What Do You Think of Megan Rapinoe's Decision to Kneel During Anthem?

On September 4, U.S. women's national team star Megan Rapinoe dropped to one knee during the playing of the national anthem, showing support for San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who did so earlier to protest racial discrimination in America. Graph your take on Rapinoe's actions below, and then share a few thoughts.

September 05, 2016 11:34 AM
Right Way to Do It Wrong Way to Go About It
Comes off kind of opportunistic. Obviously I can know her motives, but this is more publicity than the NWSL has gotten all year. I agree with her in principle, just feel like she is making the story about herself. — Jim
Great job, Megan! — Luke
Very brave and important action — JR
I see nothing wrong with it. Its a valid point to make and it was done respectfully. If she or Kap had burned the flag or something like that then I'd have an issue. — wandmdave
It is a good message and is done respectfully — Luke
The action was in support and did exactly as intended, it started a conversation among people who might not otherwise be engaged. — Diane
I want to thank her with a heart full of gratitude for understanding what those who are subject to feelings of fear and loss of safety continue to endure, and using her voice. — Christine Thomas
?? — Anna
Go Megan! — Susan
Rap is spot on. — Christina O.
Honorable admirable and principled — Furd Burfle
She's right. — David
She's right. — BES
Really appreciate that she took a stand with Kapernick. So many of the arguments against her (or Kapnernick) just boil down to I don't want to listen to what you're saying. Many arguments boil down to "you're successful, so you can't point out the flaws in our country," which makes no sense. Many other arguments say "you have a right to say what I don't want to hear, but not at a time when I actually have to listen." The whole point of protesting is doing it at a time where it has an impact. Thanks Megan!!!! — Matt
The issue under "protest" by C.K. and M.R. should have nothing to do with what, in the irony of the context, are ultimately empty symbols. — Steve Bradley
A concise polite way to express your support for justice. — R Gilardi
the right to peaceful protest is part of what our flag and anthem stand for — emo
Standing up to help ,America be better by forcing people to see our short comings — Fred Ditmars
Courageous and beautiful, the essence of our country. — Morty
I don't view it as a sign of disrespect to the song, flag, military, police or country. If anything, it is respect for her country and its people that is pushing her to want to see change. I'm not sure it's the most effective way to do things, but it is generating conversation. People need to open their eyes and quit judging and think about why people are protesting. — J
Nice feature — BD
There is a history of athlete social activism. As long as it doesn't interfere with the game on the field I have zero problem with it. — David B
I think people should stand up for what they believe — Diane
I love America more than any other country in this world, and, exactly for this reason, I insist on the right to criticize her perpetually. James A. Baldwin. — Aristo
As Americans we have a right to free speech. Never let it be muffled. The obvious slaughter that is spearing our country must be addressed & stopped. I stand with all the athletes that are fed up as I am with the injustice & slaughter. Stop paying murderers. Protect the innocent Americans. Leave without pay will make the trigger fingers freeze. — Sharon Wills Lee
Love it — RedStars fan
Up to her! — matthew
Merica — Philly Rack
Well done for taking a stand. — Lilitu
Freedom — Nick
This country was founded on protecting the rights of the people to protest, and the right to free speech. The only "people" our government "hears" lately are the ones with the most MONEY....corporations. — Lori
She's entitled to her political viewpoint and expressed a balanced viewpoint in light of her status as a white gay woman. Doesn't have to lead the charge, but important to use her profile to stand up for what she believes in. — Jonathan
No harm in it. Keeps conversation going. everyone is speaking out on behalf of vets/military, but has anyone asked them? I thought they fought for our freedoms (i.e. Constitution) rather than a physical piece of cloth with stripes — Piccadilly13
More people should be protesting. We should demand more of our government. Good for Megan! — Matt
She is an all American woman. I'm proud of her. — Sylvia
Its perfectly fine to have an opinion and express it as an athlete. We hold the anthem sacrosanct, which is kind of silly. It's a song. But Rapinoe needs to commit to something more significant and enduring regarding racial justice and social justice, otherwise it looks like an empty gesture. — Mark
What was asked of her, for her to respond " yes it was intentional". First amendment gives her that right, or is that not considered peaceful assembly. Her protest did not bring harm to anyone. — Buffy
last time I checked protest allowed in the U.S. — JHG
What did the USA do to her? — Dean
soccer — taco planet
We have freedom of speech in the USA, the right to peaceful protesting, and the cause she was kneeling in solidarity with is an important cause. I support what Rapinoe (and Kaepernick) did and her right to do it. — Nick Chavez
Solidarity will drive us forward — Corey
Celebrities, including athletes, have opinions and don't surrender their right to have opinions due to their celebrity. Corollary to that point: people need to not get so uptight about celebrities' opinions. — MrTuktoyaktuk
She has a right to do so. — RelMeMP
Her country, her freedom. — Proud Latino
— John
I don't necessarily agree, but it is her right to do so. — Kathryn
just another lowlife and disgraceful person. — james
ehhh — Jon
. — terrence b.
