What do you make of Carlos Bocanegra's return to MLS? Good move? Bad?

As recently as last October, Carlos Bocanegra was ranked No. 9 in the ASN 100; wore the armband for the U.S.; and seemed destined to start at the 2014 World Cup. Well, things change. What do you think of Boca's move to Chivas USA? Will he be able to fight his way back into the national team? Graph your position and share your thoughts below.

July 19, 2013 10:24 AM
Great Move
Big Mistake
He Will Start in 2014 World Cup His National Team Career Is Over
It doesn't specify Chivas, just a move to MLS, which I think is a great move. Chivas is another story. That said, it's good to see him playing out his career in front of MLS fans who'll appreciate what he's given to the national team. On the international front - He's likely nothing more than an emergency player or chemistry guy at this point in his career. Nothing wrong with that though, Carlos. You've been a terrific captain. — Knabelism
Professionally, he needs to play and avoid the limbo he has been in. For the USMNT, his time has passed and we need to put trust and experience into the next generation — Willis
USMNT may be out of his reach, but getting regular time in MLS can't hurt. — Brad Miller
Chivas and MLS provides stable playing time in a decent league, which is imperative to getting back into the USMNT fold. The move is great in that sense. As far as his chances for Brazil, I think he stays above Goodson, Orozco, Onyewu, etc and makes the roster, but he will definitely not start - except in the case of injuries, but even then two of Besler, Gonzalez and Cameron would need to be out before he is in the starting XI. — John
His national career is over, but it is all about him being able to play professionally and get minutes. — drew
As good of a move as he could make right now. He is now the big name on his club and has a chance to make the bench for Brazil — Kyle S
Great way to get playing time in his best position. Sadly, I don't see him getting back on the nats in time for Brazil. — James Shockley
Love seeing him back, and that guy deserves to start and play somewhere stable (Ugh, Chivas!). Wish the option at right was "he will PLAY in the '14 Cup", because I think there's still a possibility, but as a starter there's virtually no chance. — Steve D
Not much else to say. — Sean
unlikely to start for usmnt without a real increase in form — DTC
It needed to happen, and it gives him a shot to make the 23-man roster...but it's hard to imagine him in the Starting XI. We shall see. — JHG
Chivas is better than going back to Rangers but it wont get him back into the usmnt picture. I rate him our 5th choice centerback right now behind Besler, Gonzo, Goodson, and Orozco. Hes also behind brooks if he chooses us and guys like Edu. — Mitchell
Dare I say, Chivas seems to be getting their shit together in the last month or so. Still, regardless of whether he could be a functional back-up on the WC team (yes), there's almost no chance Klinsmann will pick him. — Jacob
He hasn't yet lost his World Cup spot. He will probably be called up to the January Camp. — Thomas
Well it's better than the alternative of riding the bench in some European second division. Coming to MLS was good, ending up part of the Chivas USA freakshow is unfortunate. He probably gets one last gasp national team shot but starting in Brazil is exceedingly unlikely. — Brian
Frankly don't really care. Not a player I follow anymore and not someone I consider in the U.S. pool. — Sam
The move to Chivas was a good thing for his national team chances. JK likes players who are playing consistently for their clubs, which he will be able to do at Chivas. Playing in MLS will make it easier for JK to track his productivity. And if he is able to play well, he should have a chance at the January camp. Won't be a starter in Brazil, but could sneak into the team as a bench player who offers some leadership through his experience. — creweXI
Think it's time for him to retire — Kevin
His time with USMNT has passed. — rtinfow
Klinsmann doesn't seem to want him, which is fine. Joining Chivas was not a smart choice. They are horrible and are run horribly and until they move (Hopefully San Diego) and are sold, they will continue to be garbage. Why would anyone want to join them? — Professor Dinosaur
He's not a USMNT candidate anymore and won't be again. I'm sure he can still play, but Chivas? Really? He must REALLY have wanted to be in LA. — Sean W
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