What Do You Expect to See in the Hexagonal Opener Vs. Honduras?

The final round of CONCACAF World Cup Qualification starts on February 6 with a match against Honduras in San Pedro Sula. Graph your projected outcome below and share some thoughts. To read others' comments, click on any shaded cell.

January 03, 2013 5:16 PM
A Blowout
A Nail-Biter
An American Victory A Honduran Victory
What do we say to the USA? Not today. — Honduras
The final score 18-0 — Uncle Sam
yo — tie blowout
'MURICA — Mohanah
Yall know we're going to kick some ass — Deuce
This is my comment — Ivan
I'm not sure why, but I feel we'll run away with this pretty comfortably. 3-0 — Brian
USA. Need I say more?! Let's get em! — Aaron
I think we got this. — Travis Baechler
Hard to see anyone but Honduras pulling out a win in this one. — Brandon
3-1 US — Dan
Jozy shuts the haters up scoring 2 hard fought goals. Zusi balls out of control and has an assist. General Bradley dominates the midfield. Gonzalez and Cameron form into Voltron and shuts Honduras out. 2-0 USA — Matt Swift
We see a tight first frame, 1-1 at the half. US gets it to 2-1 early in the 2nd then gets an insurance goal late to win 3-1. Gomez, Jones and Bradley are your goal scorers for the Yanks. — Rob McNicholas
2-0, bradley, altidore — vitek
2-1 US Zusi nutmegs Espinoza — Shampoo
At the point in U.S. soccer where we need to be winning solidly against everyone who isnt named mejico. Klinnsman will get the boys into that elite form and we will run the hex. — Chris R
1-0 or 2-0 victory for the usa — Ryan
It's CONCACAF on the road. It'll be an ugly, brutal game where we have the run of play but probably squeak a goal in off of a set piece. After that, more ugly soccer until the ref lets you go home. — Rob
Americans dominate possession. Win 2-0. Should've been 3 or 4. — Ryan
2-0 Honduras, early goals in both halfs and lots of time wasting at the end — Matt L.
xxx — Bob Hope
A lot depends on the players that are called and the coach's decision on who is on the starting roster. There has not been evidence of chemistry among starters lately so this will not be an easy game for #USMNT team to win. — John Bonini
Solid game but the US comes out on top — Donovan
Go get 'em lads — Dakota Sillyman
2-1 — David
it wont b easy but an American victory is a sure thing — SumOakTrees
A tie — Doubtful Dan
?! — Golazo
Cautiously optimistic about this one, but not sure what to expect. — Bradley
Gotta be a nailbiter. This isn't a WCQ against the Faroe Islands or San Marino. — Steve
Yeah buddy — Jake Campbell
I will be close at halftime(0-0) Then Zusi and Gatt will score to make it 2-0 USMNT — Thomas
A 1-1 game — Arthur
Should be an impossible game but the US squad is able to hold them and possibly get a lucky winner. il take either 1-1 or 2-1 — beto
Think it will be 2-1 to the USA. I can't see a clean sheet with a central defense that's still uncertain. — THomas
2-1 usa — pt
Very tough team to play on the road but I believe the U.S. wins 2-0 with a few scares but the defense holding tough. — Chris
USA 2-0 Honduras. I believe that the US will come out strong and score early. Afterwards the game will be close until we score again right before the end to double the lead. Not an easy game, but one that we will be likely to tie or win at all points — Brendan
2-1 usa — Alex
We score early and barely hang on for the next 80 minutes. The home fans are going nuts and it is getting to our younger players. Klinsmann puts another youngster up front and he draws a penalty. Clint puts it in, 2-0 USA! — Joshua Brigman
It's going to be close. If we win, it will not be by much. Honduras will be tough at home. One advantage is that the track around the field will make it harder for fans to pelt US players with batteries. — Ed
us wins 2-1 — sir farticus
This seems like one of those games where team USA looks awful to mediocre for 80 minutes, then pulls out a set play or counterattack goal to steal it at the end. 1-0 or 2-1 USA. — Jon C
Although the home crowd and extensive traveling will prove to be an issue, the USMNT is simply much more talented and will pull out a pretty close win with most of the game control — Brian
I have a bad feeling about this one — Korey
I think the USMNT will win but think injuries are going to occur which are going to hurt the US. — Huey0328
Enough strength and maturity to bunker down, and a resurgent midfield under Bradley and Zusi (with service from the backline from Chandler and Johnson), will lead the USMNT to a 2-1 victory — C.H.
