Michael Bradley Now Plays for Toronto FC. In MLS. Thoughts Please.

The blockbuster news that the No. 1-ranked player in the ASN 100 has left Serie A in favor of Major League Soccer's Toronto franchise is sure to spark debate. Graph your position below and share your rationale. To read what others have to say, hover over any shaded cell. (You can click/post on a previously shaded cell. Try it.)

January 08, 2014 5:18 PM
Great move for Bradley
A dreadful decision
More unity for USMNT This hurts U.S. National Team
eh — eh
He'll get more playing time Not sure if its good for the usa — Jjjjjjj
Got paid, but..... — Dallen
yeah — canadian
Comin home...sort of... — Jaggy G
How is this not a great move for MB...$1M salary today for ~$6M salary tomorrow - MB is taking care of his financial future - good for him! MLS continues to improve and he can always do loan spells.... and as for the WC are you kidding - has anyone seen our group.... this does not significantly hurt or help our chances in Brazil... good for Michael - one of my favorite USMNT players - congrats to him and his family - welcome home! — coach
Getting so much more money and playing time, who can blame him? — @BRUBromley
I — Matt
Very happy about the move for both MLS and the USMNT. — Red
Great for the league, great for the bank account, hopefully great for the Bradster — Jake
Glad he isn't going to be rotting away on Italian pine — Jugs
Import for him to get playing time, both for himself and for the usmnt — Daniel
Should elevate his skills and prepare for WC. — Michael
More Nats in MLS the better. — Dean
Italy is a horrible place — James
Money, guaranteed playing time, stability, solid (not great) competition. Makes complete sense for MB. As a coach, you want your players challenging themselves against the best. Its how you improve. JK should have no say in where MB chooses to play. But not wrong to want him playing at a higher level. — Cameron
big pay day, but not playing at high level. also not sure he'll help other usmnt by being in mls. we'll see. — gringo
Good for Bradley, hard not to be a Toronto fan these days... — Dustin
There's simply too much crying about the wrong dilemma. The real issue is for the US to develop many more players to MB's level at CM and elsewhere. AND even when that happens, let's let them figure out what's best for their lives. Goodness. GET A GRIP PEOPLE. Choose reality, it's what you got. — James
Needed a better team around him to maintain world class level of play — Skyray1
How can MB playing a crucial leadership role on the daily hurt his ability to do the same for the USMNT? Sure MLS isn't a top flight league yet but it's well on the way and with moves like this will continue to grow. Besides, it's not all about soccer. If this was good for his family then I am good with the decision — Professor Dinosaur
MLS on the rise! — Cobra Commander
Great move for TFC and MLS. Not so sure for Bradley but time will tell and with all that money and playing time how can you go wrong? — Mike
This is better than playing for some lower level Serie A team. — Caleb
awesome — shane shaffer
They both needed this — Steve
He's and excellent player and there are not many players of his talent in the MLS. — Johnny
Stop judging. If someone offered to (at minimum) triple your take home pay, and guarantee it for the next 5.5 years, you'd take the deal. I would, too. Keep in mind MB4 has a young and growing family, and his career field's earning power will only decrease from here on out, and this is a very sensible and adult decision. Grant Wahl reports MB4 gets about 1.1mil (US; net) at Roma, for the next 1.5 years. TFC is offering around 5mil+ (US; gross) for the next 5.5 years. Do the math. Even after taxes, that will come to around 18mil+ take home pay until he is 31. I'll not judge an athlete for securing his family and financial future. Take the deal, MB4. — Brian
Mls — Andy
Training is one thing, but there is only one way to get match fit, gain experience, build stock and improve...that's playing major minutes. Move is temporary. — Tim Romanello
I'm sorry Roma is a lower Serie A team? They're second in the league and almost won the Coppa Italia last year. Please don't put down one of the most tactical leagues in the world because you're ignorant. — ^You are blind
Suck It Eurosnobs!!! — USA
. — .
