What is Your Take on Major League Soccer's New York City FC Franchise?

Given the Frank Lampard debacle, the Manchester City-like jerseys, and the lack of a stadium deal, what do you think of MLS' high-profile expansion team? Graph your position below and share your thoughts. To read what others have to say, hover/click over any shaded cell.

January 01, 2015 12:09 PM
NYCFC is Good for MLS
NYCFC makes MLS look second rate
Fans are overreacting It's a Huge calamity
Everyone needs to chill. Yeah the stadium thing sucks but it's the hardest real estate market to build in the country. Lampard? Yeah it sucks but I understand it from a business standpoint. Hopefully we move on from Lampard or he contributes when he gets here. Everyone overreacting is good for the league though. It shows our supporters have grown into their own voice and not just a proMLS group of fans. — @NotAlexis
Have brought world attention to MLS — TL
We all knew he was going to stay the entire season. People just didn't want to believe it. — Sam
NYCFC will be MLS' first super club — Daniel Royster
They're a good team, talent-wise, who can handle themselves however they want. As a product of being a child of Manchester City, they will get the benefit of great players developed there, but also have to pay favors (Lampard) occasionally. — Al G.
don't know what all the fuss is about CFG owns the clubs and should be able to use any of the players any way they see fit. — eamon mc cormick NY COMOS
Looks like an east coast sequel to the Chivas USA failure. Perhaps American owners should start up a franchise before foreign ownership can get involved. New York and MLS fans are being misled and that's disrespectful. — CMM
MLS is getting rooked — Rooked
#letsgoyoublues — Kaidin Mir-Young
Get real and accept the MLS for what it is! — Bob
A little scandal in the MLS should actually be seen as a good thing. NYCFC/MLS brass should say to hell with it, let's go after a new guy. — @myownbobblehead
It seems there was a coordinated deception. The truth wouldn't have hurt if it were clear from day one that Lampard was not under an MLS contract. All in all, CFG's investment has to be taken as a positive. — Rawley
NYCFC will be good for MLS in the long run because of the market, but I would've liked to see a new franchise in a completely different market than one that already has a team. As far as Lampard's situation goes, NYCFC is getting a hell of a player regardless of when he comes over to the U.S. I understand both sides, but 6 months from now, fans won't remember all this. — CThrash13
Typical MLS. — Jake
Drop Lamps, and go find yourselves another good DP. Lampard is good, but he is also 36... — Anonymous
it's still good — Neal
A loan extention has never happened before.... — Midwestblue
. — b
you still have villa and diskerud so — b
shouldn't have made a deal with man city in the first place — b
!! — b
there are far worse things that could've happened — b
stop complaining and thinking that you deserve more just because you're an expansion team — b
go be a red bulls fan — b
lampard isn't even good — b
. — b
There is downside to NYCFC but league growth trumps all. — EE
if lampard was injured the whole season would you still be asking for your money back? — b
literally calm down mls is a second rate league anyways — b
if you bought season tickets just for lampard, then you need to rethink your life decisions — b
stop complaining @ nycfc fans — b
it's ONE PLAYER, fans need to learn to live without him — Allie
MLS Should remove the ManCity owner's group and find someone else, the collusion is bad and makes MLS look bad. — u1
Complete disaster. Should have been Cosmos — Tony
. — Adam
Chilll — d
Fucks Frank Lampards and Manchesters USAs! — Toki Wartooth
Didn't they also sign David Villa? Hurt feelings will fade if results are forthcoming. — MrTuktoyaktuk
Considering Lampard was supposed to be the main draw, this is a huge blow to MLS and NYCFC. I don't think season tickets should be refunded or anything, but anyone who bought a Lampard jersey should be able to get one. — hat0r
tough situation — gb
NYCFC should never of wasted good money on a 36 soon to be 37 year old soccer player. He is going to make over a 100 thousand dollars a week. There money should of been used to develop young American soccer players. Not old soon to be retired players. — Jim C
"Egg on the face" of MLS and Don Garber is right,... makes the league and NYCFC look unorganized and unprofessional. — jyminva
screw this, bring back the cosmos. — Old logo was better
The owners aren't taking the league seriously, this isn't 1995 — @Superfan1623
I mean what did Man City USA fans expect. — DeKwante Armstrong
It's very disappointing. — Fredo
Absolute disgrace. — Anthony Wood
just a mess all around — KenS
Disgraceful, feel sorry for NYCFC fans. Yankee co-owners in bush leagues! — James S., Phoenix
So annoying that Manchester city holds all the cards and can push MLS around — Crow Man
I don't care. I laugh at all of the short man syndrome of people trying to say it's embarrassing that MLS is the little brother. MLS is definitely (and has always been) the little brother. Nothing that could possibly happen regarding Fat Frank changes that. — KXRTI
Can I go back to RSL now? — J. Kreis
It all seems a little “back door” to me and it's a complete mess. — Brendan
. — Tj Hale
This is a joke — Matty
Does this make NYCFC's USLPro team Man Cities single A outfit? — Wes
Yeah, NYCFC had the potential to be a super sick expansion. At this point, their jerseys are copies,no stadium, signing old guys as superstars, victim of "media overhype syndrome", and MLS is probably losing a buttload of money in the process. The only highlight is that they have Jason Kreis who can do some special things. Pretty soon they need to get original jerseys and start building a stadium to even be in the same conversation as MLS elites. Right now, huge failure, extremely disappointed. — Old logo was better
but yah, a little late. unfair to fans — he's still coming
