What do you think of Clint Dempsey's Move to Seattle? Good for him? MLS?

The Nacogdoches, Texas, native always seemed possessed by the notion of playing at the highest-possible level, which makes his move to Seattle a bit of a head-scratcher. What do you think of the decision? Graph your position below and share some thoughts. To read what others think, click any shaded cell.

August 03, 2013 8:42 AM
Game Changer For MLS
No Impact on MLS
Great Move for Dempsey Clint Should Have Stayed in Europe
he had a few years to give in EPL, but that being said, it makes this league much better to watch having our best player back home. — vk
So I know this is great for MLS, Seattle, and can allow Duece to blaze a trail and be a leader in the further development of American soccer. Yes, the fans in Cascadia are awesome and league has grown in leaps and bounds, but I'm all National Team and I think Dempsey should be in Europe developing his game, not developing the MLS. — Not Bornstein
No — Josh
Fantastic for MLS, a real game changer. Hopefully works out for Clint. Sad to know he won't be scoring against Juventus again in a European semi-final and as a Fulham fan, wish he would have stuck around Craven Cottage! — Phil M
He's still got the quality for Europe... but I'm okay with the move because of his personal reasons. Just wish it wasn't with the Sounders. Huge growth potential for the league though. — Dan
Enormous signing for the MLS. I think this is bigger than Beckham, Henry, Keane, or anyone else. That said, Dempsey is out of his mind choosing the MLS over Spurs (or any other half-decent European club) and I am terrified that this will cause his MNT form to dip leading into the World Cup. — Zack
With WCQ coming up, I'm glad he will be somewhere where he will be playing with consistency. I don't think playing in MLS is the same quality, so the USMNT will be missing that. I think it's GREAT for MLS and will help spread soccer in the USA. — Mary
After stewing for a day over him leaving Europe, I'm okay with him in MLS at this point in his career, but hate that it's with Seattle. — Dan
Mos def a game changer. Hopefully after this cycle, more big American names will come home after they reach their prime in Europe. Would love to see Jermaine Jones, Gooch, Tim Howard, and others back in the US to help grow the league — Kuchodos
MLS just got a LOT more competitive on the international transfer market. I'm hesitant to say this move is "great" for Deuce, but consistent playing time is never a bad thing. — BDM
Main concern is keeping him healthy while playing regularly on turf. — Steve
Great for MLS and good for Clint! — Ferris
Move displays new reality: American born players can get straight paid in their own domestic league. Donovan gets the chance to be the new face of MLS and the face of a very successful club. — jeremydneezy
Should have pushed lower EPL teams to sign him, but as a Sounders fan I'll take him! MLS will surely be thankful for this. — Hambone
Heck of a statement for MLS signing a US Captain still in his prime. And now Dempsey gets assured playing time each week which he didn't have at Spurs. Plus, he's making bank.And he'll be in midseason form come WC 2014. — Harden
everything about this deal is awesome! except that Seattle is going to destroy the rest of the west now... not happy about that. — beto
Enormous move for MLS and a smart move by Dempsey. He is 30 years old and while he is certainly still in his prime, his game is not going to improve at this stage in his career even if he had stayed in Europe. Donovan has shown that you can play in MLS and still succeed at the international level and I expect the same to happen with Dempsey. He is now the face of the MLS and it must be an exciting time for him. All this coming from someone who can't stand the Sounders but props to them. MLS needed a major coup like this. This can only be good for American soccer. — Jon
Game changer — Swoop
Absolutely a fantastic move for the MLS, the only way to make the people in Europe and really the rest of the world respect the MLS is for the MLS to get the top talent inside the league. Furthermore....GO SOUNDERS! — Creature
Playing time is important in a World Cup year. And this is huge for MLS. Players are realizing MLS is a legitimate option and not a retirement league. — C_Tobin
Well, SOMEBODY had to pick this box! — Jason
Went for the most money. — David
Huge for MLS but the move will do little to improve the overall quality of the league. Clint should be playing against the best esp as the USMNT prepares for Brazil. That is clearly not the MLS — Matt
Dempsey gave up the fight for Champions League. He will be fun to watch in MLS though. I wonder how Klinsmann will punish him? — NH