Great financial move for Bradley and super great move for MLS. — Andre Wade
Gotta love it for the city of Toronto — Dylan
t — Dan
Can't fault Bradley. And I respect the guy enough to believe it will not greatly impact his form. I would love this move if he had gone to the team I support! — Matt
Good move for TFC — Mike
Great for him and his family, not bad for USMNT, GREAT for MLS — mike
Will be great for both — Noname
For the man who will eventually wear the armband for the US, he needs to wear the armband for his club too. Roma was never going to do that for him. There is greater challenge in being "the man" on one team, over being a functioning cog on another team — Andrew
TFC. — Brad
The money is good for Bradley. Its good for MLS to get him while he's still in his peak. I love seeing our national players in a league I can actually see in person. — NH
Somewhere a eurosnob died! — Washington
see the square directly beneath me — loser
Great for USMNT now and looking to the future...More incentive to be great for youngsters. — Steve-O
Great for Bradley with the financial security and playing time the move brings, but the subpar competition of the MLS won't do him any favors in preparing to facethe elite players of the world. — Alex
playing time and leadership responsibility make up for lesser competition for WC2014....salary made it impossible to say no — dman
Finally, a 2 dimensional question that makes sense expressed on a matrix. Great paycheck, how bad can he get in a few months? — Jon
TFC finally might be better then a men's league team — Fabio
Great Move. US needs to build its domestic league if it going to seriously compete internationally going forward. Bradley has set the standard as a US player in his prime moving back to the MLS. Altidore and Johanssen should follow. These players can still go on loan during the offseason to further improve their form abroad. — JPV
Yeahh — Yeahu
Yeahhhhh — Ric Flair
See the next square to the right — loser
I suck bawlz. MLS teams would win the UEFA CL if they were allowed in it and USA will finish first in the group stage of the World Cup with 12 points. I am a tool. — loser
see the square to my left. — loser
Obviously a good financial move for Bradley, and getting more minutes will be a net small plus for the USMNT. — Stephen
Great move for Bradley. Gets more playing time to stay sharp for WC. However, he will play against weaker opponents in the MLS than he faced in Italy and those he will face in the WC. — Nathan
Bird, bird, bird, bird is the word — Hi there I'm Peter Griffin
Go MLS and USA! A lot to be said for more playing time. — lofesh
Good, need to improve mls! — Drew
More playing time — peyton
Can't wait to see him in action — Jordi Alba
see the square directly above me — loser
Great for Bradley, sucks for USMNT — G8trsrgods
Bad for Bradley long term, too early in his career to be coming back to mls. However, I don't see this harming much in 2014 — Mike mcgowan
Downgrade in league, upgrade in playing time. Close to moot for USMNT (slightly negative), solid for Bradley. — Jimmy
bad move for Roma great for TFC he's quality wherever he's played — joe
It's going to awesome suck it EPL/eurosnobs!!!! — Jane's addiction
This is great for TFC — Dq
This is great for Mls not so great for Usmnt — Jason
The impact of his move will be felt more in the long term. Dempsey and Bradley's move back to MLS will only help us reach our goal of being a top league in 2022. Thank you MICHAEL BRADLEY! — Jonathan M.
MLS putting on the big boy pants. — Dick Van Dyke
Great move! — Jeff
Yes, my name is Bradley. It's my first name, not my last name. Anyways this is a good move for MB because he is going to get paid, and you can't fault a guy for that. He might lose a bit of sharpness that was required of him at Roma, to be at the top of his game all the time during training and games, but other than that he is still the same player at TFC. This does hurt USMNT chances at the world cup. Like Klinsmann said we need players that are hungry for the highest of success at the highest levels of competition but MLS incentivizes our top American players to mail it in and cash hefty paychecks way above market value, just because an American player is a big draw to American audiences (or at least that is how the thinking goes, it'll be interesting to see if and how Canadian audiences turn up to see MB. — Bradley
Attracting talent (American or not) to the domestic league is only positive for the USMNT. Short term this will not hinder Bradley's performance and long term it will help grow popularity in our league. Growth of the league is key to eventual USMTN success. — Dan
I think it helps MLS . If more US players come back home, MLS will sure improve. — Johnbull
E — A
N/A — Yup
This is a great move for both Bradley and the USMNT. This gives Bradley a chance to get regular playing time to keep his skills sharp. The USMNT will need him to be at his best to have any chance of advancing to the knockout rounds. This moves gives them the best chance. — Nicholas
I'm tired of people saying MLS isn't a viable option. If he wants to play more, raise his family closer to home, and make more money, who's to judge. — Rog
Money, guaranteed playing time. No brainer. — Adam
It's definitely gonna hamper his skill playing against sub par competition — Kyle
It doesn't help him with the average talent of the mls but atleast he will get to play. Also he will probably be happy to comeback rather than be in Rome. — Evan
Meh — Bunnies
He will get more playing time. — Remy
Playing time — Alonzo
No brainer. 6 million for 6 years. Congrats Mikey — Lincoln
I like it but he needs tough tough competers — simon
Great move for player but of no use to US team — SoccerSergio
Good for him bad for the team — Nick
It's a decent move for him financially and moving back to North America. However, the competition is lesser. He needs to play but a better league would be more beneficial — Brett
Playing is better than not playing. — Bryan
MB90 is cool. — Viva MLS!
