What do you expect from the United States vs. Mexico match on Tuesday?

Mexico has tied its first two Hexagonal matches and desperately needs a victory. The Americans lost in Honduras but responded with a win at home over Costa Rica. So what do you anticipate Tuesday night? Click on any cell to graph your position and then share some thoughts. Click on any already-shaded cell to read what others had to say.

March 23, 2013 10:19 AM
U.S. Victory
Mexico Victory
The Yanks Go For It U.S. Bunkers and Plays it Safe
Lets GoOOOOOOO — Chris
USA 10 Mexico -3 — DAVVE
usa will win no reason not to usa can beat anyone — Pedro
Bunker to conserve oxygen, hit them after 65/70' mark — Excellency
the only way for a US victory is to bunker and hit them on a set peice or counter. — tyler
1 word...Dos A Cero! — Brian
After a tight first half, JK makes offensive subs and goes for the win. — Tobin
Jozy has the breakthrough we've been waiting for scoring 2 and setting up a goal for Deuce. Yanks stun ElTri 3-1. also, saw this and love it, couldnt agree more #sheanotzusi — FlyingTosher
tonights the night — james
eye to eye — chefwilly
USA 2 mexico 1 you like how I lowercased their name? ouch! thats victory there. pillage and plunder, dear friends, pillage and plunder. — Leo the Hero
go for all the points! — Phil
Nothing to loose. Klinsman will let it all hang out. — Miguel
They've played forward in almosr every game this year. Why wouldn't they do that again? And, the strength of this team is up front, not in the back. Hunkering down is a riskier strategy. I give them win because I'm an optimistic son of a bitch. — Chris
Go for it and get the win! — SoccerSeattle
Jamaica pulled a result out of Azteca with a squad of English League Championship retreads that had never played together before. We're supposed to pretend the U.S. shouldn't expect anything less than Jamaica to lower expectations? It's 2013, U.S. Soccer -- man up and get the job done. — Brian
A game of phases . . . punch hard for the first 20, bunker until half, punch hard again for 20 and then sub and bunker. — jdubyabee
second square - feeling that if we do "go for it" that we will get a positive result. This could be a massive game for so many reasons. I feel positive today (Tuesday). I think this team, as much maligned and discussed as it has been, has the ability to win in Azteca. — glecko
If JK wants to take a result, he's got to focus on absorbing the Mexican's inevitable and relentless pressure. We'll have to pick our spots to attack and counter-attack--we can't hesitate or hedge in taking those opportunities, though. — Casey
Bunker early and catch them on the counter. Absorb some pressure but the longer Mexico goes without a goal the more they will panic. Eventually we should start to gain some possession and score the second goal to seal it. — Mike
Homefield advantage is a key in this match. While Mexico is a stalwart in the Azteca, they are far worse away from it. I expect the U.S' playing style to be more defensive minded due to the loss of Jermaine Jones. Because of this we may see players like Edu or Beckerman come into the game. I see the US winning a 2-1 game (maybe a shutout?) Worst case scenario a 2-2 draw for me USAAAAAAAAAA — Chris
sink or swim — ferny
Knowing that he has held serve at home and is not expected to come away with points here, Klinsmann will set the team loose to attack without the weight of expectations and knowing that anything other than a Mexican victory would significantly damage Mexico's qualification status. I expect them to be eager to challenge for the win, and will be disappointed if they bunker. In the end, 2-1, the USA prevails, stunning two nations simultaneously. — Kampfers
US plays more aggressively than usual on the road, pulling confidence from having won at Azteca. More good interplay between Jozy and Deuce gives the Yanks a solid shot at a draw, and a decent chance to squeak through with a 2-1 result. Maybe we're finding out Mexico isn't quite as good as touted (and Honduras is somewhat better than expected). — Rocco Ronzoni
Altidore's hold-up play on Friday has me ever-so-slightly hopeful. I think it's going to be an entertaining match. — Roberto Ainslie
