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ASN Morning Read: A Much Needed Distraction

The United States national team gets one day closer to playing Mexico in Columbus, Ohio, and Alan Gordon joins the proceedings; how much does the game actually matter though?; a Starting XI?
BY Noah Davis Posted
November 09, 2016
7:30 AM
  • Good paragraph: "Klinsmann prizes athleticism and fearlessness, and if he sees those qualities in a player, age is secondary. So while the U.S. squad that has gathered in Columbus to prepare for Friday’s World Cup qualifier against Mexico has its share of veterans, it also features nine players age 23 or younger (it would’ve been 10 had Jordan Morris not bowed out with a hamstring injury). The scene at Mapfre Stadium, site of four consecutive 2-0 wins, will be new to many as well. Only 11 men on Klinsmann’s squad have qualifying experience against El Tri."

  • Alan Gordon Gets Nod as U.S. Replaces Injured Morris

  • Here's a thought: What if the result of the U.S.-Mexico match didn't really matter? Voila: "A draw or loss against Mexico in Ohio on Friday would be a bump in the Road to Russia, but more in a narrative sense than the panic-about-qualifying one. According to ESPN's SPI, the Americans currently have an 83 percent chance to reach the 2018 World Cup. Win on Friday and that figure jumps just six percentage points (independent of the results in the two other matches: Honduras vs. Panama and Trinidad and Tobago vs. Costa Rica). A draw sees the U.S.'s chances drop to 80 percent, while they still qualify 74 percent of the time with a loss."

  • But also, qualifying on the road in CONCACAF is difficult.

  • Why's it called dos a cero, you ask? Well, here are the nine reasons.

  • The latest version of the U.S.-Mexico rivalry dates back to an overlooked game in 1980.

  • Make your Starting XI.

  • Kealia Ohai Discusses Her Long Wait, and Debut Goal

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