I love more of the core USMNT players in the same league. I also love that simply by coming back they are raising the talent level of the league. I can't wait for MLS'14 — Kyle S
. — Hatch
what are you thinking Michael! — h
His skills wont drop in 5 months — Drexy
Good son — Bob Bradley
MLS is not a joke league anymore. Playing here will prepare him for World Cup as much or more than sorta playing at Roma. And it's good for the league. Win-win. — Steve
He'll get all the play time he can ask for and will be making tons of money-both which are good for him. It's a step down in quality of opponents for him though, so he might not be at full speed when the World Cup rolls around-which isn't good for the USMNT at all — 50StarsSoccer
Playing in MLS > riding the pine in Serie A, especially as we ramp up to the WC. — James
Only moderate negatives for me, mostly all good—He's no going to forget how play at the Serie A level in the next few months (WC). Over the next 5 years, I think we'll see more veteran Int'l US players coming home to the MLS, while younger US prospects seek Int'l play… returning themselves eventually. All part of building the MLS. Besides, these guys can always go on loan after MLS like Deuce (until MLS adjusts their schedule). — David B
We'll just have to wait and see. — Otter
hi — max
Good for MB's wallet & MLS, bad for USMNT. — Warren
It's not that bad y'all. Donovan has been great for the USMNT, and MLS didn't hold him back. Good players find a way. — Hey hey
Bradley can be the star at Toronto. I think short term (the world cup is in only 6 months) it will actually help him step up and into the captains role he will inevitably take! — Greg
Wasn't playing for roma, but distracts from world cup — Sam Wilson
This way Bradley will get regular first team football instead of just sitting on the bench. This also further unifies the U.S team with more stars playing in the MLS — Todd
After the WC he can return but for the short term it is a great team USA and personal move! — Arizona
He wants to move home — Michael Wise
It's awesome. Would rather watch USMNT players playing in MLS. — Nietzche
Mikey needed this as he's basically been replaced w Roma signing Nainggolan. Now he'll get his playing time. This also allows MLS to get some serious cash if he has a good showing in Brazil and the rich teams come calling — Bumbles
This could go both ways. We will see this summer. Go USMNT! — Stephen
Probably he wants to feel he merits being the hub of a team, not a rookie fighting for time. Maybe he likes poutin? Not good for US.... — Jordi
more money-great for bradley, more playing time-helps USMNT — frank
Y a comment? — Cal
Bradley's skills are not going to enhance or diminish much either way in the short time between now and the World Cup, regardless of where he plays. A happy, match-fit Bradley certainly isn't going to be worse for the USMNT than one whose family situation is unsettled while he sits on the bench at Roma. — Chris
Having Bradley caliber players in the mls only pushes and causes those who play with/against him to raise their game. Granted the numbers decrease dramatically of those who will now push Bradley to improve. Which is why we need to increase the concentration of such players in the mls... — Joe leeman
Good move for Braddley and MLS, but with Kilnsmann pushing for people to get playing time overseas during the MLS offseason, it is ultimately bad for USMNT — Brandon G.
Yeah — Luke
I like to see the mls is getting better he will have assured playing time in Toronto — Matt
Great for Michael - financial security for a long time - but I feel, like many others, that playing for a top club in Europe would better prepare him for WC2014. — Neda43
Not terrible. Not great either. — Charles
TFC! — Sam
Ggg — Matt
Gtreat move for the USMNT, MLS, TFC and Bradley's family. Not sure how it will impact his ability long term. PT and flexibility should really help in the short term. Cant wait to see him sending passes thru to DeRo and Defoe — Beto
Pros for Bradley: Dude's cashing in. Reported $6.5M/Yr coming his way, much more than he's making now. Cons for Bradley: He'll languish in a crappy league. Also, he picked up Italian pretty well and it seems like he and his family were enjoying life there. Pros for USMNT: He'll get more rest, plus he should be facing plenty of good competition anyway in the friendlies leading up to the World Cup. Don't see it having too much short-term impact on the US team. Cons for USMNT: Another one bites the dust. We need to have more US players in prominent roles on visible clubs in Europe. He was one, now he's not. Harsh reality is that we really just don't have enough players who are good enough. Welp, more a sad indication of the state of US Soccer and the caliber of our players than anything. — Ilario
Great for TFC — DW
Good move for Bradley personally; Does not really affect USMNT. — Ron
There Are Less Skilled Players Here So His Competition Will Not Be As Good But It Is Better To Be In America — matt j
It's good for MLS and the national team. The U.S. needs it's players to be in form and not bench warming. — Angel Flores
Not a bad move but might have been better if it was a loan to boost his stock — 7king
If he is happy, I am happy — Pal
It will hurt what little chance they had — Jack
slightly positive — nathan
As long as Bradley can continue to push himself in an objectively inferior league, this move is great for the league and the USMNT. — Steve
Good for both, but not as good as some may think — TI
Lots of money for him. Bad for USMNT — Jared
Quality of opponent doesn't hurt a midfielder as much as a defender or forward. He will have more game time under his belt and will have more confidence from bossing games in the mls — Chris Martinez
Should move to MLS but should be for an American team. — Aaron Gonzalez
! — Zeke
Nice graphic, this square is the correct answer, everyone else is wrong! — Hans
Definitely affects US. — shawn
Good move for him, not sure how us will fare with move — Ryan
only 1 way to find out how it will effect USMNT...we shocked Portugal in 2002 with mostly US players, let's do it again!!! — Jumba
The playing time will obviously be there. He will be able to play in his natural position as a fluid box to box midfielder, but the problem is, I see it taking him a while to re-adjust himself to the MLS being that he has play the past two season in the extremely technical Serie A (and the MLS is certainly the opposite). Overall though, he will be able to play along side and against many fellow Americans which couldn't do anything but help the chemistry of the USMT. — Alex
Watch a MLS game before posting your opinion — Jeff S
His game isn't going to go backwards. He'll be fine. — Nathan H
Bradley needs playing time to further his chances of doing really well at the W.C. Better to play in MLS than not play in Serie A. If he does well there, that will further his career. I don't know that the move does anything for Unity though. — DCU W.R.A.
