What do you think of the United States' chances in the 2014 World Cup?

Are you daunted by the thought of facing Germany, Portugal, and Ghana in Group G of the 2014 World Cup? Or do you relish the challenge? Do you think the U.S. will advance? Or is it time to start thinking about 2018? Graph your position below and share your thoughts. To read what others have to say, click on any shaded cell.

December 06, 2013 12:27 PM
I love this draw
I'm devastated
The U.S. will advance Three and out for U.S.
I'm happy to support the U.S. team -- they should be great games, and put us on the world stage. That said, our three opponents are simply too strong. It will be a miracle if we get one point. — Scott
Time for USA to show how great we are!!! — Brian
trust! — beto
To be the man you gotta beat the man. WOOOOOO — Ric F.
^this is the best thing ever — caroline
Time to show the world what the US is made of, draw be damned! — Steve
This country steps up when it counts. I love it. — Charlie
love that every game will be exciting and if we survive it will validate American Soccer — Rich
I love it but it's hard to say. — Piaggio
It is great! — George
Keep Calm and Trust in Jurgen — Cory
Are we good? If you think so, then this draw is great. Time to show and prove. — NickB
I think it is nut-up or shut up time for the Stars and Stripes! I love facing a tough group but I am not confident we make it out of the group. I think we need to have a good World Cup final to really progress US Soccer forward — CR7
We are a team that is ready to break out on the world stage. What better way to do it than against the worlds best?? We win with dignity and we lose with grit.....USA — heck ya
I want whatever the guy above was smoken... — Patrick D
I love this draw! Why? For the simple fact that it exposes what we are doing wrong or right in US soccer. True measurement of progression. Playing against top teams more than once! Best thing to happen to the USMNT. Challenge them. — @Weeeilll
Just about the right level of difficulty - tough, a stretch, but not out of reach. Key match is v Portugal (assuming we don't screw the pooch v Ghana; we're better but have the psychological hurdle to leap) - soft one-man team in extreme weather with a long trip they aren't used to and we are. Good chance we face Germany with top spot in the group on the line. Obviously we have to play our best football throughout. — John R
Time to step up, but its long odds. Will be a great ride and I wish the boys the best. It may be out of their control to an extent as nine or six points seems unlikley, so it may be trying to advance on 4 or 5 and goal diff. That is why I put their odds close to even. — Jordi
Time to prove it! — Usa
So what if we don't advance! We are guaranteed 3 high quality games. And if we advance by some miracle, we have decent chance of winning the 4th game and continuing. Mexico gets a relatively boring draw from my perspective and has nearly no chance of winning a 4th game. — Tom
Great storylines, great games, poor results. That's my prediction — Sam
Good teams shouldn't mind playing other good teams. We'll see how good we are. I'd say we take 3 pts from either Ghana or Portugal and finish 3rd in the group. 2nd place team finished with 4 pts. — myownbobblehead
Love the challenge of the group. Ghana will be a revenge win. Travel is tough but US's fitness is second to none. — Rainmaker)
Hard draw, but we can definitely advance if we play to our capability. — Gunnerstahl
Play our game, believe, embrace the moment in Brazil. It can be done. Last go-round for a core of our most accomplished vets. And if we can't exact payback on Ghana on day one, we just don't want it enough. — Doorworker
I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN!!! But seriously, at this point, you've gotta be positive. We make it out of this group with a win over Ghana and a draw against Portugal. Those are both within the realm of possibility. It makes for a better World Cup when the last match matters. And it very we'll might matter for the US, but if a draw means Germany win the group and US come in 2nd, I like the odds of a draw in that match. Of course this is all wild speculation, but... I BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN!!! — Ryno
Altidore — Tyson
This is where nations like this can earn their stripes! — Jonathan Maciel
