What Will a David Beckham Ownership Group in Miami Mean for MLS?

David Beckham, the player, raised the profile of Major League Soccer and put his stamp on the game. Will a Beckham-led ownership group in Miami achieve similar results? Click below to graph your point of view. Click on any shaded cell to read what others have to say.

February 05, 2014 9:37 AM
Will Raise Profile of League
Fans Don't Care About Owners
Will Attract Better Players Zero Impact on Talent Level
Sorry Purists, just as politics is downstream of culture, so is now sport. The Beckham Group will increase any business or individual's exposure and the easy rewards of preferential attachment. Companies($)and media ($)will flock. Players will notice. — CAM
Love it! — robert
More important to the perception of MLS than to player talent — Justin
Definitely a big name that will raise profile of the league, but will have to see if they have the money to spend on players — Eric muller
beckham's name and connections will raise the profile of this club, allowing them to attract better players. The real question is whether Miami is a viable soccer town. — Michael S.
Star power like David beckham in an attractive city like Miami-it will increase star players, star investors and stronger fan base — Ethan Swain
I feel beckham's ownership will provide a good background and make more players want to live and play in the US — Chase
Beckham will bring in some star players, Also with Lebron in the picture at least as a fan, I think the MLS team in Miami will be a popular ticket — Doug
I think it's great. — sami
— REd
More publicity is always good — G8trsrgods
Not just a name but a Brand (both Beckhams included). Never hurts having a guy with a ton of money, join other guys with a ton of money and hopefully pay a lot of money for famous players to play in the U.S. — Justin Bartels
Yes to both to some extent, but more because Miami is a big town and a desirable place for players to live than because of Beckham. — dhrsko2
90F and 90% humidity at 7:30 PM midsummer. I can't wait to see who he gets to play there... — James
Will raise the profile, though probably not with people who will be converted to soccer. Being on sportscenter doesn't mean you're converting fans. Would Michael Jordan owning a team make a non-basketball fan care? (wait, didn't he already do something like that? I don't know, because I don't care about basketball). Money talks as far as talent and player development, Becksy as an owner doesn't guarantee that. — Arkie
Consider me optimistic — Stephen
Will raise the profile of MLS. Anything that helps is good. — Marc
Beckham could become a great closer for the league in terms of bringing in new talent. He will have to battle negative perceptions of the MLS overseas and at home. — Doug R
A lot hinges on where they get the stadium and the overall health of the league 2020-2030. — Lips
— david
It'll have a positive effect, but a small one. — Ryan
good idea — jeff
This is good news as far as ownership and the ability to attract better players goes. Becks definitely gives a damn about MLS. My MAJOR problem is the location. Miami is a shit sports town and MLS failed once there already. — Sean C
This will be good for the league in the long run, as any high profile owner would help increase visibility, but it wont affect the short term numbers for prospective players. — Max
Could help with better players....maybe. — PW
Can only be a good thing for the league's profile. Not sure about Miami's viability as a soccer town, however. — EvertonBrian
Not nearly as big of an impact as Bradley coming back to the MLS — Cooper
Maybe Beckham drags a couple of his old buddies to Miami to wind down their careers. But nothing earth-shattering. Ultimately fans aren't going to care who's sitting in the owner's box. — Brian
this will matter to the kinds of people and players who don't matter. — dallen
<- Very well said. But I would add that more people paying attention to MLS (no matter what type of people they are), can only help MLS — Mark
Beckham + Miami should be able to attract some DPs. Question is will said DPs be well past their prime with questionable motivation like their owner was. — Pablo
He'll get some initial coverage from big media outlets, but that'll fade, and it's not like Messi, Ronaldo, Suarez, and Zlatan will all suddenly want to play in Miami. Well, maybe Zlatan. — Alex
Just don't see an owner, even Beckham, bringing fans to matches. This is Miami, where even Lebron James can't fill seats — ZackK
I don't see what a Miami market will do for MLS. On that note, we need to see the MLS move Chivas USA, possibly to Arizona? Club Deportivo de Phoenix — Davie Boi
While it's entirely possible that Golden Balls will lure a few of his thirtysomething pals to South Beach, I don't think soccer fans care who is sitting in the owner's box. There will be a jolt of buzz -- now, for instance -- and then another when the team starts to play. But then everything will focus on the talent on the field. — JHG
— Partha
Unless Golden Balls is going to strut around in his BVD's before every home game I don't think fans are going to care much about him. Older Eurostars might be more willing to pick up the phone when he calls than say Precourt, but I don' think playing for a Posh-owned team will be the deciding factor — PhootieD
Fans won't care about Beckham owning the team, (look at the Charlotte Bobcats/Hornets) but players will take him seriously when he tries to get them to come in, which will help him attract talent. — Matt
Interesting comparison to Jordan and the Bobcat-Hornets... — KXRTI
When has Miami ever cared about sports, regardless of star power? Why will this be different? — Wes
I suppose you can't blame MLS for doing this contract clause 8 years ago, but I don't see how any of this makes a hill of beans difference at this point. If anything, it makes more trouble for the league's financial situation. — KXRTI