He determines if its good for him, he'll get more facetime with USMNT teammates. — Roger
I don't question MB's drive or preparedness. He'll play great regardless of his league. — John
Took the money and ran. Can't blame him but not good for the U.S in Brazil. — Nick
This is what I think. — Evan
It's better to have more players abroad. May hurt USMNT a little but it is good for the MLS. — Brendan
His life. Not mine — Sean
here... — Al Hidalgo
good move he will always start and if they get defoe they might have a cup run — Griff
Foolish to think more playing time (even in a worse league) would hurt Bradley or the USMNT for a tournament six months away. — Vince M
Something bigger going on here. Clint, Landon, Bradley and many more all coming to MLS. Talk about DeVeau, and we haven't even started talking about what NYCFC is going to do. You're starting to see the creation of a new league. — Sm
I feel it's pretty neutral. People who are upset are Euro-fanatics that think it's the only soccer worth playing. People who love want the MLS brand to grow. One day we'll stop arguing about it. Bradley isn't going to forget how to play bybleavingn Europe. — Nick
He hasn't played any games yet so we don't know if the decision is a good or bad one — Justin
I think it's a good move for Bradley and it will allow him to play more regularly and for more money. MLS is improving and in the next few years I expect to see other players come over with similar quality. — Matthew S.
Screw Toronto FC in their flapping faces — JM
There's got to be something more to this. Its impossible to judge without knowing all the factors. On the face of it, this will not help the USMNT for WC'14 or Bradley. — Bsik9
Good move for Bradley the person ($) but bad for Bradley the player. Will never reach full potential in MLS. — Two Daft Yanks
good for him and his family but bad for soccer side as he will not be playing against top talent. — andrew
Not enough information yet.Let's wait and see what happens in the world cup. — Dibbs
Good for MLS — LP
Great for MLS and Toronto but -the skill of his team mates will be lower -the skill of his opponents will be lower -I will miss seeing Bradley and Serie A in the same sentence. — Blank
Why? — Brian
Not bad as I believe MLS is a good league, however I think this will hurt the USMNT I'm partial to believe Bradley had European suitors that would increase play time against quality opposition. — Joseph
Michael's a smart, deliberative guy. So long as he was sober in making/assenting to this decision, not gonna second guess it. All the best to him. Do want to see him lead the way in Brazil with his best form, and I know he will strive to do just that. — ML
I smell bad — Keith
rather neutral - more of made the best out of the situation. it seems he's made the decision while still in a relative position of strength. my take from reports is that he would have preferred to stay at roma or another strong club in europe, but playing time (priority) could not be guaranteed, even if he moved to a club roma's stature. — Kfre
Michae's abilities are virtually invisible to US fans. Playing here will let folks see him quietly shine! — Keeper4Life
Decent move, should help US — Adam
No idea how this will hurt or help his career, but I do think this will enhance the same kind of camaraderie that was present in '02 - hopefully with similar results. — Christopher
Good move for MB's family. Bad move for fans of the USMNT — Sadness
More playing time is always better, but he can be playing against the best of the best in Europe, something he will not get with MLS. Overall hurts the USMNT — Tommy T
nobody knows enough to have an informed opinion on this. so I'm waiting until I know more. — MikeyD
optimistically confused — Geoff Korb
<- Well said...optimistically confused. I think it's a huge win for MLS and USMNT fans, but don't see how it benefits Bradley — Mark
USA- the MLS is turning into a top league, within 10 years it will rival majority of the European leagues. Good luck Bradley and let's to some damage in Brazil boys. — Marchand
This could go either way. He has the ability to raise the level of play and profile for MLS. But I am worried that he won't have the competition level to keep him sharp. — Bryant
...I just wanted to post something. — Ryan
He's plenty smart enough to know what he's doing. — Chris
Old blood makes unity and increases team moral. New blood keeps talent strong and has staying power. Both are needed for a team to succeed long term. My thoughts. Trickle out old talent one at a time. Don't throw them to the wolves all at once. Experience can be learned from the veterans. Especially when rooks trickle in and out. — SethUSAFAN
At the end of the day he is still a baller, as well as now a guaranteed starter, too much talent to be playing in the mls though. — Jorge
Only positive of the move is, surprisingly, the timing. Bradley will have fresh legs for the WC and will likely join up in USMNT Camp. In the long run, a decision likely to hurt his career. He still had a chance to mature into a great player in Europe. Not likely to develop further in MLS. — Davis
If he can be included in the January camp then they can practice together more but I would have liked him to stay in Europe — Jeff
Unity — Wesley
Baaaaasd idea — Chun
Toronto is a great city, and he secured a much bigger contract that I would have expected, and he is presumably used to dealing with high taxes. But this seems like a terrible move for his fooballing development, and therefore for the USMNT. — Richard