It's time to show we are a top ranked national team. If we win, it will be a huge storyline. If we lose, nobody will be surprised. Only positives from here. Low risk, high reward. Lets get this thing. — Rick Muller
This is great. Seriously. Good fun. — Noah
Its a tough draw, we are going to defend deep and score sweaty goals if we beat Ghana and draw Portugal then maybe there is a chance. — JJ
Excited we won't have to beat Germany until the finals. — Joe
No doubt about it that it's a tough draw and we are the underdogs but we're no easy 3 points either and I can see us getting win, lose or draw against any of these teams. CAN'T WAIT! — cyrus
Tough road, however... if we can get 3 pts from Ghana, get point from Portugal we may could steal a point from Germany. Logic being they'd of come off of a physical match against Ghana, could struggle with injuries or even YC accumlation. — Jeff
This draw is full of debate and challenge. That said, Klinnsmans work will either prove itself worthy or expose our already glaring weaknesses. This is a tough draw no doubt, but by far the most fun! We have a chance, if only slight, but a chance no less. USA!!! — Ben
It's going to be a high high or a low low! — Stacy PFEIFFER
If we get a win against Ghana I think we are in. — Mitch
Time to shock the world. — 2dub
We are clearly the worst team in the group, but the opportunity to play against quality opponents means we can only exceed expectations should we somehow manage to pull of some underdog antics. — Brienne of Tarth
It's the toughest group, but the U.S. has beaten Italy, Germany, Bosnia, Mexico, and so many others under Klinsmann. I can see them advancing. — John Godfrey
A wake up call for the USMNT and Jurgen Klinsmann. We are about to see how well Klinsmann has utilized his resources and prepared his team — Excellency
You don't go to the World Cup to beat up crap teams. You go there to play the best in the world, and that's what we'll have the opportunity to do. — Matt
nervously excited!! :) — sami
We will get revenge on Ghana and we can get result vs port. And Deutschland — Christian
Interesting matchups, but way too close to worst case scenario — Kevin
Has the potential to be epic. I like that. We've played the underdog role excellently before. Let's hope we can do it again. — Bro
Brutal draw, no doubt about it, but when the lads are in form and playing hard, we can beat anyone. However, if they decide to not show up until the 2nd half and/or only decide to actually play for one half of the game, we will get royally hammered. — James
At least we will get to watch some great competition... — BikeMrown
Yep, it's a tough draw. But almost any group would have been. Every game will be watch-or-die compelling. — Soccerjohn
I don't hate the draw. I am firm believer of "if you want to be a big boy, you have to play with the big boys" and this draw is a classic example of that. Either way, it will be a great couple matches and we will enjoy it, regardless. — Jeff
This is a average draw. Ranking the potential groups based on SPI, this is the 334th hardest out of 650 possible groups for the USA. We should beat Ghana, and if they can shut down CR then Portugal is not that deep. 6 points after 2 games is not out of the realm of possibility. The USMNT will get it done. — Chad Gambone
Lets go USA! — Suz
It depends on who is healthy. If we are 100% I say we have a 50% shot at getting through. We need to beat Ghana to have any chance. — Red
From a pure spectator standpoint this draw will be great to watch. From a supporters perspective... much less fun — Kyle S
Love/Hate this draw. But more love because I see Ghana as incomplete and Portugal as a one man team. — Bryan
Lots of travel? Check. Our old foe, Ghana? Check. Coach going against his country? Check. One of the toughest draws? Check. Lots of fodder for stories for the next six months? Check. — ConnGator
meh — David
Time to slay giants. — LT
Long shot to advance, but the stuff of legends if they do. — Chris
Not probable that we escape the group. That said, the US teams always find a will to play inspired football, where other countries rely on talent alone. Should be some cracking matches! — Brooks
We've pulled off the unlikely before, but will need more than one great game in group stage to succeed this time. While this draw makes it hard to advance, I'm still excited to see us play these teams. — dabes2
If we beat Ghana in the first game which is very doable, then the dour outlook immediately changes. It's a tough draw but doable. In 2002, Portugal and Poland were supposed to advance. What happened there? — Charles
