Who's to blame for the United States' Hexagonal-opening loss to Honduras?

Where do you assign the blame for the U.S.'s 2-1 loss to Honduras? The coach? The players? A little of both? Graph your projected outcome below and share some thoughts. To read others' comments, click on any shaded cell.

February 06, 2013 10:10 PM
It's Klinsmann's Fault
The Players Are to Blame
The USMNT will be fine I'm officially worried
Jurgen, has only got one ball, the other in the Albert Hall. looked like a very disorganized squad. Maybe he need focus more on tactics, then flying his chopper home. — Patrick D
USMNT needs someone like Slavan Bilic... Not a guy more interested in his tan. — patrick D
!!! — Brian
This Sauerkraut has brought a board of other Sauerkrauts that have no passion or talent. This squad plays like GAHBAGE! — Brian
Poor team selection... Eddie Johnson is not a winger and Jermain Jones and Michael Bradley cannot play together. We should be seeing a consistent formation and depth at each position by now but we don't. Chandler is trash! I've been saying it all along. He's overrated. Danny Williams is not a good player either. — Daniel
Klinsmann's roster selections have been questionable throughout his tenure. His substitutions in today's game reflected that. It's almost as though he's not quite sure what he wants to do with the team. He's pretty sure he wants Jermaine Jones in at all times though... — Andy Knabel
1 loss on road, no reason to worry. A backline by committee...STILL, is! — PanchoMdeC
Klinsmann hopefully can't mess the US up too bad for their chances to make the world cup — john
We will qualify, probably in 2nd place to Mexico, but our tactics and coach are extremely worrying. We continue to play unbelievably narrow and Klinsmann only made this worse by subbing on two central players (Sacha,Zusi) and telling them both to play wide. Danny Williams doesnt belong on the roster let alone in our 11. Our defensive problems are obvious, but until we have someone (honestly need Donovan plus 1) in the team who can go at guys on the wing we will continue to look flat. wake up Klinsmann!!! — Ricky
Bruce would be better... — patrick D
No Jogi Loew by his side means no tactical ingenuity from JK. Everyone knows Loew was the mastermind for Germany, not the inexperienced JK. — RAR
Jurgen is a dope. — Some guy
I'm not convinced by Klinsmann. — DKB
Klinsmann does not inspire confidence.Bad line-up and awful tactics. — AdamTheRed
Klinsmann is trying to run a system that doesn't fit his best players, but is still picking his best players... then he takes the guys that fit the system and plays them out of position (Kljestan handcuffed to the left sideline). This could put the USA in a bad position heading into the June triple... last cycle Mexico had to fire Sven very early in the "hex" to prevent non-qualification! — KXRTI
Really, I had some hope for you and now to me your trash. Maybe I should be a Spain supporter now. — Sam
Klinsmann is clueless. I need more space here to create a true rant about him and his hyper defensive, ball losing, lackluster, no hustle, no tactic, lack of a creative team and ideas. Saddened USA fan...I had hopes for Klinsy. — Red
Is this real life? — Jack
squad selection, tactics, and substitutions continue to be a problem, has been since JK took over. — Mike
Ultimately the coaches fault. Could you imagine if Arena or Bradley got this result in this manner. remember this was the guy everyone wanted — lacastracane
The US has looked lethargic in just about every game since Klinsmann took charge. The attack has also lacked all creativity and the call ups/lineups/substitutions have all been questionable. Klinsmann preaches intensity and urgency, but where is it in the games? Is he pushing the already tired players too hard in practices when they should be resting before games? Who knows, but he needs an assistant coach who could bring some tactical advice to the team. Bob Bradley was a tactical genius, just saying. — Ross
Klinnsmann is not a tactician but a visionary. His puzzling formations, line ups, and substitutions are really taking a toll on the players' mentality. I do not want to see a contract extension. — Fred MacD
We look bad, but we should finish top three anyhow. The coach is off his rocker, though. — C Zero
We need need to play wide. We should of had Gatt out there, we need speed and better passing. Kklinsman needs to put a better team out. I would of start Gatt over Williams, I think it is time to look at 4-3-3 offense. Give it time, we will be ok. I hope. — John
I think we have a good pool of players so to me it's starting to come down to team selection and tactics which I pin on JK. Long-run I think we'll be fine but if we can't win at home we're in for trouble. — Adam Austin