If he did it just to get games before WC2014, it was a great move but if he plans to stay there for the rest of his career (MLS) then its not a great move. Why do international players like Ginobili or Gasol come to NBA? To play against the best b-ball playerss and both of their international teams beat the US (Argentina/Spain). Its no different. You must play the best to be the best. This is why Donovan is listed as ONLY the best US player. It doesn't work to play good club teams and that equates to winning a World Cup. It just doesn't. — Adrian
eeee... — LUKE
Suspect Bradley's game won't develop in MLS, but his presence could help lift US domestic league's quality level and international profile up from minor league status .... — ken
not going to help his game but just a couple months at a less challenging league won't hurt his ability in the world cup. — obxfly
Should be at a better club, and because of that he wont be able to play his best, hurting him and the national team. Not all that horrible for either though. — Keeton
He wont be playing at a level that is as high in the MLS pointless for everyone except bradley because he will probably make more money — Garrett
N/a — Geo
I feel like this can only benefit the national team and MLS in general, but it remains to be seen if this will be good for Bradley. Obviously Donovan proves that MLS can produce world class players, and if anyone can follow in those footsteps, it's probably Bradley. — Geo
Bollocks — L
It's a canadian team in an american league. He could have went to any other amercan club instead. — Nick
Great for him. Not so good for usmnt. — d
Hmmm — AP
meh — meh
Not right now! Not in MLS! Not before the World Cup! And especially Toronto! At least go to Norway with your dad Bradley! — Christian
Should have stayed with Roma until the end of the season. They have a realistic chance of winning the league. — Kyle
Bradley can do whatever he wants. — Kenneth
Great for MLS, but Roma could win the title — Michael Vetter
Ehh — justin
Could have gone to a decent premier league club — Ted C
not the worst but definitely more bad than good — TRK
Not the best decision for his career, but it won't affect the US World Cup chances. — Nick
Toronto is in Canadia. — Steve
The continually moves by US soccer stars to the MLS hurts the Unites States' chances in the future, but it is good for the MLS, which in the long run might improve US Soccer — Alex Ramos
More playing time, key role on a team, but at a lower level. — Justin Bartels
This is the correct box to check — Klisch
Ok — KJ
Maybe the MLS should sign a non-american star in their mid-20s instead. Say Javier Hernandez — Curtis
The new accusations for Roma are a clear indication Bradley is not apart of team plans and future. He's not playing at a consistent level. Sure it's a high level of football but what's the point if you don't play and is supposedly in the prime of his career. It's a waste if he stays with Roma. It's bit of a surprise he went to TFC but this franchise has been bragging about there availability in funds and promise playoffs next season. TFC is about to announce the signing of Defoe and have signed a young promising Argentinian striker late in 2013. This club has improved dramatically and Bradley will play and succeed in TFC. Plus this is an born American it won't take long for him to adjust in the team and culture. At this point it's still unclear about his wage. Theirs two very different side about it. But I believe being able to get a done deal in two days. So I'd expect the wage will go for Bradley's side considerbly. However their may not be enough time for Bradley to get himself inform before the World Cup, I suggest an immediate temporary loan deal, say West Ham? Lol — Ryan
I feel it's great for the mls but it does hurt the national team not having a player always in high level play and it will be a bad decision because it lowers his play. Only reason I'm not strong on either is because i know he will make a major impact on mls — Justin
He will not develop any further playing in MLS. He had hit his peak. The pace and skill level is not comparable to Serie A. Financially he is set but he could have been another Pirlo and a world class player. — Ken
Higher level squad or play for an American squad — Ben
Needs to see the field to get ready for the Cup but a step backwards for his development. Hopefully gets back to a stronger league on backside of Brazil — Brooks
$$ hungry.. This is not a good move — arty
He could have easily played for another top team in Europe. It could help the US because he could regain for but I doubt he will get any better playing in the MLS respectfully. — SIDNEY
Certainly not dreadful but on the negative side for Bradley. He's not going to face the level of competition that would help him grow but as the big fish in the small(er) pond he'll get more playing time, which will be a plus. — Steve
Meh — Nick
I can see how he want to get more play time but I'm sure he could have gone somewhere better than the MLS with all due respect. Hurts USMNT a lot — Dan
Seag — Swag
Hope I'm wrong. — JK Burbank
not a good thing for the u s.. should of gone to the Premier League — stefchef
good to have him around, but he could do better for himself of course — jt
Not a good move, speaking of getting more experience to go play 4 d u.s national team — wanu
Bad move needs to play against the best — Stef
Eh — Ss
Michael Bradley looks like Lex Luthor, but plays like Lois Lane. — Binx
Lol at all of you eurosnobs down here in the left corner. Suck it!!!!!!!! — Viva MLS!
