Fabian Johnson

  • DOB December 11, 1987
  • Age 28
  • Place of birth Munich, Germany
  • POSITION Defender/Midfielder
  • HEIGHT 6'0"
  • WEIGHT 155
  • U.S. CAPS 51
  • CLUB Borussia Monchengladbach
  • TWITTER @FabianJohnson23 (257K followers)
  • Current ASN 100 Rank 1
  • Previous ASN 100 Rank 1

After switching his national team allegiance from Germany, with whom he’d won a UEFA U-21 championship, to the United States in 2011, Johnson quickly emerged as one of his new national team’s best, and more-reliable players.

He was also one of the most versatile, using a nice combination of athleticism, technical ability and tactical awareness to lineup on both flanks and at either midfield or fullback and still be one of the team’s better players. Very good in the attack, Johnson is an excellent passer who moves exceptionally well off the ball and into open space. Defensively, he isn't Maldini bit his wheels and pace make him tough to get past.

For parts of World Cup qualifying he lined up at left back but also spent time in midfield before settling at right back and having a strong World Cup where he was among the better performers for the U.S. before having to exit early in the second round game against Belgium with a hamstring injury. Johnson’s versatility has been on display at the club level as well and while where he lines up for both club and country continues to be a bit of a mystery, Johnson’s talent will likely ensure that he’ll be on the field somewhere.—BROOKE TUNSTALL

Klinsmann on Johnson:
"He has a special talent but down the road we have to find his best position. It is a good thing to know that he can really play several positions. But we need to figure out what is his 100 percent position and what is his 98 percent position." (February 2012)

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