ASN Morning Read: Teens Arrive on ASN 100 Scene

Halloween is still a day away but if you want to see something scary, take a look at the new ASN 100. It features familiar faces of players who failed to qualify for Russia as well as many still-green teens.
BY John Godfrey Posted
October 30, 2017
6:00 AM
  • We know you love to bash the ASN 100, by the way. In fact, we like it when you do because it shows you care. "Dude—how could you put [favorite player's name] at [ranking position]? Didn't you see him in the game against [recent opponent here]? You guys don't know anything about anything." That all may be true, actually, but we're committed to creating the best list we can, and we hope you will check it out, click around on the interactive features, and then leave your comments below the grid.

  • A ton of teens made the ASN 100 this time around—a clean sign of our panelists' disgust with the senior team and hope for better days ahead. We address one aspect of this youth movement via the ASN Poll on our homepage. 

  • The Conference semifinals get underway tonight, and Brian Sciaretta explored some of the key storylines to watch for. Check it out. 

  • And then theres' this:



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