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ASN Morning Read: Crew vs. Timbers for MLS Cup

Two exciting matches. Two dramatic late-game comebacks by the home teams. Two conference champions. Major League Soccer has two teams remaining, and it's gonna be a good battle.
BY Noah Davis Posted
November 30, 2015
7:05 AM
  • First, the Portland Timbers held on against FC Dallas: 

  • Then, the Columbus Crew did the same against the New York Red Bulls: 

  • The result? The Crew host the Timbers next weekend for MLS Cup. 

  • Every Tuesday and Thursday, Finlay would leave school at around 2 p.m., get in the car with his mom or (usually) dad, drive to Milwaukee, train and then make the return trip. Sometimes he’d practice with multiple teams, doubling up on his sessions, just to make the most of his journey. He’d try to get some homework done in the car. But for the most part, the road trips were filled with more conversation than most teenagers have with their fathers and, in the background, a 50-song collection of Beatles hits. Dinner was eaten on the fly, and Finlay typically would get to bed well after midnight. “I loved it. I loved that time in the car. I enjoyed it so much,” Finlay told SI.com.

  • Dear Jurgen: Put Fabian on the Wing, Leave Him There.

  • “Darlington has been an enigma, even for me, to find the right position, and I’ve known him nearly 10 years,” said Portland Timbers Coach Caleb Porter, who also coached Nagbe at the University of Akron. “It’s just that he doesn’t fit a position. For really special players, unfortunately, there are formations. If you adopt really rigid formations, then the player doesn’t fit.”

  • Final thought on that:
  • Meanwhile, in Stanford:

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