Didnt like the set up, and the subs were horrible. — Ken
Lahm said in his book that Klinsmann is not a technician at all. I think USMNT fans are just learning this. A 4-3-3 against a quick team like Honduras left us exposed in the midfield and when either of the fullbacks would step up, we were killed on the counter attack. I don't believe we have he talent to run a 3-man midfield. I'd like to see us move to a much more conservative, possession 4-2-3-1. I'm concerned we won't qualify, which would be detrimental to US soccer. We need a change. Save us, Landon! Jk, but seriously — @jimmy_kayfabe
I blame it on the coach for his ill advised decisions. He does not have the strongest 11 players the US has at the moment. Jermaine Jones is a dirt ball that thinks he is superior to the rest of the US players. — Jeff Johnson
Klinsmann's tactics seem almost openly defiant of good sense: no width, overly defensive central midfield and no plan going forward. Can't see us every doing anything impressive under him — Alex
EJ was playing well, didn't make sense to pull him and put in Klejstan, who isn't a winger. If EJ needed to come out it should have been for Gomez. Perhaps should have relied on more Mexico based players - our Euros looked lethargic. Maybe Cameron is a midfielder now - but this is the backline I would have picked too. — Alan Collins
need changes — D
I'm a little worried about the team, but more concerned about Klinsman — Phil
Smarter call ups — Thomas
Wasn't happy when Bradley was fired, wasn't happy when Klinsy was hired. Still not happy. — Tim
Bad lineup decision and lack of an offensive approach seem to be the Klinsy's new us style. Didn't we sack Bob Bradley for less? — Otis
Regardless of who is to blame, Jurgen needs to step up and protect his players. Not once have I heard the guy take an ounce of blame after a poor result. — Charlie
terrible lineup. too defensive. Not enough playmakers in team. terrible conditioning. awful preparation. — BJ
— J
Chandler was completely unfit and was the worst player on the field today. 2nd worse was Danny Williams. Perhaps Klinsmann shouldn't start players just b/c they are from Germany and who haven't been playing for club much lately nor were in the USMNT January camp. Klinsmann went against his own philosophy of being in form for club, being fit and being part of an American playing style. — todd
usa will come back!! :D — s
There seemed to be fitness issues and tactical decision problems. The defense could cause the US to miss the WC this go around. — Ajonesin
No momentum coming out of pre-WCQ despite 1 1/2 years of preparation. If not for the the 1/2 slot playoff vs Oceania, I'd be seriously worried for our qualification chances. — MrTuktoyaktuk
Repeated ugly performances, for the same reasons, with the same faulty lineup flaws. Klinsmann isn't making the most out of this squad; further, he did not make the most out of the qualifiers to shape the pool. — Paul
no — Jackie
We'll qualify in spite of our coach, and it will be an ugly Hexagonal where we finish a weak second or third. — Jake
Klinsmann is tinkering under the hood still, and it shows. It seems like he is constantly putting people out of position on purpose to see who gives him true flexibility. I think in the long run it will work, but will we lose too much in the short term to see the payoff? — Willis
We'll be fine if we get Donovan and Shea back (possibly Beasley as well) and use them to bring some width to the team. — Dan
He may not have had much to work with (debatable honestly). But, he's been the man long enough that he should have been able to develop depth by now. Barring some unforeseen illness/injury to Boca, his decision to use that back four supported by Williams is inexcusable. The suckiness of FJohnson and Chandler was only out done by Williams. I suspect we'll make it through, but will be sweating on Match Day 10. — Steve
The US will still get through but everyone needs to do better — John
klinsman hasn't delivered what he promised. any other country would've fired him by now. — Mike
It's bad that Klinsmann makes me yearn for Bob Bradley. The players also aren't playing with the passion and late game heroics of prior U.S. teams. The team isn't getting any better. If we don't beat Costa Rica we'll have either 0 or 1 point after the first three games. I just don't see Mexico going back-to-back home games at Azteca without a win. Time to get worried — Rainmaker
The formation decisions were appropriately conservative, but the personnel decisions were worrying. Why such inexperience in the back? Why so narrow? It brings to mind the claims that Low was the strategic genius behind Klinsmann's German teams . . . not Klinsy. Sadly, we don't have a Joachim Low. — Scott J.