This is a seismic event for Major League Soccer. Beckham put MLS on the global map, but Dempsey, the captain of the United States men's national team, a player still in his prime, legitimizes the league in a variety of ways. What does this mean for Dempsey's oft-stated dream of playing Champions League football? (European Champions League football, that is.) Impossible to say for sure, but it greatly decreases the odds he will play in that tournament. — JHG
Personally would have preferred to see him in Europe until after Brazil 2014, but it's probably a good move for him in the long term. — michaelw552
Shows how far MLS has come and awesome for the league...seems that Clint has now turned his focus to a payday and WC 2014...concerned about the continual competition difference — Max
He knows what he's doing. — BLSeleven
Clint will dominate MLS. DOMINATE!!!!! — Daniel
If you like the United States of America and would like to see the sport continue to grow and would like to see MLS improve..you HAVE to like this move. I love the people who complain how "far behind" we are as a country then criticize this move. — Matt Swift
Moo — Moo
Gret for mls Deuce will ride pine at spurs this year. Midseason form in brazil. — Wixson
I see the move as a golden opportunity for Deuce. He's uniquely situated to advance the sport here in the US in ways that Pele and Beckham couldn't... — @mcbrider
Yea!!! — Travis B
great for MLS and very good for Dempsey — fenoli
Great for Seattle & MLS, horrible for Clint. There's still at least 2 seasons of top flight football in him. I feel like he's calling it in now and does not want to rise above a more challenging atmosphere any longer. — Clint
I thought a move back to Fulham would've been pretty nice. Not the Sounders. There isn't even a spot for him to play in: Martins, Johnson, Neagle have taken the spots — Kevin
A great move for MLS showing... Why? Because now we can say that we have our best players playing hear inspiring some new and upcoming talent from the US of A to stay and improve here... Why? because the competition is here not just in Europe. — Jake
Maybe should have stayed, but great for MLS — Martin Morse
This is awesome for MLS. Having the best national team player for the last two years come to the league before he is of retirement age speaks volumes about how the league has come along. As for Dempsey, I'd say it's neutral for him. Competition might be a bit less, but he'll be at mid-season fitness during the World Cup, which I think is a plus. — Taylor
He needs to do what's best for him. I'm shocked he moved, though. — Sean
Definitely gives MLS more stature and credibility worldwide. He's in his prime. Big day for MLS. I don't think it's a bad move or a good move for Dempsey...his national team role is safe and he probably wanted this for his family. — Noah
The big question on Dempsey's end is would he have played at Spurs this year? If not, than this move makes sense for him. As far as MLS, this is the biggest signing in the league's history, bar none. Captain America is now on the team with the best supporters. It's beautiful for MLS and Seattle. — Patrick L
Great move for MLS. Shows credibility. Good move for Dempsey. MLS is getting better everyday and he will clearly be "the man" excited to see him back in the USA — JB
Huge for the MLS of course. And believe it or not it is a good move for personal reasons for Dempsey. However, the question remains how does this affect the US team in competing with the best in the world? that will be answered in a year — Connor
Great for MLS, we need to see more moves like this to MLS in the future for the league to keep improving. Hard to say how it will be for Clint until we see him play some games, but I'm excited to see him play with EJ, hopefully it will be a good thing for USMNT too to have these two playing for the same club. — Kristin
As Spurs fan, I knew Dempsey had to move. This is best for him AND his family. Great for MLS as well. — Traveler
Yea, this is about right — Pablo
Good get for MLS & Seattle - and may look even better in 3 years time. I hope it is a choice with personal (read: family) benefit for Dempsey as I suspect other comparable European teams to Spurs would have given a 2-yr contract. — Zo
Great for MLS, indifferent for Deuce. He probably could have benefited from staying in Europe, though his minutes may have taken a hit with Spurs and Soldado arriving. He's still in a solid career spot, and on great form for the National Squad. Hope it works out for the best for him. — Steve Haller
just excited to see him play — skeeter
Love him in the MLS, hate to see him in Seattle. — @MrMcGugin
Great move for MLS and I think it's fine for Clint especially if they win champions league. — Chris
It's a big step for MLS because he's the first key American international to come back in their prime that also had good success in Europe. More will probably follow over the years, but I'm more impressed with the money Seattle shelled out. That's the monumental part of this. If MLS can spend like this, the league will improve. — Dan
