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ASN Morning Read: The More, the Merrier

I can't believe we have to start talking about the 2026 World Cup; the United States men's national team begins to gather in Los Angeles for the January camp and it's just so exciting; St. Louis gets smart.
BY Noah Davis Posted
January 11, 2017
3:10 AM
  • How do you feel about the new 48-team World Cup?
  • Grant Wahl is not a fan: "I want to keep an open mind, I really do. Change is inevitable in life, and it isn’t always bad.But I’m worried that January 10, 2017, will be seen as the day FIFA ruined the World Cup."

  • But Gab Marcotti is pro: "The positives ought to be obvious. You would have far fewer dead rubbers (provided the top seeds play first). You would have another round of knockout games, which tend to be more tense because the stakes are higher. Most of all, you would turn the game's global showcase into a truly global event, offering a greater shot to countries who would otherwise only watch it on TV."

  • This is the best point about the whole kerfuffle:
  • Just gonna leave this here: Plan To Steal Money From St. Louis In Order To Build MLS Stadium Effectively Dead

  • Who Will Star at the United States January Camp?

  • Not Bill Hamid, who is out with a knee injury.

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