The woman who draped herself with the American flag after the US win disrespects the same flag this way?!? Our whole family loved her, not any more. We taught our children to respect the American flag. There are other ways to do things. Although I am a person of color being a Mexican American and I don't think there is people of color oppression. I have found in all my years I have seen more white oppression. I have gotten things ahead of white people because I am Mexican. — Sandy
Those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom to protest made us different than China, Russia and North Korea. Thank God we live in a free country for now. — Free to Protest (for now)
I believe she has done nothing wrong & was exercising her right. She recognizes along side the minoritie's in America the injustice and brutality by police and how nasty people can be towards someone who takes a stand for something — Derwin Anthony
here — SF
Neither Colin nor Megan are going about it the right way. Take your stand on a personal interview. Disgracing the flag during an event is Disgracing America and that is what people will remember, so, take a hike and find/go to another country that where you can be free and prosper and get the selfish attention you are seeking. — BDL
Would like more specific details about what she's protesting. And, more importantly, what she plans to do to help solve the problem. I think most are already aware that this debate is going on right now, we need proposed solutions. — BGRed
Not right, for me, in the context of a team sport. Especially for a national team player — Sak
She has nothing going for herself, so she's just trying to get attention. Bad pr is better than none at all. — Bob
More appropriate ways to state your opinion. You get paid good money to play a game. Show some appreciation to a country that allows you to do that. — Rick
It is ironic that she will not show respect for the same flag that she is more than willing to wear on her uniform. — Klesko
Not a fan. Other ways of helping a cause. — Red
Pathetic. — Arnold
It's not the worst thing in the world. She didn't burn a flag or speak out against our country in a way of unallegiance. However, sitting for the national anthem has and always will be disrespectful. It's almost contradictor because you're disrespecting the very flag that gives you that right. Yes it is your right to stand or sit or sing or not sing but you're a public figure and someone who wears the US crest over your heart. Just stand up for the flag for God's sake! Also , if you want to help fight against racial injustice in this country...then do it. Knelling to the flag is not actively helping. It may bring up the conversation but actually doing something like donating to a cause, using your time to speak to communities, or advocating certain political candidates will actually help fight racial injustice. Knelling before the flag is too broad of an ideal to just say you're knelling because of racial injustice. This country is not perfect but that's what makes in America. We are not perfect yet we strive to be. This country represents racial justice, not racial injustice. You're knelling because you ignorant and do not understand what the flag represents at all. — Christian
Can do it in other ways. — Chris
A — A
She's irrevalent. — Joeseph
Disgracing the flag, the country, your team. Kick her off and bring Hope Solo back. Go to another country and enjoy your freedoms there. — cjbhtc
How about protesting the people who are really murdering innocent citizens. Not police officers stuck in a no win situation sensationalized by our ridiculous media. — Jeff
Rapinoe wanted the easy attention and got it. Plenty of time after a game to state dumb ass opinions. — Capt Rob
hasn't been able to work? vote? own a home? go to a good school? live with loved ones? or; singled out by cops? can't get a good job? — gary
If you don't like it then leave — JP
It's unfortunate she chooses to do so during an event that honors many injured/fallen soldiers. It's a spit in their face type of attitude. She is free to express her opinion, but it is the wrong way to go about it. — Stephen
Do you know how many gay police officiers there are? Slap in their face! — Michelle
March in a Parade but don't disrespect your country. — Chris