Consensus is that to attract top players and grow as a league, MLS has to spend top dollar, which they did here--good sign for the league moving forward. Great for the Sounders as well, obviously. Not sure it's the best for Dempsey, but time will tell. Some have been talking about his "development", though--dude's 31, he is what he is at this point. If Sounders win CCL, then this'll all be worth revisiting. — Alex
Great for MLS, could be fine for Deuce too — Mr Willie
Wurd — Jdb
,nkjh — hlkjh
Lack of ambition? No way. He'll have plenty of 90 minute appearances steering the Seattle attack and captaining the USMNT through the rest of qualifying...he'll take a loan to England over the winter to keep his competitive edge...and he'll be in prime shape for Brazil, which is his evident focus now. And the compensation's pretty good, too. Well done, Deuce. — BH
great move for Dempsy, great move for MLS & of course a great move for the sounders — Mike
The average sports fan won't suddenly rush to see a Sounders-Crew game but still great for MLS. Really bad for USMNT though. He sat all summer, now he's going to play 3 months in a much lesser league then sit all winter? Not good. Barring a loan back to Europe in the offseason this is awful. And it marks the end of Dempsey's serious career ambitions. — Brian
Great thing for MLS to have a USMNT star in his prime. I understand the concern that it stunts Clint's growth, but it hasn't stopped Donovan. I think he can thrive here, my biggest worry is some schlub taking out a knee with an idiotic tackle. — Chad Gambone
$$$$ — Justin
Huge for MLS. Could swing either way for DEpmsey — Foobar
Great move for MLS, and Clint's play will not suffer pre-World Cup because he will surely be loaned after the MLS season. — Sam
A willingness to spend money on players that US-based fans care about is exactly what MLS supporters were hoping to achieve. This is another step in that direction. Staying in Europe would only provide marginal benefits for Dempsey as a player and a NT member. — Charlie Fiction
Dempsey gets to return to America and be around his friends and family along with being able to cash in on his talent while he is still in his prime. MLS gets one of the biggest American players in the world back in their league. win win situation if you ask me. — Jake
Great move! — RegRay
Sellout... — Havier
As a Sounders fan, I am stoked to have Dempsey on board. The only problem is that now we really don't have any examples of American players on top caliber European teams. Tim Howard maybe. But then again if we only really had one to begin with (and we are talking Spurs not Barcelona) maybe it's a moot point! — Tyler
Mixed Message: Obviously a great move for MLS and Seattle. For Clint, this will be a lock for playing time. He wasn't in a position to demand time with Tottenham. He is too old to work his way back to the top there. Any move in EPL would have been more downward than the move to Seattle. Being a fixture in a Soccer hotbed in America, is better than being a fixture at a relegation threatened backwater in England. Overall, a smart $ move for both the MLS and Deuce. — Bill Anderson
He's 30. — Ron
If Deuce wants to come home, good for him. He'll get playing time, which will help keep him fresh for Brazil. Don't know why Klinsi is against this, but hey, Klinsi, right? — Christopher
Great for MLS, maybe not a game changer in the way Beckham was though. Not as great for Clint in a World Cup year. — Drew
Would've liked to see Dempsey stay in Europe, but interest was low it seems and riding bench at Spurs hurts more than dropping a level to MLS. I don't buy everyone saying this hurts the MNT ... has playing for LA hurt Donovan's play level? Getting consistent playing time on a good team in what I believe to be a good league for the money he's getting spells a win for Clint, and huge get in terms of marketing/star power for MLS. — John
He still had a hand in the great play at Spurs. Great for MLS to have such a great player though. — Zac Freeland
Big news for the MLS. They get the most talented US player in their league. There is space for Deuce to grow as a playmaker in the Seattle set up. I think he should have stayed in Europe. Play for a team in Germany or Italy and could play Champion's League football. Mixed feelings more or less. — Manny
I'm a little bitter that he would go to Seattle over a team near his birthplace in Texas, such as my Houston Dynamo. I guess money explains that, but the move to an inferior league is a huge disappointment considering he can compete at a high level. That being said, it's cool he's coming home to the US of A and the MLS will benefit. — Rob S.