Draw = Win — Mike75
Hoping for a draw. Honduras is decent and we don't play well away — Zak Waldrep
please...please — shifty
A few missed opps for the Yanks will keep it close late into the second half, but the Americans will hold on for a tight, 2-1 victory. — K. Koch
2-1 USA — Charlie
The US has rarely been able to waltz through away qualifiers in CONCACAF. I think US pulls through 2-1 after being ahead 2-0. — AdamTheRed
I just have no confidence after our road performances last round. 3-1 Honduras. — ufficio
Until Klinsman proves his team can produce blowouts I'm going to continue expecting nail-biters. Looking forward to seeing some new blood in this line-up though. At minimum Omar, and seeing Gatt would be a bonus — Nic
2-1 Victory for the US that isn't that close. If the right midfield plays, we should control the middle. — Brian
The USA, down 0-1 at halftime, comes out strong in the second half and wins it 2-1 with goals coming from Bradley and Altidore. — Charlie
Yes and yes. — Sean
CONCACAF. No easy game. — Chad
The kind of game we have trouble with... — Jcolo
2-1 win for the US of A — Nathan H
Playing Honduras at home during qualifying is always going to be tough, but Dempsey and Altidore will come through with with second half goals after a shaky first half. Honduras will pull one back, but the US hangs on for the win. — Tim Landrum
3-1 US — JC
Going to be very close, but our quality stars will break through over Honduran talent — John P
Honduras is the best team in central america, and definitely 3rd most talented in Concacaf. Their stadium is very boisterous and passionate. Dont be surprised to see the US lose there. I am very familiar with Honduran football and will be happy with a tie. — Ivan Mendez
1-1 draw. United States goes up first, concedes, hangs on for the result. Conor Casey with the goal. Kidding. Landon Donovan get it. Not kidding. — Noah
The Catrachos will be sitting back to deny the US space, and this team may not have the creative players it needs to break down a team putting ten or eleven guys behind the ball. — Steve F
America is just flat out better than Honduras but it is an away game and the US have had trouble with teams they are better than in the past so anything could happen. — James
At this point, I wouldn't expect a nailbiter. Playing away from home as well. That being said, I think our team will come away with the three points, possibly a draw. — Byertfjord
1-0 to the Catrachos, with the Hondurans dominating possession and the Americans reeling after Klinsy can't find the answers to unlock their midfield. — kvillegas
A gritty away game, possibly a tie. — Nathan
Could see a draw, but cautiously optimistic about a US victory. — Dmlacey
Go USA! — peter b
I think it will be close, but the US should win. — Thomas Ward
Shaky start. Expecting some defensive confusion early as Besler and Gonzalez get settled. USA finds a groove and nets 2-3 goals. — The Man
Go up 2-0, then hold off the comeback, win 2-1 — Sam P
USA wins a nail-biter 2-1. Wouldn't be surprised if the Hondurans score first. — KDJ
Never easy to win in central america and this year we have both the US and Honduras with very strong sides. Should be a very close game — Beto
The most likely scenario here is a draw, with a lean to a Honduran victory. Our players will get the full Honduran treatment of no sleep and it will show. I see a 1-1 draw in a game where we dominate possession but can't convert that into chances. — Conor Lynch
By a slim margin, I fear a Honduran victory. The crowd, climate, and brief training time after coming together from far-flung places will work against the USA. Hope to be proved wrong! — Black
Clint Dempsey will make his coach proud! — juniordoc75
A point is a victory on the road against a team likely to qualify. If the team has learned their lessons from the 3rd round they could pull out all 3 points. I'm expecting a 1-0 USMNT lead to fall to a late goal and end 1-1. — TheUnionDues.Net
1-1 with plenty of anxious moments throughout. — Jake
A close game for sure. On the road qualifying game opener. A point is expected. A win would be outstanding. — Tim
1-1 with plenty of nerves throughout. — Jake
Too difficult of an environment and a quick trip in hot conditions. If the Yanks get a point out of this, it's as good as 3. — Bryan Rosenbaum
Magic 8-Ball says "late goal gives US victory but leaves fans fuming about missed opportunities." — MrTuktoyaktuk
Low scoring, hard fought victory. — Scott Toney
USA 2-1 Honduras Although I would not be unhappy with a tie. — Zack
I see Gomez scoring a typical scrapy goal to earn a 1-1 draw with Honduras looking the better team — Kurt
With all the focus on fitness for the USMNT, I've got my money on a late USMNT goal to earn the full three points. — Ferris
A point would be great. A tight loss would be more likely. Don't think we're ready for this. The back line especially does not look ready for this. — Brian
a scary last minute tie — ricky b
Expect the Americans to want to come out strong and make a statement, but I expect it to be a close 2-1 or 3-2 on the road. — Kyle C.
To me, the only matchup tougher than this one is Mexico at the Azteca. I'd be happy with a point, but I'm not confident that we're going to get it. — Jason
a hard fought draw — robb
On the road in the heat for the first game of the Hex will be a huge challenge. I'd be very happy with a draw. — Rainmaker
It's going to be a close , exciting game. I believe the U.S will pull through though — Joey
Nail-biting tie, lean toward eventual Honduran victory. Anything more than that (US Looks good but still ties/looses, US wins) is bonus in my book. — Patrick
I expect a hard fought game that has very little between the sides on the field of play and a tie. Probably 1-1. Not a bad result by any stretch for the US. If you can get one point in each road game you will go to the World Cup. — Daniel
I'm going to score the game's only goal. — Clint Dempsey
US will go down early, and come back in stoppage time. — megabreath
Think we win this behind a commanding central midfield display from Bradley and a moment of quality or two up top from Deuce, Herc, or a reinvigorated Jozy. 1-0 Yanks. — Blake
Close game. — RAR
It will be close but Egypt will qualify, starting with this game. — Bradley Bob
Central America is never an easy place to be. We score in the 90' to win 1-0. — Joey
1-0 win off a set piece. Would be great to start the hex with an away win. We can hope. — Ryan Sholin
USA wins 6-5. — Drew
USA 2-0 Honduras — Red