Why Is U.S. Soccer Struggling So Badly?

The U.S. men's national team closed out its 2016 campaign with two devastating losses in the Hexagonal—a 2-1 defeat to Mexico followed by an embarrassing 4-0 loss against Costa Rica. The Yanks have a ton of work to do if they intend to qualify for the 2018 World Cup, but who's at fault here? Share your take below.

November 15, 2016 11:49 PM
Klinsmann Is to Blame
The Players Are Poor
We'll Qualify for Russia We Won't Make World Cup
Awake holding a baby so get the best spot. We are in a hole in an improved concacaf. Klinsmann has never put together a team that felt it over achieved. Now we are really below the level the team deserves. — Chazcar2
How much longer do we need to wait? Bring in an American coach who believes in American players, and who has pride in our country. Klinsmann has been sending the same subliminal message for many years - we will never be good as most European (and other World Cup qualifying) teams because we don't have the proper pedigree. He plays mind-games with athletes, and he is too egotistical to EVER be a good coach or team-player in any environment. Klinsmann is a cancer to American soccer, and he needs to be excised. — dave
Klinsmann is a fucking idiot. He shouldn't be coaching a rec team. — Tomas
FUCK — Greg
Time for Arena — Loved John O'Brien
xxx — BB
You can't constantly blame the players and take no responsibility for your own failures in tactics or formations and expect the players to have your back. When Klins calls out his players, they lose confidence and loyalty to him, even if it is subconscious. — Steve
He needs to go. The U.S. will probably make the World Cup in spite of Jurgen, but why leave that to chance — PMacD
He has to go, the players are good enough to get there once he is gone. — Rick
Klinsmann is and always has been a terrible coach. And, he's an a$$hole. — Fredo
That was Klinsmann's last game. It gets better from here. The usmnt have 4 winnable home games and 7 points to get on the road to qualify with a bit of room to spare. — Tobin
Should've been gone after we got embarrassed by Colombia and Argentina. No progress in five years. — Matt
Donovan didn't die for this — Kyle S
No one, not even a great coach, should lead a national team for more than 4 years. That usually leads to staleness and stagnation. And Klinsmann is pretty obviously not a great coach to begin with. — Dan
Jk needs to go — Benjamin
Ugh — Kyle M
Think we are safe for qualifying but it won't be pretty and neither will the WC. — Keith
Players are more than good enough to earn results. Best player pool in U.S. history, but far from the best team. — Gotham Gator
its time — john
Klinsmann is 90% to blame and the only reason I'm in the middle of the X axis is because there is no way to predict whether or not we'll make the WC. It depends entirely on how things shake out institutionally over the winter. Facts: JK cares not for anyone else's opinion, tactics, feelings, or logic. Players clearly do not respond to this and have become increasingly malcontent. US shirt has become more of an emotional burden to them. JK has always been a physical burden with his over training. Players are technically at fault for not coming together in spite of JK and trying to formulate a gameplan on the field, but I really cannot blame them for sleep walking when they are already dead inside. — Andrew
Boycotting USMNT until he's gone. — Dakota Sillyman
Fire him already. Also want a copy of US Soccer bylaws to understand removal of board members. — #NotMyCoach
We're moving backwards under Klinsmann. It's time, Sunil. — H
#anybodybutklinsi — Nick
It's been this way for awhile now. Tactics are garbage. — Kevin
The Hex is pretty forgiving, so the US will still qualify. But how many worsts (worst GC in at least 20 years, loss to the lowest ranked team ever, worst WCQ loss in 60 years) does the manager have to accumulate before it becomes clear he is the problem? It isn't simply the players not being good enough, JK continues to make decisions that are obviously wrong. — Pwyll
The talent is there — Matt
Time for change! Let's turn this around — Ken
The USA will qualify, in spite of Klinnsi's eforts to derail the whole program. #bringbackbruce — STEVO
Potatoes — Hansen
This is a coaching problem through and through. I like some of JKs big picture ideas and plans, but in a single game he has proven that he is not cut out for the job. We have seen him out coached over and over again. He was even out coached in Guatemala. No disrespect, but say what you will about the talent on USMNT, they should beat Guatemala, especially in a WCQ. This latest string of results is further proof to what a great many have been shouting for some time now. Time to go JK — Mark
When Germans send over their people they're not sending over their best. — Roll Fizzlebeef
It’s obvious to anyone who watches our players week in and week out w their club teams, that overall, we have the most gifted group of players we’ve ever had. It’s also obvious that when they play w the national team, they often appear uncomfortable and unsure of their roles and responsibilities. Well so why? JK eschews tactics and game planning for nebulous concepts like ‘stepping on their toes’ and ‘not showing respect’. But these are grown men - professionals - who MUST be given a framework to work within. Instead they’re thrown out onto the pitch and told to “go at them.” Is it really a surprise that the squad ends up disjointed, unsure, a step or two late to react? And is it a surprise when well-drilled teams of equal or lesser talent are able to exploit the time and space afforded as a result? — Jermaine of Tarth
No fire in the players, constantly leaving quality players out of squads and the lineups, plays players out of position, questionable tactics before and in-game, doesn't take responsibility for anything, historic losses in 2016, etc. etc... Time to move on. — Anyonebut Jurgen
