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ASN Morning Read: We All Get World Cup Spots

The 2026 World Cup is going to include a great many teams—is that a good thing? (For the money men, definitely but perhaps not for everyone else. Also: Should Jermaine Jones get a new role for the U.S.?
BY Noah Davis Posted
March 31, 2017
5:00 AM
  • Yeah, I don't know:
  • This is mostly correct: "I spoke about Jones the individualist above because he plays soccer with a Galt-ian sense of self. His bursts of energy against Seattle and Mexico were as unsustainable as they were breathtaking, and once he'd maxed out his reserves, his teammates were forced to compensate for his no-less-unpredictable forays away from positional responsibility and his no less risky attempts at spreading the field with the ball. Instead of focusing on their own shape or gameplan, or adjusting to the attacks of the opposition, the constant calculation of his own teammates has been "How do we adjust to Jermaine?" Instead of working together, they were working for him."

  • Tobin Heath is out.

  • Kekuta Manneh goes to the Columbus Crew for Tony Tchani and a bunch of acronym money. Good trade? Good trade.

  • Winners and losers from the last round of World Cup qualifiers. You won't be surprised by the names; You might be surprised by how Yahoo spreads this over two pages. 

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