Considering both team's form of late, You have to take it to them. Our back line will mean we have to keep the play in midfield. Show slow build up, then look for openings. If Wales can do it, so can the USMNT. — Patrick D
The US back line (comprised of giants) will hold strong — WEE
Despite the snow, that was a pretty good lineup the US trotted out on Friday and one I think should be close to what is played on Tuesday. El Tri are scuffling a bit and a US loss probably doesn't sting too bad, so the "Yanks go for it." — Taylor
Hoping for a win, thinking we probably get a draw. — Zack
We'll definitely play it safe, and catch them on the counter. 1-0. — Chad H
Given the win over Costa Rica and low expectations for a victory in Mexico City, I can see good things happening for the Yanks. A draw is more than likely. A lucky bounce or two could even produce a win. — Godfrey
The US has nothing to lose. They were already predicted to not win this one, so why not take the momentum you have into the first half. If the score is 0-0 or 1-1 after 45mins, then the US can bunker in and hope for a counter attack. Mexico can be beat and they're not as solid as they thought. They will play full on attack in the first half, so why not do the same and make them show their hand. Mexico has been running out of gas late in the game. — JLBrescia
Matt Besler! Great night for the SKC man, under tremendous pressure in his second cap at Azteca. I must give some props to my fellow Terp soccer alums with some exceptional performances by Graham Zusi, Maurice Edu, and Omar Gonzalez. Edu got away with a penalty, but whatever, we get the point away. — Rob Koch
We can't sit back and expect to come out with anything other than a loss. We must try and take the game to them. Last cycle in this fixture, we came out positive and took a lead on that amazing goal by Davies. After that we went into a shell and the heat, altitude and pressure did us in. Mexico expects us to come out in a defensive mindset. I think if we just play the game we can hang. Especially since this game, though being played at altitude, is not being played at noon. This is a night game, which will benefit both sides. — Daniel
Something is wrong in this Mexico camp, they are strong but Klinsman's strength seems to be when the USA faces top teams... — David
Jurgen pushes the tem to go for the win, nothing to lose. The US pulls it out — nick
Playing with house money. Why not go for it? — Tuggboat
We'd better go for it. — Adam Austin
Play it safe, when Mexico has the ball get the midfielders back to help. Also keep Cameron glued to the 18 yard mark because Mexico will counter attack fast. Lastly when the opportunity presents itself take the chance, but if it goes wrong recover fast and get back. — Sam
Need to try at least for a tie, if not the 1-0 victory. — Jordan
More aggressive than not, US looks to score early and dodge piss and vomit bombs for the rest of the match. — Jeff
I think we go for it!. We're pumped up and have a renewed sense of confidence. — Charlie VA
Leave the international break on a high note and play it safe. Wait until Landon comes back. — Kevin
At first play attacking, then bunker in for the point. Either a 0-0 draw or 1-1 draw. — D. Lacey
My guess is that Klinsmen moves Edu back to the Centerback position he played last game in Azteca replacing Goodson. If we're lucky, we play a good defensive game and get out with a 0-0 Tie, maybe 1-1 with us scoring first. — Trey
It's Klinsmann, who the fuck knows what will happen. — Patrick
<--yep, good point. — Casey
Let's be serious. Hope for a scoreless or 1-1 draw. That's all we need. — Chari
Go for it early, play safer after 1st half, but inject Mex-Americans to push for the win late. — Route 1 Soccer
1-1 — Kevin Tucker
US 2 - 2 Mex — Tim Landrum
we don't have the defense to bunker a win. go for it and score as much as possible. i am hoping for a high scoring draw or if we are lucky a win. — beto
I think the U.S. plays an almost identical lineup in Mexico. The only difference may be Johnson instead of Zusi and Gomez switching over to the right. I'm predicting a nasty draw. — Aaron B.