great move for MLS — Mauricio Alvarado
Great for MLS to have any great player but even better to have CD right now. Clint has every right to come home. Can see both sides of that one. — dabes2
He has integrity and knows what he needs both professionally and personally. He's not dumb. If this wasn't a good move he wouldn't have made it. — KES
Unquestionably a step down for Dempsey, like to see MLS pay big money — jdouge
Not great for Clint, but LD has shown you can play in MLS and still be a factor in the world cup. — bh
This move is tough. I think it's great for the league and the Sounders. Will he make an impact on the league? Well if that means goals, then yes I think so. He scored 12 at Spurs last year without a permanent spot in the starting XI. Is it good for him? My immediate thought upon hearing the possibility of him at Seattle was that it was a poor career choice, but after some thought, I'm torn. He'll do we'll which is good for confidence, the main factor driving the USMNT right now (11 wins in a row now!) but he won't be facing the same quality of competition in training and in games which worries me a bit. The high level of competition he faced every day at Spurs was good for him so I'm torn on this subject. What's done is done though, he's a Sounder! Only time will tell if this was a good decision!! — Chris
Dempsey has always made the right move. I would like to see him commissioner of mls — Excellency
money talks — zonino
Great for both! — No name
ugh — sk
Great move for Eddie Johnson who will get lots of practice with USMNT captain in prepping for 2014 in Brazil. — Pablo
The question is, can he get service in the MLS? The MLS have players who can finish but lack the players who can serve the finishers with the ball. — sisqted
Great for MLS, but seemed a little premature for Dempsey, unless you consider that he can go back to Europe, even for a Champions League club (Celtic?), on loan. And when you consider he and EJ are tuning up for World Cup together, then some of the pieces of the puzzle start matching up. Overall, might be a pretty savvy move. — Route 1 Soccer
Did not see this coming, but MLS will absolutely benefit. Having been to a Sounders game and several European leagues, the atmosphere in Seattle is on par with some of the best. I would have liked to see him remain in the EPL, but I'm not at all worried about his skill or competitive edge declining before Brazil. — Miles
Love having him in MLS but would like to see him continue to push himself at the highest level he can. — Alex
If Dempsey hadn't made his comments about CL football, we'd think about this entirely different. Most important thing for young American soccer players: You can score big one day playing at home in your domestic league. — Steve D
Good all around — I E
No way of knowing what's best for Dempsey personally. Sure, a step backwards professionally, but Deuce will always want to be a world-beater and next year's WC is the time and place. — Steve
How much can he really regress in one season? Also, he will get to rest in the winter and be in midseason form for next June. — Alex
Make the most of it clint — Stacy Pfeiffer
Obviously this shows MLS can be a spot for quality talent and can pay for such talent. Process raises procedural questions plus is this helping Dempsey remain world class, as USMNT needs him to be? — Robert (USofFutbol)
Dempsey should have stayed in Europe - if not for the Spurs than for a different EPL team - Everton could make a shot at UCL this year - they made a run last year and just missed. Heck - even being at Crystal Palace would have netted him more experience than Sounders - I guess I don't get it - but maybe playing for a US team is something he wanted. Good for the MLS - not sure how it will play in the rest of the year. — Jake
Great for the MLS, but no question the Premier league gives Dempsey more experience playing at the top level and ultimately bringing that to the USMNT. Selfishly, I'd love to see Dempsey stay in Europe to represent American soccer, but I'm guessing that he has other reasons to come back like friends and family. At the very least, it helps raise the profile of the MLS. — Paul
ugh — JT
It's great for MLS and Dempsey gets paid. He won't lose form. More playing time can only help. — Aaron
Demonstrates MLS ambition, and in turn Dempsey's lack of ambition — creweXI
While this is a personal move for Dempsey, it feels like a step backwards for US Soccer. Hate to see one of the best American players in his prime leave the EPL for MLS — @GunnerDawg
Mixed emotion — Scott
He's in his prime. It's too early for him to leave the EPL. — Zack
Wish he would've stuck it out in Europe, but can't fault him for seeking and getting that last big payday. Will be good for MLS, no doubt, but Jurgen can't like it. — Ryan W.
