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ASN Morning Read: MLS Season 20 Complete

The Seattle Sounders win MLS Cup, which is nice for them and not so nice for Toronto FC. Sad home fans; a United States national teamer participates in an entirely different sport.
BY Noah Davis Posted
December 11, 2016
12:30 PM
  • Good breakdown: "Cup finals are notoriously cagey and tight and frenetic and vicious. So it was in the beginning, so it was in the end and so, it seems, it will be forever and ever, amen. The Seattle Sounders justifiably don't care much about that right now, because on Saturday night they did what they had to: They took a beating, they took on the cold and they shut out the high-powered Toronto FC attack en route to the franchise's first ever MLS Cup title, winning 5-4 on penalties after a scoreless, relentless and aesthetically unsatisfying 120 minutes. This was a game hyped in poetry and played in prose. Elbows were thrown, No. 10s were hacked, passes were attempted and only sporadically completed. Here's how it all happened"

  • And they say soccer needs more scoring: 
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  • Champions League round of 16: 
  • Brek Shea goes to the ballet

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