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ASN Morning Read: A Trip to Ronaldo's Country

The United States men's national team is headed to play a match against Portugal; There are still many, many, many people with thoughts and few of them with any type of solution.
BY Noah Davis Posted
October 18, 2017
3:45 AM
  • Faro is kind of a dump but Sagres is very nice if you plan on going to this game:
  • One man's 23-man roster for the game against Portugal. Here's 24 names

  • Who would you pick? And start?

  • But where are the solutions: "Martino has a plan for how he'd do things himself. First, he'd undertake an external review to eliminate those aforementioned conflicts of interests. Then, he'd set about making the game more affordable and inclusive at the youth level, where enormous participation fees make the sport prohibitively expensive for large swaths of the population. Finally, he'd set about finding a mechanism for introducing promotion and relegation between the now-closed professional leagues."

  • This is wrong:
  • Here's a podcast if you're bored:

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