We play in the heat, and Klinsmann plays no Mexico-based players? Chandler looked gassed at the opening whistle. Omar and Geoff will be fine - just need a bit more seasoning. We'll qualify, but my goodness, this was a poorly managed game. — Christopher
I'm an American. I like a coach to tell me exactly what he wants and then be encouraging while I go out an do it. I don't like Machiavellian head games. I don't like negativity toward players unless they have really done something wrong. If I'm tough-minded like Dempsey, I ignore JK. If I'm more sensitive (and there is nothing wrong with being sensitive), I pack up my bags and go home like Donovan. If I'm somewhere in the middle, I play but less confidently and less coherently with my fellow players. JK has opened up the roster, let new players know they have a chance. That's fine. But he needs to stop with the double talk. He can't trash talk to support. He can't say one thing in public and the opposite in private. This is true of players but also games: Don't tell the team and the US public you are playing to win to create a sense of urgency when you are clearly playing for a draw. If you win, most will forgive you. But short of winning, all Americans will hate you, and I mean average fans, not just the fanatics who post here. We like uncomplicated people, folks who always say what they mean and mean what they say. There is room for diplomacy, but we do not tolerate the complexities of dishonesty for long. I don't mean to minimize the problems with line up and tactics. I think JK likes to poke and prod and eventually does pull things back into a coherent whole that will work. That is why I'm not too worried that the US team will make it through the hex. But he is making too many tactical errors at the same time for my comfort level. EJ should not have come out unless he was injured. He was the only one doing anything. Zusi should have started. On that tall grass you rely on service into the box for one touch shots. I don't understand starting Williams or even Jones over Edu. Howard was the only true veteran, and the only leader, anywhere in the defensive lineup. Bradley is good both directions, but you need at least one veteran defender and at least one veteran attacking player to settle guys down, to keep them communicating, and to give everyone the confidence to play their best as a unit. Obviously, everything feels different if we win, but I was baffled by how defensive the formation was from the start and by the subs. The tall grass has to be considered in the game plan. You cannot dribble through the middle of that or make lots of short quick passes. You need long balls, direct runs up the wings, service into the box, and hard first touch shots. And the point about playing more local players, if possible, players more used to this climate and time zone is valid. But I think he has tried to give Mexican league players full consideration. Maybe a look at Beasley in the lead up. Maybe a start for Gomez. All these things could make sense, but might have been considered. I was a big Bob Bradley fan. I am a JK fan, but more for his vision for the distant future. He's got to learn quickly how to talk to Americans and how to play in these conditions. I don't expect perfection, but I do expect him to learn quickly. We are in trouble if he does not. — Scott
We'll be fine but some of JK's tactics worry me. — Mike R
Not how we wanted to start, but it's a long road that always has bumps — Rich
Klinsmann's lineup was bad, his subs were worse. Jamaica and Panama, the supposed "minnows" of the group both looked much better than us. Alarm bells should be ringing. — Brian
They didn't look good and the team put out was always only put out for the draw. But they've got enough talent and class to get through. — Matt
We'll qualify... Absolute worst case we finish ahead of Panama & Jamaica and then beat New Zealand to get in. Not impressed by the effort from Klinsmann or the players on Wednesday, but the circumstances were as tough as they get: Jet lag, heat, humidity, big crowd, crappy field, etc. The sky ain't falling. — Sam
I believe we will qualify, but I am becoming increasingly concerned with our coach. — Chase
Other national teams call in players on short notice and play cohesive games under tough conditions. — ex_sweeper
lackadasical effort. The defensive midfield was almost non-existent. Couldn't get much going on offense. WE NEED DONOVAN! — Anthony
play to win!!!! not to tie. — burt mcturd
Qualifying is not a time to start a whole new back line — Soccer Spock
LOL'ing at the cluster in the very top-left corner. — Joe, Atlanta
Its only the first game... Its only the first game... — charlie
I'm putting less blame on Klinsmann than others because professionals should be motivated to go every game. I also think they'll recover and still qualify for the WC... I hope. — Steve