Terrible idea — Adam
Shocked — Aaron
While this may be a good move for MLS as a whole, playing in Europe is the highest level, and Bradley is wasting his considerable talent stateside while not seeing much of his future opponent players in Italy, Germany, etc. — Nikhil
Won't help MB's career, but playing regularly before the WC can only help the US — Denver Gooner
why leave such high quality play? — j
Dislike the move from Bradley's perspective, but don't think anything changes from the USMNT perspective. — Brendan
Why? — Teddy Outerbridge
Big step back for him. He could play for most EPL teams as a starter. — Kadams
It's not that bad we still will only need 4 points to get out of the group — Eric Mathis
Dumb, but not many options — Drew
Good move for MLS. Bad move for Bradley — Mike
Certainly don't love it. Why not another European club? — Josh in KC
A good player benefiting from international experience leaves for lesser skilled league will most likely not develop to fullest potential. Lack of development may lead to lesser potential of USMNT. Let's hope he raises the game in the states, less he become another "Deuce". — Joseph
On a personal level, it's bad for Bradley and his career. But, he will be getting two months off now, as will many of our players, and then they'll get into game shape. This will benefit them as they'll have less fatigued legs than other players who are finishing up 50 game seasons. — @conorlynch04
It's a mistake!! — Vic
He goes from playing in a top league on a pretty damn good team to playing on one of the worst mls teams — Matthew
He is getting great playing time in Italy , I don't know why he would throw away his career like that. — David
Competition is incomparable — JOA
It stunts MB's growth as a player, but grows MLS as a community. — Cole Audesirk
Fuck — Stever
The level of competition us far too low and we need Bradley hot going into the world cup. As of now, all US goal scorers and veteran players are either not playing (mls) or not in good form (altidore and Dempsey). Success in the world cup with the little experienced depth we possess hinges on Bradley. — Ryan Gottier
Poor — Gus
Bad for his development, bad for USMNT. Understandable decision though. — zach
muh — j lo
Can't help but think with Strootman out, he could have benefitted Roma and competed against Europe's best. Mixed on his move. — Tim
Stupid move for bradley — Matt
Horrible idea — Jbird
Much better for him and US soccer for him to stay in Europe. Galaxy fans like us won't get to watch him because of infantile unbalanced MLB schedule. — Tom. from BBL
Good for the team. Bad for bradley — L thigpen
Competition brings out the best in premier athletes. He obviously won't play the same level of competition in MLS as he did in tier 1 Europe. — Gavin M.
Leaving a club like Roma to come to Toronto FC is a bad move. Great move for the league, but Bradley deserves to play for a well established team in Europe. — Tyler Edwards
Italy is much more competive and much quicker. Staying in Italy before the World Cup is the smart thing to do. I don't have anything against him coming to the MLS because it is a growing league but it just not the right time for him to do so. — Thomas
:( — Joe C.