Try to score as many goals as possible. Hope defense doesn't totally cave. Pray for the draw. — NickB
Probably a tie, but the US should come out swinging and go for a win! — Ross
U.S. has nothing to lose from this game. It is worth it for Klinsman to push his players to play attacking soccer. The outcome of this is either a) a surprise victory or draw from goals based in K's preferred style or b) the loss that is expected by most observers. — Conor
US sits back and attempts to counterattack. I think either a 0-0 draw or a 1-0 Mexico win. — Alex
Fight for a draw — Pedro
While I would LOVE to see the US win in Azetca I think Mexico eeks out a close win. — glecko
I expect very little and expect to have that expectation rewarded — Mike
Agree with Ross...I think we tie ONLY if we come out swinging. If we bunker down I think the Mexican attack will eventually break through. For this match, our best defense is a good offense. Hell, if we push hard enough, we might even get lucky. #sheanotzusi — Lucas Smith
I think the gameplan we be to bunker down, but that just isn't Dempsey's and Gomez's nature. — Thomas
Can't imagine we go for it, but I think Mexico won't run away with it either. My prediction is a tight, clustered, ugly game - essentially we do to Mexico what the lesser Concacaf teams do to us. — Eddie Pope is God
Draw is best realistic option for US. — Mark F
I think we lash out at Mexico whenever we can and narrowly lose. I expect a good, exciting game, with at least 3 critical, game changing fouls that the US does not get and 1 that Mexico does get. — Andrew
With two draws for El Tri so far, and the US v. CR 1-0 win upheld, there's no reason to hold back. This is the chance to go for 3 points. Nothing to lose at this point. — Jonny Hoops
Mexico bags two late to win 2-0 — Matt
Keeping Mexico to 1 goal will be only way to earn a result. A Clean Sheet is highly unlikely. — Mark
US will try and play balanced but will back off for the most part. Losing Jones will hurt confidence in central midfield. — Sushi
We should make a run for it, prove that our win last time wasn't a fluke, but I think Mexico will be fired up coming off a disappointing performance against Honduras. We will tie 1-1 at best and be happy about it — Andy
Mexico will feel the pressure to produce, and the lack of depth for the US, combined with playing at Azteca, will result in a 2-1 loss. — Chris
The team is a little pumped up by The Sporting News' article. And it is Mexico. So the US will fight hard, it will be physical as always but I don't think our back line can hold. Big error leaves Guzan out to dry...MEX wins. — Chris
Bunker, bunker, bunker. Late Mexico goal. 1-0 loss. — Brian
I don't think we win, maybe a draw, and I also think that we'd rather play defensively and try to nick a goal. — Conor Lynch
Inconsistency will rear it's ugly head once more. By and large the US will bunker down and go for the draw with a few players (Dempsey, Gomez, Bradley) trying for the win, but in the end it won't be enough and the overabundance of defensive midfielders with no one to pass to will once again be their undoing as Mexico wins 2-0. Although I really, really hope for a US that goes on the attack and wins!!! — mbauer
Everyone's got a plan until they get hit. Mexico scores early. — @calvertcounty
Mexico has too much quality and the atmosphere will be too much. — flapdoodle
No Jones makes it that much tougher. — skeeter
I'm not exactly clear on the situation. Are our expectations low, or are they high? They're certainly a lot higher than at this time last week. Do we play better under pressure (as some are saying out of one side of their mouth) or when the expectations are low (as some and others are saying out of the other side of their mouth? I do know one thing: we can count on Klinsmann to NOT clear up the situation at all. — KXRTI
Can't see Klinsman totally bunkering in, but also can't see him not using 2 DMs. It will be close, but Mexico will have more quality on the field, leading to a one goal victory. — Duane
It'll be close, but Mexico finds a way. Too much at stake for them. I just hope that they don't throw too much at my head. — MakingNews
I see them bunkering, occasionally countering, and Mexico grabbing a cagey win. I'd love to be wrong. COME ON YOU YANKS!! — Kevin_Amold
With these teams, who knows? — Alex
I think the US comes out going for the win and plays hard, but Estadio Azteca and the Mexican fans prove too much for USMNT. — Geoff
This is Mexico we're talking about — TB
I see — Jacob
US will play defensively, they always do. But as usual Mex will squeak out a 1-0 win. — Transrapide
lack of nous in midfield leaves us to attack on flanks, and isolates Jozy and Clint from our defense in transitions to attack. We will look good for a tie and lose to Mexico's sustained pressure and speed late in the second half. — bc
I'd love for some attacking but I won't expect it until I actually see it from this team — Jcotton12
Don't see it happening tonight, not after the energy that went into the Snowmageddon win. — Christopher
Mexico gonna eat us alive - They hungry after that last game — Honest
Not going to get my hopes up here. Look for a boring performance from the US, a comfortable win from Mexico, and a lot of angry fans that were over-expectant calling for Klinsmann's head. — Jason
The tables have turned TOO far in one week. The expectations for this match are waaayyy too high. "Going for it" will just about be suicidal. The blizzard match just doesn't tell us THAT much about this team. This still might be the same team that capitulated to Honduras (and Jamaica). — Casey
I think the USA will want this win badly and Mexico has not been playing their best. However, I still think MX will have enough to see off the USA. — Josh Reynolds
A US win against a desperate Mexican team is highly wishful thinking. We'll probably bunker and give up a few goals along the way. — Rainmaker
welcome to the alamo pendejoooos — carlos