For both 2006 and 2010 World Cups, CONCACAF sent a team that had 4 losses in the Hex. A loss at Honduras was always likely, just means that qualification may come down to matches in October. — Bill
Need more experience on back line and creativity at midfield. Missing Bocanegra and Donoavan big time. — ConnGator
Klinsi's krauts wilted in the heat. He made his subs too early, and starting CBs that have never played together before was a poor decision. — Mark Fishkin
The buck stops here. Got to find better players though. — Erik
One game out of ten against a good opponent on the road. It's time to start ringing the alarm bells if we don't get a home result against Costa Rica — Greg
Game 1 of 10 — MIke H
The subs were absolutely awful! No Gomez? Starting to seriously doubt our qualification chances. Costa Rica at home will tell us a lot. Also what was Klinsmann thinking having no experienced defenders? Boca needed to start, his experience and leadership would have made up for lack of form. — Dmlacey
That was a piss-poor display. — Godfrey
Klinsi didn't put his players in a position to succeed. USMNT is known for playing best with their backs against the wall though. If they aren't sitting on 3 points going in to the Mexico game, it'll be time to worry. — bummer
55% Klinnsmann 45% Players — @BigtimeB
Its just one game — Jose
Definitely okay. Would have been extremely happy with a draw but i knew going in Honduras had some quality. — Chris
It's too early in the hex to be officially worried, but I'm leaning that way. I also think there's plenty of blame to go around. I'm leaning towards tactics, but getting Gonzalez and Cameron in the field together earlier, even with a loss is probably better. They're most likely the future tandem, so give them some time. Midfield concerned me more. No imagination or control. Dempsey and Altidore need service and they're not getting it. The US needs dramatic improvement at midfield. I feel confident the defense will come together, but our midfield needs work. — Aaron
. — bfos
— Dave
bad tactics by Klinsmann putting a green line in the back, but I'm still not too worried about the whole situation...yet. — Abram
It's equally the team and Klinsmann's faults, but Klinsmann had a chance to fix the issues and blew it, so I'll blame him a little more. Chandler or Gonzalez should've been pulled early to somehow get Boca in the game. No offense to Jozy, but Herc should start and Altidore be a game changing sub for 2nd half. As for the midfield, at least one attacking midfielder should be on at all times. There is no need for Williams, Bradley, and Jones to be on the field at the same time unless we're up a goal with 10 minute left and we desperately need the 3 points. As for the players, Chandler looked gassed in 5 minutes, Jozy didn't seem to really be a threat in any way, Deuce was running wayyy too much, Bradley couldn't find anybody to pass to, and the back line in general was a major cause for concern. Am I worried, a little, but this game should be a wake up call for all that are involved. — Joseph Brescia
a very disorganized show of ball watching. — webr
— jo
Frankly until we start admitting that we play kickball we are going to continue to struggle in every aspect of the game, tournaments, qualifiers. Is the youth system also playing kickball? Is it Klinsmans fault? Did the players really want to play for him? Or are we not coaching n just letting them play KICKBALL one game many more to see progress but its seems to always be KICKBALL #CHEERS — @enricesar1979
Meh. Too early to tell. I lean towards Klinsy and that the USMNT will be fine, but we shall see. — Kevin
Tough to tell after one game in the Hex who's to blame, but our boys came out flat. There was no heart and no effort. No one challenged to win the ball back, whereas Honduras was still fighting to win back possession in stoppage time. So I blame both Klinsi and the boys. The effort worried me, but we will be fine. It's a marathon, now let's go to work. — Dan
1. I think we will be fine (I'm an optimist) 2. It was everyone's fault. 3. Klinsmann is coach, so he takes the most responsibility and I hope we see some creativity out of him! — bradp
The issue this team has is that fact that the current team has a ceiling that ends at World Cup group stage progression. The current group of established starters do not have the cumulative quality to truly be a world-class top-10 squad. The chance at reaching that level lies in the progression of youth, and said youth is not at a World Cup class level. Therein lies the rub. Do we keep wallowing in mediocrity with 4-5 world class players on the roster, surrounded by role players at best, or blow up the team and thrust young high-potential players into the first-team and pray they develop that potential and make noise in 2018 or 2022. The USMNT can and should make the WC every cycle, but are we content with being there and never getting further, or do we press harder to leap towards the top knowing there is no safety net waiting once we take the leap? — Cole