Bush league. — Scott
Ay carumba! — bren r
Just what everybody thought would happen is happening. A second rate farm club that helps avoid ffp rules. — Craig
Not impressed thus far. — Kevin
Chivas NYC structure was a disaster from the start. But if Lamps wanted to play there, he would. This reinforces the "retirement league" image of MLS. — Modibo
NYCFC and MLS should prepare for class action law suit from season ticket holders who bought tickets after they announced that Lampard was a signed player. He obviously wasn't. What a screw up. — jamesington
So stupid. — Luke
How can anyone including myself take the MLS seriously when it's newest team is nothing but a minor league team for man city — NixfixAU
It's a huge calamity — L diablo
as a soccer fan living in NYC I was looking forward to the cross-Atlantic relationship b/w Man City and NYCFC. Perhaps MLS could show us that it learned from the mistakes of ChivasUSA. I guess not. Fake claims and ticket sales seem to be the priority here, As a fan I lose respect for the MLS more than NYCFC — Ssdash
Wonder if this will get Garber fired? Certainly hasn't looked very good so far. — Matt
There is no reason for this club to exist. But now that they do if they could not be a total embarrassment that would be nice. This isn't a huge calamity because anyone with half a brain knew it was coming. It's just further proof that the whole idea of the club is stupid. — Brian
I'ts not good for MLS or NYFC, but anyone entertaining thoughts that MC brass would let a player like Lampard who is keeping them in the hunt leave to MLS is deluding themselves about the quality of the league. It gets better every year and the progress has been constant and fantastic, but 2015 is not the year it overtakes the premier league. — Pantherlax
Joke club in a joke league — sgr
Typical MLS. — Jake
Disgrace to the league — Jones
sad!!!! — Sam
how come no one's talking about landon? i miss him so much already. who's gonna blow a load in my face next season? — bruce arena
MLS can't let itself be pushed around like this! — Preston
If'd bought NYCFC season tickets I'd be pissed. — K2
I'm an MLS "Fan", and this makes MLS, Garber, Kreis, and Reyna look second rate. Correction, MLS is officially "now" second rate. Kreis and Reyna should look for new jobs. Garber, I thought better of you. — plasticsoccerfan
How is it that NYfuckingC can not land a franchise with a local ownership group and grow a REAL NY brand? — Geo
yeahh it's that bad... — ....
NYCFC- New York Chivas Farm Club — Michael
Embarassing — Next
there's no way to spin this positively, if we were a league that "mattered", Lampard would be reporting for pre-season asap. This is a big black eye for the league and NYCFC isn't looking much better than Chivas USA at this point — Alex
Definitely Chivas 2.0, and for that exact reason I'm not sure why anyone is surprised. — BDM
NYCFC is officially a farm team in the eyes of the world. That is a problem for MLS. Unfortunately, perception is everything and what self-respecting star would go to MLS as a first option now? Now should have been the time for the MLS (2.0) to recruit stars in their prime, but if they can't even handle the old ones anymore...eeeesh. — MVMulberry
Throw New York out of the MLS. the league has made great progress in recent years by owners and supporters who care about the MLS. New York owners in their actions with Lampard show no respect to the MLS and the great supporters we now have. — David G
I think it's a disgrace. MLS grew because it had committed owners who put in the necessary efforts to help it grow. Selling a new team off to a rich outsider not only was bound to create problems like this, but makes all Garber's prior talk of"finding serious ownership groups"ring very hollow. — John
Total humiliation and disaster. Hope Lampard never comes to MLS. Desperate to see MLS boot out MCFC as an owner. Will hate them forever. — Wendy
It's deceptive and the club should refund anyone who purchased a jersey or season tickets based on what seems like a flat out lie about his signing. — Dave
NYCFC shouldn't exist. Bring in the Cosmos instead, they're actually committed to NY soccer. — Joey
yea. — Gunnerstahl
I think the density of responses <----- says it all. This is thoroughly embarrassing for MLS and denies a deserving city a shot at a franchise right now. — Pwyll
refunds due to lies , NY is green and white — jonty
soccer is boring, un-American, and communist. i'd rather watch paint dry than some dumbs**t soccer game filled with weirdo, anti-American foreigners. i'll stick to real, AMERICAN, MANLY sports like football, basketball, and baseball. — kyles
I live in Manhattan and work in the Bronx and NYCFC just lost me as a potential fan. MLS too. — LC
Didn't MLS learn from the bad Youri Djorkaef and Lothar Mattheus deals. Hey NY, don't forget Lampard was one of the Chelsea guys (with John Terry) who mocked Americans at Heathrow the day after 9/11. Once a dirtbag, always a dirtbag. — Leo
We're not your farm league, Europe. Except, apparently, when we are... — Christopher
We didn't fold Chivas USA ... we just moved them East. — Mike DeCicco
kind of a massive joke — jared
everybody looks bad — JJ
Pathetic situation for MLS. — Betamale
Season ticket holders should file a class action suit on NYCFC and MSL for false Advertising. — Jason
leave New York to the real teams, please — adam
If NYCFC doesn't give a damn about NYCFC, why should anyone in New York City give a damn. — sounderfan
This makes it so much harder to defend MLS — Eric Brewster
Man City Jr — Wags
Kreis should have stayed in SLC! — Jason
After Chivas, after Camillo, MLS has egg on its face again. Garber gets all muscled up on Klinsman, but shows he has no real backbone. If Lampard ever plays in MLS it will be a sad day. — Jason
definitly makes MLS look bad. Makes me laugh at Garber and NYCFC contract team. They should be sued for promoting Lampard as a sited player. — Reyna Fan
Over rated clap clap. Clap clap clap — Third fail. The end