Get off the team. Your personal beliefs should be kept off the field. Why should you use a US team to disgrace this wonderful county. — lucy
Stand up and respect the flag — Paul
She's an idiot — Banton
Terrible example to the youth who look up to the USWNT. As a member of the USWNT you represent your country including respecting the flag that represents this country. Complete disgrace to all who have sacrificed for this country and now those who are lucky enough to represent the USA to the world trample on the flag they represent. Kick her off the USWNT. — Brad
Disgusting. — Todd
disgraceful — Mary
Insulting us Vets & immigrants became American. — Scott
Disgraceful kick her off team — Chris
I spent 20 years defending her right to protest but her actions are based on political incompetence and frankly a dumb jock mentality. If she attempts to kneel when playing for the USWNT she should be benched. PERIOD — Ty
Both disrespectful and willfully ignorant. — Pwyll
Just like Kapp..not the way to do it! — BW
Should be removed from national team. — CharlesF
I assume she'll be retiring from the USWNT and declining her salary from US Soccer. Yeah, won't hold my breath. Desperate attention-seeking from someone clinging to her very last moments of quasi-relevance. She dishonors everything my ancestors have fought and died for and I will never watch another national team game if she is on the roster. — Brian
Ignorant "protest" and disrespectful to her teammates, country, and nation. — Chris
Ill never watch the us womens team play again as long as she is on the team. — Uncle Sam
In AMERICA, Rapinoe makes more money than most people do across the GLOBE to do something she loves-play soccer. She has never had to worry about: -being sold as a child sex slave (by own parents) -having to cover everything but her eyeballs to prevent her own rape/murder -poverty& starvation -having to flee the country due to political oppression and lack of basic human rights -imprisonment for speaking opinions (the list goes on forever).. Ungrateful to live in such a freedom-loving country? Then leave. Go somewhere "better," and take Kapp with you! These people are not fit to represent US on any level, national or global. We have tons of amazing athletes here- other, appreciative, people we can watch triumph in sports, who are proud to be American. Who are grateful to be born here and even grateful to be a rich, pro-athlete. Yes, there are issues that need to be dealt with, as in every country, but that doesn't mean America sucks. America is great. Certain individuals suck-turn your attention to them to bring about needed changes. America has protected and nurtured her, and she turned around and slapped America in the face. You'd think visiting other countries would show her the realities most people face around the world. Much different than our reality here. Stand against racism. Stand up for your country. — FanNoMore
disgusting and ungrateful pro athletes are an embarrassment the way they insult those who fought and died for this country. They need to go look up what real oppression is cause being paid millions to play a childrens game is the furthest thing from it — Nick
Embarrassing display of disrespect. National and Olympic teams are put together to showcase American exceptionalism. America, love it or leave it. She needs to go... — PDM
Move to Europe — Ryan
Totally disrespectful to those who fight and have fought for this country. — Andrew
It is so sad to see the young people of today that enjoy so much and think they are just entitled to everything going their way... It is about respect for this country and the blood that has been shed so you can play your game and live with your choice of partner. Take it off the field - lack of respect is something that shows up more than anything else with these displays. Will no longer honor or feel the same about Megan. Shame on the leagues for letting it happen.. in the real world when you work for a company, you would lose your job for this.. no different than not being allowed to wear earrings or jewelry when you play soccer. Stand up and honor the people and the country that gave you this gift of freedom. Shame on you!! Get over yourself and help to build up this country instead of always finding fault. — Karen
If the oppression these people think existed, actually existed, then planned parenthood would be the best funded non profit in the country — Nick