Nothing has changed. We continue to move backwards. — BCM
The team looked lethargic at best, the subs were questionable as we starting an inexperienced back line. We have no creativity in the mid and no wide players if Zusi isn't in. Time to look at some of the young guns...Mixx & GATT. Also feilhaber great as a sub for that spark were lacking. We can qualify but it'll be tougher than people think. — Chris M
Klins & player both accountable and need to perform better. Still early and will likely make it through, but for what? Group stage exit? Got little more than a year to get seriously more organized. Would be nice to make a dent in 2014 and maybe even a serious impact in '18. Gents, the ball is in your pitch. Whatcha gonna do with it now? — Dave
Hang in there. Last qualifying campaign wasn't the smoothest either. — Route1Soccer
Im not really happy with all the decisions klinssman made, but at the end of the day, they should have played much better — Maykol
Aaah — JSK
both and worried — Leo
The team has shown little creative spark. But isn't that how we've always played? — J Mohr
A little worried — Aaron
The USMNT was in the single most violent city in the world where the whole country knew where they were sleeping, they were very jet lagged, probably got very little sleep and had to play in weather that is completely different from Europe at this time. The potential is there for success is there, no need to worry too much. — Brian
it's just game 1, but this may be the urgency the players need to step it up and develop some chemistry and *aggression* on the ball. — Leonardo
I'm not worried... but I'm thinking about it. There is plenty of blame to go all around. — Kyle #2
They'll be fine — Alex
— Bill
How the hell is it Klinsmans fault? Home field advantage is 90 heat 60 p humidity and long grass with a huge crowd screaming at you. And it was two EPL players and a Seria A player that failed to clear those balls. Give it a break people. Remember we had one of our best seasons last year and no choice but to move forward with a new back line. The thing everyone needs to be upset about is the lack of support from Eurosnobs who would support Man U red over USMNT red. — Kosmo
While I think the USMNT will be just fine going ahead, the players really looked disinterested and heavy legged yesterday. They didn't want it as much as Honduras — Andrew
Players looked out of shape yesterday. — Scott
RE — Rob elder
No excuses at this point. The US came out flat and was outclassed by Honduras. We need to start showing the desire that was synonymous with previous USMNT sides. — Mark Baltrusaitis
Poor performance all around, and the players just looked far too sluggish. It would have been nice to come out of San Pedro Sula with a point, but I'm still very confident that we'll go through. — Jason
Ultimately it's up to the players to play hard, which they clearly did not do. — Andy
First, it would have been a great result in the first place to get a draw in what is the second toughest away game. I think Klinsmann started a great line-up on paper (Subs are another matter) and the players looked like it was a friendly and not World Cup Qualifying. All we need is 16 points, the results last night worked out for us, don't hit the panic button until after Costa Rica. — Conor Lynch
Klinsman didn't help but that were was plenty of solid, creative, and great athletes that just stunk it up out there and played awful. The players have to do better. Klinsman subs were bad but his starting lineup should have got it done. — Daniel Cofone
I love to panic, but it will probably be okay. This was the result I expected. Is that a good or bad thing? — Alison
It was like the squad was scared of getting wide and "getting white on their boots". Like a dog scared of an invisible shock fence — @BOSSROSSFC
Klinsmann can't very well score for these guys or keep them from making bone-headed defensive plays on the field. Let's be honest--this team is not as good as the one we had three years ago. — bullsear
Since when did the USA stop having to outwork other teams? Come down off your "I Play in Europe" pedestal and pass the ball, under 10 yards, to a teammate. And do it quickly. — Gregor
Gonzalez and jones I'm pointing fingers — David
Players play. Doesn't matter how or where they are. Get the job done. Everyone looked sluggish and lazy. — Andrew
Inexperience playing together, no team chemistry — Ian
Tim Chandler — O Rivera
player didn't do the good job — Singh
The PLAYERS ARE TO BLAME...that the USMNT will be fine. Wait. — Jervis
We're taking a vacation with Landon Donovan. — Player's Effort