Tactics matter. Trust in the system matters. JK hasn't shown he can make the right moves when necessary and he's lost the trust of his players. — Pfunk
JK is just a poor tactician and even less of a man. He seeks to blame others to wallpaper over his lack of ability. His teams play like individuals. That is the worst thing one can say about a coach. If Sunil doesn't drop him ASAFP, we will not qualify. Why would we think we can go get any wins after last night. 10 draws ain't going to get it done. — dcwfan
50-50 we qualify. The player pool isn't the strongest, but it never has been and he is getting less out of it than any other manager has. — Colin O'Grady
Experimenting with a squad in a WC qualifier against Mexico? He should be fired on that alone. — CD
- — PJ
The USMNT is the opposite of synergy. Every player is worse under Klinsmann than for his club. — Kurtuse
Remember that time we beat Spain? — Paul
The players need to perform at a higher level, but the pool is talented and deep enough to qualify and compete under the right leadership and tactics. Klinsmann is a great recruiter, but not a great coach. — KD
Klinsmann has done some good work, but other than the Copa America run, the team has regressed and his ideas have been faulty. Our team is talented and deep, and short of stubbornly refusing to change we'll qualify. It's time to find a new coach, Arena or someone else who's had international success, and let Klinsmann continue as technical director. — John R
8 games left, R-E-L-A-X — matt
US finishes 4th in the hex (behind MX, CRC, HON), loses in playoff to whoever. — KS
Bad — Tim
Closest I've been to this Axis...ever. Time for change. — Koil
Klinsmann is tactically unprepared, game in, game out. The team is stacked with the most talent in 20 years, yet they've only shown flashes of success in the past 2 years. It's the coach. But with 8 games to go, and 4 spots in a 6 team hex, even a moron can coach this team to the WC. — RapidsRabbi
Hi — Lukeanimal
there's quality in the side but we're tactically juvenille — isaac
Jones should have never been on the pitch. He's older and will likely be retired by WC 2018. Plus, he's in the midst of a grueling schedule with the MLS Playoffs. Tough for a 35 year old. — J Nogales
Well something is obviously not working and that something has to be Klinsmann whether it's his method of choosing and training players, his personal theories on fusbol strategies and tactics, his selection of players to fit that theory, and his in- game adjustments, and lastly but of utter importance is his ability to communicate everything to a set of disparate Americans some of whom were raised in foreign cultures. Whatever ir is, the last two results show a failure of his system. — james
The players aren't any less talented than they were in 2000 or 2004 or 2008. They lack heart and good coaching. — Neuwerld
We have 5 Bundesliga starters, 6 if Johannsen counts. It's on Klinsmann — Raleigh
Talent is not being used properly. — Thom
Players are not poor enough for the lack of results. Two the hardest games out of the way and we should still qualify. — Brooks
#neverChandler — Ben
yep — hi
Need for Players with nothing more than a passport to go home. Sunil needs to think outside the box and do what has not been done — Ernest
Players are too good not to make it to World Cup. However, players perform better for club teams. — Brian
K — J
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The way US soccer operates doesn't help Klinsmann at all. The development isn't there and unless we are willing to deal with some rocky years while we wait for the fruits of his labor in development, we need someone who can work with how our system operates now — United We Soccer
Player pool as always leaves much to be desired, but Klinsy keeps making hare-brained lineup choices that make it worse....if they don't get a new coach, I don't think we're surviving the Hex — Swordopolis
The — Tony
Players are better then this. Klinsi is over his head. He should be the team nutritionist and recruiter. No heart, no backbone and no clue is not a good mix for our national team coach. — ANTI KLINSI
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Coaching has been poor but that doesn't excuse a total lack of professionalism from the players. No reason we can't still qualify, even if third is more realistic than first. Not like we were going to be seeded for the World Cup anyway. — Brandon
No way we make it with Jurg at the helm. But I also believe we should be making changes at the top too! — RL
Can I please be the coach? — Dick
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Players are good. Just need the tactics to be right and the right players to be played. — Jack Sewell
Current pool of players is poor and Klinsmann doesn't seem to have a clue what he's doing. I'm hopeful things would improve under a different coach, but I don't see Klinsmann getting canned unless we miss the World Cup. — Will
Klinsmann's fault or not. Lalas needs to shut up about the national team. — Zach
I agree with this. Also, I'm responsible for vandalizing the vandalism seen above. — Legit commenter
The players are not playing well, MLS seems to be stunting some of their play at this level. But Klinsmann, who I rate well as a visionary for American soccer in general, is a poor game planner/tactician. — TIm Brooks
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Once again Altidore & Bradley were useless. Time for a big line up change! — Frank
Our possession is atrocious. It starts with Klinsman's inexplicable devotion to Bradley. — JH
Not a good squad — CrapCat
no support — alex
I think they'll make it, but it's obvious how shitty the team and some vets are. — trip
The players need to show a little more Nasty. — Sunil