filled with excitement knowing how life-changing this is and I look forward to coming back healthier and stronger than ever."

  • Yanks Have Options, But Dempsey Will Be Missed

  • Playing FIFA 17 in real life looks like fun

  • Bob Bradley to Swansea? Bob Bradley to somewhere else? "Swansea isn't the only side interested in Bradley. Multiple sources say that MLS expansion club LAFC has significant interest in hiring him as its first head coach ahead of the team’s 2018 inaugural season."

  • Some stuff happened in MLS.

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