Think about it, we get Ghana first and we can beat them, then we get Portugal which is an overrated team with one good player, last we get Germany and by that time, they would have 6 points and maybe they won't play all their players to rest them. And we have Jurgen — Annan
Hard, but good. Time for the US to prove it is one of the best 16 in the world. We can beat Portugal and Ghana and we can definitely play with Germany. — unsane1
As hard as they are the US is no joke anymore. Stop being so pessimistic — Harmeet
While I don't *love* the draw it's a great narrative, especially if we beat Germany and Ghana. We need to clean up our 1st half game a bit to look more like the 2nd. We do that, or at least defend well the 1st half, we're through to the knockout. — Adam
If Brad evans is right back, we wont get out of the group. If geoff cameron is the right back we will advance — Ben
Go USA, one game at a time — John O
I think we can advance. Could have been better, could have been worse. — Josh
I don't think that the US team will survive the group. I think that Germany and Portugal will go on to the round of 16. Unless by some miracle... — Andrea Hana
My head says 0 points from three games, but you never know. Ghana 1-1 USA USA 2 - 1 Portugal Germany 3-1 USA It could happen. We have proven we can beat Portugal in the WC, Ghana's wins in both WC games came on the turn of one play, and we've recently beaten a German b team. America Eff Yeah! — Xose
Sigh... A chance for greatness... I guess. — Romanmind122
I'm sad. But we might advance. — BX
This group will be a wild ride all the teams can beat each other on a given day. High likely hood of someone's dreams being crushed by tiebreaker — Becca
A chance to show that the USA is quality in the international spotlight — StG
Jurgen will have the boys ready. I'm a bit nervy about this group, but the more I think about it the more excited I get. — Cray78
Great Storylines here, Jurgen and his half squad of German-Americans defeating the motherland (a draw will suffice), redemption vs Ghana. I know portugal squeaked in, but CR7 plays against arguably our weakest spot, that's a scary thought. Overall I think not a terrible group and C'mon You Yanks! — FlyingTosher
Could be worse, but besides CRonaldo, Portugal is not to be fear overmuch, while Ghana could be had, especially with 6 months of prep. The last game vs. Germany could be for 1st place in the group. — dvb
Tough but not impossible...first game is a must win. — Karl
Draw is rough, but the order of games is in US' favor. Germany might be already qualified and resting key players in last game.... — JB
Finally stop Ghana, draw Portugal and cross your fingers... — Andy
At the end of the day, all that matter are results. Making the round of 16 from an easier group would be better remembered than another flameout in the first round, no matter how well we play (even if we get the moral victory of a point or three along the way.) — ZZ
Three and done — mike
I am getting more comfortable with the draw which was a shock at first. I think the U.S. gets four points, and then they hope the others kill each other off. — Cody M
Porky Pig: We need a [12th] player. Tweety: You got any more secret stuff? I think it's starting to wear off. Buggs: It didn't wear off. It was water. Michael Jordan: You guys had the "special stuff" inside you all along. — Logan
Win WCQ, check Highest ranked team in Concacaf, check Lock in easiest group, ....what do you mean Honduras and Mexico got easier draws? Mexico shouldn't even be in this thing! — PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo
Not ideal but still optimistic. — Andre
Not the best draw I could've hoped for, but like the order of the matches set up well. Get 3 points vs Ghana and I think we advance. — Woody
At least qualifying was fun to watch... I'm predicting one point for the US and a 3rd or 4th finish depending on what Ghana do. — Dick Hertz
We are going to struggle as usual against Ghana, get a draw perhaps. Lose to Portugal after looking out of our depth, and then have a decent showing, but lose to an organized German side. — Z
These colors don't run baby. — Antonio
