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ASN Morning Read: MLS Cup Draws Closer

These two guys will have a lot to do with the fortunes' of their respective teams, no? Also, FIFA's new president wants to change the World Cup format and nearly all of his ideas are bad.
BY Noah Davis Posted
December 07, 2016
5:15 PM
  • Sure, why not? 
  • More details here/Oh good, more shootouts: "But only having three games in each group raises the possibility of teams being hard to separate on points, goals scored or goal difference. FIFA is exploring how to determine which teams advance in that scenario, with administrators mulling if penalty shootouts could be used for bonus points."

  • A good breakdown of Jozy vs. Jordan: "Toronto FC's Jozy Altidore leads all MLS players with 10 goals since September, and is a record-setting Audi MLS Cup Playoff goalscorer, while Jordan Morris is the only Seattle Sounders player to have more than 10 goals this season. Both have been lethal in the playoffs, but with differing styles. So what does that mean for MLS Cup? For starters, the two tend to occupy different parts of the field, with Altidore more at home as a central striker while Morris plays more on the flanks, particularly the left. And not only do they tend to play in different areas of the field, their respective skill sets are also dissimilar." Lots more in .gif form.

  • Josh Perez: 'I Want to Prove I Can Play at Serie A Level'

  • I guess this is a good thing but it sure seems complicated: "In the next week, MLS is expected to announce an $8.8 million increase in Targeted Allocation Money over what had been previously earmarked for 2017. That’s an increase of $400,000 per team to $1.2 million per team of TAM for next season. TAM is a strategic investment that helps teams add or retain players that will make an immediate impact on the field while allowing teams to spend outside of the modest $3.6 million salary budget. It was designed to help teams attract more top talent down the roster outside of the allotted three Designated Player spots."

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