Bad for Bradley long term. Doesn't affect WC14 much, but could hurt the USMNT in WC18 when he doesn't develop the way he should — Chad
He has not been playing to well for Roma this year, but it is unquestionable that the level of soccer is greater in Europe. A loan move would have been the best option, so he could get back to top form and come back to Europe at his previous level. — John
h — st
We needed him playing at a high level now he plays in a mediocre league with a garbage team. Thanks a lot, Brad. — Blah
Roma is one of top teams in ital/Europe and he is leaving to play in the MLS. Terrible desicion MLS is not a good league yet. — Allen
... — Yikes
Damnit — Coleman
Show me the money! — James
terrible — lmt
Not very smart. — Jim
Can't see this as a good move as he's going to a struggling team. Hurts the US because Bradley will have to gain match fitness in 2 months of game time vs. 4 months of game time in Europe. Notti mention the level of play difference — Adam Miller
— The ruggles
Good for MLS and his USMNT teammates also there but very bad for him on terms of opponents skill level — Rich Homie John
If he had to choose MLS he should choose American team, he was doin great in Europe — Bob
Going to MLS in his prime. Not too bright. — Wade
No matter how many of my favorite usmnt players they steal, i will never watch the mls. devastated! — dave
No! — Casey
We need are top players playing against top players in Europe — Gus
Not a good thing for either. Loan to Europe will help — Chris corso
I'm ANGRY — fff
why — mildypissedofffan
Not the worse thing to happen in US soccer History but pretty far down the list of things that could've been good ones. — Adam
— Jim
Awful. Why are all our players going soft lately? — D
Crappy — Ec
Why leave for MLS with the World Cup looming? Surely Bradley could have found quality, first team minutes in a much MUCH better league. Disheartening. — Timothy
Nooooooo! — Evan
Level of play in Serie A still well above MLS. Plus staying there would allow him to be in better condition . — Alan
Dumb — Me
Bad move for the future for Bradley. I guess it could help the team unity for him to be close by it it hurts his game which hurts the overall team. Plus how much will he have played for Toronto before the World Cup? Any? Wish he could've gone to Fulham, stoke or Sunderland — Andy
I don't get it. I don't get it. I don't get it. Maybe there will be some nugget of information that comes out later that explains why this makes some sense. But for now, it's a step in the wrong direction—onto artifcial turf! — JHG
This is no way to "challenge yourself" as Klinsmann has told his players. Clearly Bradley took the money and ran did not care about building his skills in the top leagues of Europe. Who can blame him really? — Nepotism sqauared
Didn't he learn anything from Dempsey? — Joe
Will give him a false sense of superiority because the commotion in the MLS is simply below par. — Evan
Quality not in par with ability — Mike
European football > MLS — Jack Mehoff
Another USMNT star moving to America. Not a good move — Jared
Can't see this a positive. TFC? Really? — MAlcolm
The problem isn't that he is back in MLS. The problem is that he know plays for TFC. — Ben
He runs the risk of loosing his edge like Dempsey. If he doesn't feel loved at roman there are ,Amy other top flight clubs that would love to have him. But stay in Europe! — David
This is disappointing. He is to good for MLS — Ed
Still hoping it's just a rumor... — Josh
A step back indeed — Justin
wrong move — Kyle
WHY. — plaidtopia
Bad move — Nico
Ug. — Anon
A comment — chris
For the love of god...stay in Europe...stay as long as you can — charlie
Wow...why not a BPL team? — Karl
Must've been a lot of $$ — rudy
Don't like it for Bradley's long term development. But it will be good for him to get loads of minutes as the boss. — Jake
This might be Bradley's worst decision in his Football career...if you want to become a better player mentally and physically, stay in Europe, not the US. This will hurt him as a player, and the US National Team. You're smarter than that! — Charles
No sir, I don't like it. — Josh Kirby
Terrible — Brandon
Noooooooo — Soccerdad
He needs to play against the best competition in order to prepare the rest of the team for who they're going to play — JB
Of course you take the money, but from pure soccer perspective...if he improved from playing in Italy, how does he not get worse leaving a top league for MLS? — PAQuaker
Toronto is bad, part of the reason is Bradley is not good. — GHT
Who the hell leaves Roma for Toronto... Horrible move — GRK
Better to play in Europe. Why would you leave? — B
ummmmmmmmm WHAT!?!?!?! — Mike
Awful decision for him professionally. Hurts his development as a player, and thus hurts our midfield's form this summer. For personal reasons, who can blame the guy for coming home(ish) after 10 years in Europe. — Dan
Awful career move — Justin
This is horrible he is great for the USA and going 2 the Mls will bring down his level of play if anything he should get loaned 2 a team in the Bpl,bundeliga, or seria A that he will get playing time and still play against teams that will really push him — Rodolfo chacon
Not good but maybe he needs more playing time then what he's getting — Moe
What a waste of ok talent! — Zach
Sad. — Derek sinquefield
WTF!!!! If you voted top right you so stupid! Please stop watching soccer — Z Money
Good player bad move should have stayed in Europe . — Joe
How many European usmnt players are we gonna lose??? — Tyler Mayville
Very stupid, should've been loaned to another European team if he wants playing time — Lucas Burkhardt
The mls fucking blows — Conor
