What do you think of the three-federation bid for the 2026 World Cup?

The United States, Mexico, and Canada are preparing a joint bid for the 2026 World Cup that would see games played across the three North American countries. How do you feel about this bid? Do you think it has a good chance of succeeding? Do you think the political climate will help or hinder? Would the U.S. be better off applying on its own? Graph your position below and share some comments. 

April 11, 2017 11:18 AM
Love It
Terrible Idea
It's a Done Deal Never Gonna Happen
Bring the Cup to NA! — Mtnhawk
No brainer. The world will love to see games in all three nations. — Sir Futbol
Win, win, win, win...everybody wins — Mark
1"'`-- — arachni_name
Not sure it's a done deal, but I like the idea. — Worth
It's time. This is a plug and play WC for North America. — Mark F
Great idea. Great marketing. Great camaraderie. Hope we get it. And hope at least some of the games are in my area. Heck, we have American football stadiums around here which seat nearly 80,000 people so could certainly host a World Cup game or two. — Jinga Moves
Nothing makes any sense when it comes to FIFA or CONCACAF. Would I love to have the World Cup in my backyard? No fuckin question. The dual bid made a bit more sense with Korea/Japan, it's not a ton of landmass and they're all really close. But if your group stage takes you from Vancouver, Houston, Orlando, and Guadalajara, that's a lot of ground to cover. Then again, I haven't looked at the average distances teams have to traverse in one fed bids, so what the hell do I know — Jack
Would be cool — Marco
Mildly optimistic it'll happen. — Sean Murphy
I hope we get it, because we will be guaranteed to make it lol — JB
Politically speaking, this is a shrewd move. FIFA loves Kumbaya gestures because they distract from all of its shady dealings. — JHG
<<<John, I get that, but also shouldn't we want spotlights on exposing FIFA's corruption and other awful things? — Casey
Canada gets to go to their first world cup. No country has to build new infrastructure to host, which means no stadiums turn in to landfills. Mexico goes from no chance at hosting to getting 10 games and an automatic berth. And did I mention that WE GET A WORLD CUP? It's a slam dunk. — Will
I'm not sure the 60-10-10 balance makes it so worth it to Canada or Mexico, and I'm interested to see how they handle the trilingual everything, but I'm on board if that gets a World Cup in the U.S. — Phil West
Start planning it now — Rick G
What is not to like about this? We're giving Canada and Mexico automatic berths without, taking responsibility for the knockout rounds and it only makes sense that with such a large amount of teams that we host most of the games since we have the infrastructure already — Chris Kerr
This works on all the levels. — Kevin Miller
I like it, but they will reject because of the massive distances involved. — Rodger Johnson
Done deal. $$$$ Kinda cool for Canada. I can't wait. — Fredo
I like how penis tastes. — Robbie Rogers
Forecast looks good! As long as some games are close to me I'll be happy. — Michael
I confess I haven't heard much about it, but I think it's a good idea--FIFA should be intrigued. — OGx3
world cup soudns good — jazzy
Could see problems because of the immigration laws in the US, but if we can get passed that, this could be possible — PrinterBob17
Cannot wait to have my poutine tostada on wonder bread. — CanMexAm
<<<<<<this guy — lmao
I am a bit skeptical about the logistics of moving that many teams across an entire continent but I think FIFA would be foolish to go elsewhere and I am excited to have the WC in my backyard. — Crow
Bad idea. — Wilson
Woop woop! — Dandon Lonovan
I like it. Especially how we get almost all the games. — Luke627
Alright for the US but don't see why Mexico agreed to it. It's a bad deal for Mexico. Mexico should just wait 8-12 years and bid to host, much better than the 10 games they agreed to. The only negative I see for the US is potentially not getting the opening game. For Canada its an iffy deal. Don't see a Canada bid beating a Us or Mexico bid anytime soon. So getting a few games now isn't horrible. I think the bid should have just been the US and Canada with Canada getting the 10 Mexico games. — Sara
Bruh somebody give me a chance to play — Benny Feilhaber
Hey, it will be primarily in the US. If we bid alone it is less likely to happen. We can make this work. — Bobby Bill
Realistically with the 48-team World Cup the US was the only realistic candidate which was going to win in 2026; Adding Mexico/Canada to the bid was purely political as US sentiment isn't exactly great abroad. Felt Mexico got a bit screwed, Azteca deserves at least a quarterfinal and heck even a semi — Matt
Like the Olympics, the World Cup is quickly becoming more trouble than it's worth. So long as it's not in some 3rd world dictatorial shithole, it's perfectly enjoyable somewhere else. — Andrew
We should be hosting by ourselves, but the 60-10-10 breakup of games and Quarterfinals on being played in the U.S. is probably best case scenario for a joint bid. — Todd
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Don't need to share the spotlight, but this will probably happen because of love and happiness. — Kevin
I'd still rather us havimg gone solo but I don't hate it. I don't see how this bid loses to any other though. — Jake Campbell
RAther have 1 host and 32 teams.... — Rick Deez
It's going to happen, it's just that there was no reason to have Mexico and Canada in as well — Anonymous Commenter
Resigned to the eventual outcome that this will probably be the bid FIFA selects. Other than throwing a bone to Mexico and Canada, I have no idea why this bid was even conceived - but at least the majority of the matches will be in the US. — BDM
Lame. — Tom
Fuck bitches, get paid — Freddy Adu
<<< I agree with this. — Clint Mathis
downgrade for mexican soccer — Aloca
SO the rest of Concacaf get to go after 1 or 2 qualification spots? — St. Barts
Don't care for it. Mexico hosted 2 world cups in a 16 year period. USA has gone a longer period and hosted only 1 world cup. USA should get it on their own since they were dissed for the 2022 world cup. — m
Of course it's going to happen, but Canada and Mexico were completely unnecessary — Swordopolis
Don't really see the value in adding Mexico and Canada as "hosts". CONCACAF is due for a WC, and the US has shown it is the nation in the region (and arguably the world) best equipped to host one. — Pwyll
:( No — KXRTI
The United States is too big as a host on its own. Also, this means that smaller interesting cities will get passed over even more. How many US cities other than LA, NY and Chicago will get to host? 3? 4? Plus, travel for this cup will be a nightmare. — A.J.
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This is a terrible idea. — pSL1988
Africa is the only confederation "allowed" (which could change, it's FIFA after all) to bid against us. Pretty sure the U.S. could have won that vote even without throwing a bone to our neighbors. — D
Here comes the Amero. — Bstorrs UNLV
Terrible idea, but seems like it can't be stopped — Dan S