Very, very tough draw. We won't win our group like in South Africa, that's kind of obvious. But we can and have to beat Ghana. With Portugal maybe we can sneak a draw - or if by some miracle we contain Ronaldo, get a 1-0 or 2-1 win. Germany's probably a loss or draw, but considering they may have clinched the group by the time we play them, who knows. I think we can do it and if we do do it that we have the depth to go far. — Daniel
I think we can beat Ghana and if we can not allow Ronaldo to touch the ball, I think we can beat Portugal. — Morse
group b and d wouldve been worse — JT
ghana will advance throu — bull-bull
Ghana?? Again. Damn — Austin
It hurts, but, I like our chances to be #2. — Conor
Yay for hope! Even if it's a little starry-eyed. — Sean
We just aren't there yet. The travel doesn't help either. I want to be proved wrong, but I doubt it. Our potential isn't explosive, it's implosive. Despite Klinnsman's attempts at improvement, I don't see it happening when the stakes are high against quality opponents. When I hear people speak to depth, I agree we're deeper, but when will that depth mean significant impact? Not soon enough. — James
I'm only this far from the corner because all of the games will be played in the north which gives us a fighting chance against Portugal and Germany. — Pablo
UGH! This is gonna be tough! — Mark
Ouch — Mike
If we can win one game I will be happy. — Beau
Super tough group could work in our favor if the other teams draw each other — Jeff
We play better as underdogs. This team will get it done. — Michael fox
Maybe a draw, but it'll be a short trip for our boys — Alex Stout
Nasty draw but, with a strong performance, it is feasible. Need a result against Ghana, then good games against Portugal and Germany. — Paul
Tough draw. — John Stockdell
3 vs Ghana, 1 vs. Portugal — JC
Isn't this why they hired Klinsi? — BJ M.
We are fucked! — MIke S
Mike S is from ghana. USA all the way — Ted
I Believe That We Will Win! — Robert
We screwed — C
0-3 and a real probability, and the travel schedule is just brutal. Is Manaus where they decapitated that ref and left his head on a stake in the middle of the field? — Dan
Drawing the best team from Pot 4 really is a kick in the teeth. We need 3 points from Ghana and hope we can catch a resting Germany for at least a 5th point. http://wp.me/p1t50c-25 — TheGrumpyFootballer
this is it we gotta show the world gonna fck ghana up portugal sucks and any result with germany is fine USA USA USA we fear no one we play with more heart and passion than any team — dick butt kiss
Terrible draw for the US. But if we can pull together and advance, then team USA can have enough confidence to take them to the end. — Ronald R
Nervous about the group and I am on the fence about whether or not they can get out of it. — Ryan
Germany is #1 in the group. We have the ability to beat Ghana if we don't make defensive errors. Portugal is tough with Ronaldo but who knows. I say we can advance if we play 3 solid games. If we mess up vs. Ghana then our chances are slim to advance. So we've gotta get the job done against a team that we have the ability to beat. — AJ
This isn't a worst case scenario, but it will be tough. I can see the US finishing anywhere from 2-1-0 to 0-3-0. Portugal doesn't scare me. They were one of the teams in that pot I didn't mind seeing. I think the US is the better team, but not by much. Ghana actually worry me more given past history. The US should be the better team, but.... — Pwyll
Not very happy with the draw, but the US has proven it has the ability to play up to any opponent on its day so I gotta still believe! — Jack Roth
so annoying — steve
Oh my God. — Christopher
And where you play we'll follow, cuz we support the US, and that's the way we like it! — Mark
See you in 2018. — Brian
Tough draw, but US has a fighting chance if we fix the wing defenders and play our best games. — Damned1
Well, we beat Portugal the last time... — JW
Think we can eke out two draws and a win to advance. That's very Pollyanna-ish, but trying to see the bright side. — Matt Schott
I want to cry — Doug
I should have offered this "Blatter" fellow more money? — Obama
I'm terrified — Nikki
Group of death. Difficult to understand why Fifa does it this way when there's such a shocking disparity between our group and group E. Germany should beat us, we must contain Ronaldo to have a shot against Portugal, and Ghana is our bogeyman. Only way this could have been worse is if we got Netherlands instead of Portugal from the Euro pot. — CrazyMike366
I'm going to have to eat my way through this one. Very stressful, pass the cake. — Ives
'Murica — Cleatus