Would be more alright with this move if it happened in a year. — Y
In the long-run, I see this as a great step for US soccer. It's just one more step in establishing MLS as a place of legitimate talent, and increasing the American audience's interest in the game. The success of MLS and the U.S. national team are inextricably tied. I don't see Dempsey's form taking that dramatic of a dip, especially if he can go on loan to the EPL this year as his contract stipulates. Still, my heart broke a little to see him leave EPL soccer. — Stephen
Big signing from MLS, and will hopefully encourage 1) more teams to spend big and 2) more quality players to come to MLS. From Dempsey's perspective, you always want to play at the highest level possible heading into a World Cup year, but on the other hand he'll be in mid-season form (and not coming off a long, tiring season). — Dan
- — Kevin
Super fan base, a happy family, playing time in his position, a BPL loan, good money. This is a good move . — natejones
Worried about him losing that competitive edge. — Kevin G
Great move for MLS — Mauricio Alvarado
Sows a lack of ambition, which is not a good sign in the national team captain. Reaffirms my stance that Bradley deserves to be captain. — JC
Level of competition in MLS will make USMNT quality suffer. — Morty
What a stupid move from Dempsey... But a nice get for MLS. I thought Duce had more to prove then finishing 5th. — Patrick D
ugh — JT
So he is taking the winter off before the World Cup.. Good plan. — Jimz
Good for league and he will play regularly. Albeit not at level of premier league — Jeff
Seems like a good move for him personally, but its not good for the USMNT. Its not a good sign when our captain couldn't find playing time ahead of somebody who is on Germany's B-team, and a guy who plays for Iceland. — peter b
He was supposed to be the first American player to make an impact in the champions league. — George McIntire
The lack of competition will drop Dueces form. Disappointing.. — Fonzie
I really don't care about how it impacts MLS or Dempsey personally. I'm sure both are happy. I am concerned that Dempsey will not be playing top level football in the run up to the World Cup. Sure he may go out on loan for a few months come winter, but I'd rather him playing in one system and on the international schedule. — patrick D
not that huge for MLS. It's a World Cup season, Clint needs top competition. — jake
Meh. At least he'll be starting regularly. And this can't hurt American interest in the league. — AJ
Meh LS — Jon
Clint should do what he wants. He's capable of playing at a much higher level than MLS, though. I don't see how this changes things for MLS, though, unless he becomes only the first to do it. TBD. — KXRTI
Just having trouble with the arcane rules the MLS uses. — norwalkvirus
He is in his thirty years old so his development is done. I think it is more of comfort move for him. — Matt Minton
I'm shocked! Just shocked! I don't know what to think! This could really go either way. And arguments both condoning and condemning it are valid. Wow! Deep down, I wish he would have joined Everton though. — Mark
I'm unsure, but still negative — Chepo
This is bad because he isn't playing against the best competition he can, which in turns hurts his form. Going against MLS teams day in day out means he won't have to try as hard to make a shot or pass or beat another player because MLS teams just aren't as good as EPL or Bundesliga teams. — Sam
<---- Still love the MLS though — Sam
Does nothing to help USMNT — krh132
Clint should have stayed in Europe, the quality of player in Europe, are far better than MLS. — Mauricio Alvarado
Glad Deuce got out of Dodge with all the uncertainty at Spurs surrounding Bale's future. That said, MLS is not the right place to land leading into a World Cup year. Maybe some day the US will hold onto most of its talent in the domestic league like Mexico does, but that day is not yet here. He should have stayed in a 'big' euro league for at least another season. Good on him for trying to be the change though. — CrazyMike366
Anybody wanna a snack? — StinkyPussy69