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ASN Morning Read: A 'Prodigy' Enters the Picture

Tim Howard offers some nice thoughts about the latest United States men's national team phenom; Darlington Nagbe deserves a break, don't you think?; Don Garber keeps on keeping on.
BY Noah Davis Posted
October 19, 2016
7:20 AM
  • Tim Howard on The Kid: "Christian is what you call a prodigy and every 10, 15 years, you get one of those. Its hard to explain how he's so talented, why he's so talented, why he's so fearless at such a young age. It's not normal. When I was 17 years old, I was definitely afraid of getting on the field. When you watch him perform, it's special, and I think we need to be careful with him."

  • Hype train: 
  • There's another shoe to drop on this Darlington Nagbe story: "I’m told that 'family time' wasn't the only reason Nagbe decided not to come, though. Part of the reason was a lack of playing time, but there were other ways in which Nagbe didn’t feel valued by Klinsmann. Sources in Portland and with U.S. Soccer say that Nagbe had conversations with Klinsmann and the national team staff, and those sources now think it’s possible that Nagbe may not get called back in to the team moving forward."

  • If Nagbe, always a very reluctant star, doesn't want to play for the United States (or international soccer in general), that's okay. It's his choice. Let him make it. 

  • This is true: 

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