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ASN Morning Read: And Then There Were Four

Major League Soccer has its final four teams, but not before two United States men's national teamers get into a halftime tunnel altercation; Egos, man, egos; Christian Pulisic continues to do stuff. 
BY Noah Davis Posted
November 06, 2017
7:45 AM
  • CP as GOAT:
  • A bunch of numbers:
  • "But now that the dust has settled a bit from the U.S. team’s disaster, allow me to float one serious idea that doesn’t take a lot of work but could produce major benefits down the road: End geographical restrictions on players looking to sign with the league, end the draft, allow any college player to leave school whenever they feel the time is right, and allow young and incoming players the opportunity to sign with whatever team is the best fit for them.  It’s simple but revolutionary. For its entire existence MLS has been opposed to free agency and it has especially sought to regulate how players enter the league. It’s time to move beyond this and open to doors to allow the league’s teams to compete with each other for young players, thereby forcing clubs to build a case as to why players should sign for them.  In the past, players have had to market themselves to clubs. Going forward, clubs should have to market themselves to players."

  • Hehe:
  • Good quote:
  • I would love to know how Ryan's Fifa Channel Hd got ahold of this footage from the tunnel where Sacha Kljestan and Jozy Altidore got into a fight:

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