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ASN Morning Read: The Last of Timmy Chandler?

The Germany-based defender pulls out of camp with a hamstring injury, the latest setback in a national team career that's been full of them; The Americans play some sort of strange game. 
BY Noah Davis Posted
May 31, 2017
8:00 AM
  • Timmy out.

  • No idea what's going on here, but they sure look happy:
  • When jokes make a good point:
  • A good look at Trinidad and Tobago, which has been practicing at altitude for a week: "The main thing is to make sure that, from an acclimatisation point, we are well prepared physically. In terms of how we intend to approach the games, we are going to be on the front foot and try to compete with them. We are going to go toe-to-toe because I don't think we can afford to sit back and allow the U.S. to take full control of the game. It's not going to be easy because historically it's not a generous place for us to go to but we need to try and start thinking differently now and believe we can go there and accomplish things."

  • The story of Dax and Kljestan: "Again it's easy to simplify and say that the evidence so far shows that Kljestan needs McCarty more than McCarty needs Kljestan, but in truth both players are still doing what they always have done in leading by example; the difference has been that the players around Kljestan have hardly been doing enough to free him up to do what he does best, which has created a vicious circle of him not trusting them and overcompensating, to the ultimate detriment of everyone."

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