U.S. vs. Bosnia—What Is Your Prediction?

The United States men's soccer team is riding a wave of confidence and an 11-game winning streak, but 13th-ranked Bosnia-Herzegovina presents a formidable challenge on Wednesday. What do you expect from the match? Graph your position below and add some thoughts. To read what others have to say, click on any shaded cell.

August 10, 2013 10:13 AM
Victory for the Americans
Bosnia will win
Aggressive, Attacking Soccer from U.S. Yanks Bunker and Counter
8 - 0 — Jeb Sharkey
Time to start showing the rest of the world what we can do! — PJ
'merica — Marty
. — Nennart
The US will play an aggressive game and considering that Landy and Pjanic have it out for each other, it'll be a tough one. US prevailes, 4-1 — Brian
With a back line that has not played together.....lookiing like a similar game the US had against Belgium. 4 to 1. — Ed
1-0 win for u.s. — J
Americans win 3-2 in a free flowing, attacking game. — Nick N
Keepin the faith — Dakota
Friendlies like this are a crap shoot for tactics. I'll be optimistic and say we'll grab a goal or two, and possibly the result, but I'm more excited to just watch new call-ups like the Iceman. — Dan
wins like this make the team legit in the eyes of the world... this result assuming all the guys have bought in 1-0, goal in 63 min on a counter. — johnny
lets hope for good things and not derail this optimism — chris j
U.S. wins 2-1 with a counter-attacking goal and a set piece goal. Otherwise Bosnia has small possession advantage, but unable to breakdown the U.S. — Sean
a game in which both teams go forward but the Americans have a deeper team so the will score late. 4-3 — G
We are not going with a full A team, so its not going to be the best 11. I think the US does well and plays a mix of youth/experience. I don't see the USMNT getting beat badly, but we could lose this game...not that it matter. I'm curious to see some of the younger guys get pt and hopefully some(such as Brooks) start. I think it ends in a draw, as we are in a tough venue v. a good opponent. USA could win this game, could the end its a friendly. — Red
We are better, and Klinsmann has made the system and expectations better, than some think. That may include what Bosnians think. It will be a tough match, but I think maybe we eek one out here. By no more than a goal. — Route 1 Soccer
1-1 — Ryan
0-0 draw — Bcat
I'm expecting a draw, but a loss won't totally disappoint — Mark
1-1 Draw with a mild attack from the Yanks. — Jay
1-1. slightly boring. hopefully we'll see some fresh faces though. — Colin
2-2 — Halfdawg
I really want to say that US wins but with all the talent Bosnia has it seems hard to think this team gets the win. Bosnia 2-1 USA — Jake Brown
US will continue to play Jurgen's style - attacking and forward - but face an opponent with offensive firepower. We'll score, so will Bosnia-H, so 2-1 or 2-2, slight edge to B-H. — John R
This could be an interesting game, but I expect Bosnia will have more control of the tempo and possession and a tie would be a result. If we get too excited trying to take on Bosnia like they're Panama, we'll almost certainly get beheaded. — KXRTI
US will try to attack but will be forced to do a lot of defending. Bosnia wins by 1. — Dan
Good thing it's just a friendly. — Sean
Bosnia will win — tito
I see the US starting out with an offensive mindset but not lasting the whole game. US loses by at least two goals with all of the new faces and missing ones. — Kyle S
US Draw 2-2, several gaffes at the back prevent an impressive win for the states. — John V.
yea they play football we play soccer. — Josh
bosnia wins 3-2 — heisenberg
6:0 — samir
U.S. come out with tons of confidence, and get caught too far forward conceding an early goal. Respond well after and establish better defensive shape, but few chances are created. A sluggish 1-0 loss results, a reality check that the Yanks probably need. — creweXI
Bosnia will win 4-1 — Klopp
I see an agressive mind set for both teams. The US and Bosnia are two great teams and it will end a 1-1 draw — Sam
Full of confidence and swagger, the United States will come out with victory in mind....but Bosnia is awfully good. I expect a slugfest, and a 3-1 win for the home team. — JHG
3:1 BiH Wins — USS
expecting open and all out attacking football but US team will burn out. Bosnians are way too experienced team. — bax
Strong Midfield and weak D and no proven playmaker make this a defend and counter game...but with no counter options outside of EJ. Think the US loses 3-1 with a goal from a midfielder. — PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo
Nervy start to the US lets in an early Dzeko goal. Howard saves multiple shots to leave first half 1-0. Second half 2 more from Bosnia with a late US surge which brings in 2. Final 3-2. — John Esser
Maybe we can eke out a draw. But we'll likely lose. And if we play aggressive, attacking soccer we will lose badly. Bosnia scores goals in bunches. The weak back line we'll be trotting out there will need lots of protection from the guys in front of them. — Brian
yeah — djoha
Bosnia will win this game..... — Ernea
US will stick back and defend, Edin Dzeko will pit on a show. — US Soccer Fan
3-0 For Bosnia — Ahmo
Will be an attractive game. Bosnia wins 3-1! — sadik
Its going to be a great match but Bosnian team is hungry and will take this . I would say 3:2 for home team. — Soccer4Life for bosnia — edin
Easy win for Bosnia! — Football
Bosnia all the way — JP
bosnia will win — sam
3-1 for BiH — Ja
At this point even Spain would have great difficulty in defeating the dragons.. — pasa101
3:0 — my name
This is a friendly. we should get out and try to play an open game. I still do not think we are of Bosnia's quality but losing a wide open game by a goal would be great sign moving forward. Friendlies are to help you progress your style of play, not to grind out draws. — Jeremy
Win win — dajdza
Bosnia will crush... — Albin
BiH vs US and A 4:1 — Heisenberg
Absolute Bosnia will. — Sam Willson
Dzeko, Dzeko, Pjanic, Dempsey, Misimovic — Heisenberg
I just dont see the US having an answer for Bosnias lethal attach which was able to score on Greeces experienced defensive line. — Haris
Bosnia And Herzegovina is ranked 13th, not 11th. — Gerhardt
Bosnia — Johan
bosnia is too good for us..i say we lose 3-1 — james
Bosnia could win this game big....their attacking players will feast on our very inexperienced back four...Klinsman laid an egg on this one. I see Bosnia winning it 3-0 — Shark
Yeah, cause I am so sure Bosnia is so amazing — <<< Idiot
BiH wins 4-2 but USA plays well. — 2GunsDown