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ASN Morning Read: Freddy Adu Isn't Done Yet

The 26-year-old Adu takes responsibility for his disappointing career, but says there's plenty of time for him to to get things on track as he prepares for the season with the Tampa Bay Rowdies.
BY Jesse Yomtov Posted
January 29, 2016
7:45 AM
  • Intriguing interview with Freddy Adu at Goal.com. Some of the best quotes:

    “Everything that I’ve been through and everything that hurt my career, I brought it on myself because I didn’t dedicate enough time to it,” Adu said. “You can say, ‘Oh, I had a lot too early,’ or say whatever you want. But at the end of the day we all need to grow up at some point, and that has just all hit me this offseason. It really did.”

    “I’ve looked back on these past few years and I’ve wasted a lot of time, wasted years of my career, just not dedicating the time I should have to the sport. That’s time wasted. Lucky for me, I started so early that time wasted doesn’t mean I’m 33 or 34 and it’s too late for me. I’m only 26 and I can change and correct the things I’ve done wrong, and that’s what I’m focused on right now.”

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