One if the best midfielders in the USMNT and playing well in a seria a giant Roma to go play for one of the worst teams in the mls. A bad move — Jowad
Terrible for usmnt terrible for mls why move him to Toronto?? Not even an american club that will appreciate him the most. It would have been great for mls if he went to NYCFC. Not good for usmnt. — Jacob
Hopefully it doesn't kill the US team, but the decision must be off-field related for Michael. It can't really be good for him on-field. — KXRTI
Playing in tougher competition would be best for Bradley and in turn better for USMNT — JF
Oh dear god no! Stay away Michael. You can become the greatest US midfielder if you hone skills in Italy. — Uberfan
How do American players expect to compete wit top caliber teams come World Cup time when the core of our team is playing in a less than mediocre league like MLS? Kilnsmann needs to talk some sense into his players if they expect to make any kind of impact in Brazil. — Jonas
The only reason I didn't hit a more corner square was because I'm on an iPhone and I missed — Kenny Delgado
Bradley needs the competition of playing in Serie A to be ready for the world cup — Robert
che cazzo fai? — -Lazio fan
There are many European teams that would love his skills why mls when there's such a talent gap this will hurt him — McKee
Hey were playing Portugal and Germany? Let's all move to the mls so we could have an excuse — Afragin
Yikes — Mike H
Y go to a less competitive MLS? — Kyle
Ug — Justin
Why? Seriously, why? I get more playing time but wow is Toronto FC not even on the same planet as AS Roma! — Tim
Got a bad feeling about this bit let's see how it goes — Daniel Zhang
While I can't say it'll hurt our chances this World Cup, it may in the future. Two very unambitious moves by the two Americans who were previously thought to be this nations most ambitious players cannot bode well for the national team's future. Might be great for MLS, but I can only hope the young US players don't follow the precedent that Dempsey and Bradley have set. — TC
Good thing I didn't put his name on the back of my AS Roma jersey. — Nat
It hurts Bradley and the USMNT brand, more than the actual team. The fact that it's a Canadian team doesnt help either, for someone I see as the future Captain, even though that's quite trivial. We need our best players, in the bests leagues, playing at their best, that's that — Brewer
Amobi Okugo said it. We need our best players to be ambitious. Bradley is giving up his ambition for an easy payday. — Matt
I wouldn't say it hurts our chances at the WC, but it's a bad move for Bradley. — Andy
This decision makes no sense from a competitive view point. Stay and earn your playing time and become and even better, more seasoned player. — Chris Harman
Makes no sense he should stya in eurooe and develop more he can become an incredible player if he finds the right team if he goes to the mls the us could lose its most superstar potential player — Mnyot
I don't know about this he is too good of a player — Matt
No one needs to be moving right before the World Cup. And believe me I live in the U.S. And love MLS but your kidding yourself if you think they are similar quality. He's going to be playing lesser quality opponents. Hopefully the IS can make a strong push though. — Harrison
He's in his prime. Why would he come back to the MLS? — Jon
Is there a further square I can pick? The kid is in his prime and should still be playing at a high level in Europe. Not over in the US where the washed up good players go — Kyle
Why would he do this? Moron! — Brian
Let's all prepare for the World Cup by playing against mediocre competition! — Soccer Bros
Horrible — Panzer44
— Jim
Horrible decision. He could make a huge impact in the EPL. Don't go the same route as Duece. — Andrew f.
NO MICHAEL, NOOOOOOOO!!! I Was SO proud of you!! : * ( — Arthur Adams
Terrible decision short term for him and usmnt — Dave
Not a good move — Crc
Bad move for Bradely in the long run for sure and it will hit the teams WC chances but not horribly. — Seth
I respect Bradley's decision for the personal reasons that I'm sure are behind it, just like with Deuce, but I'm not excited to see him coming back to MLS at this point; especially with Toronto FC. — TimL
I'm sure he can find inspiration in the States, but dropping your level of opposition is a bad idea this close to the World Cup. We need Bradley at his best in midfield. — Ryan
Stupid and bad for US Soccer. He should play at the highest level. Weeks ago Premier league teams were interested. He should go forward not back. — Cheeze
Poor choice from a competitive/developmental standpoint. Must be due to personal reasons. I hope he stays in Europe and takes on another team. Toronto is pitiful. — Matt d
He's hurting himself. Serie A and Roma are a great team playing in a great league. TFC and MLS are not any of those. — Cristiano
Bad move — KoKo
WHY!?!? He's done so good at Roma, especially this season! — Nathan
No me gusta — Barack Obama
This looks more about money than anything else. I am ok with that but its not good for his development. — Tyroil Smoochie-Wallace
Our best players need to be in Europe because the level of competition/gulf in class is massive. He will not continue to grow but rather remain stagnant and possibly even regress — Paul
We bradeycomng back to North America he will be able to lead the young guys trying to claim a spot on the roster. Now with that said I do not think it is a good move, we need the general at his best and I believe that is in Italy. — Jordan
Toronto has weak competition compared to Roma or a club like Fulham. The move just seems bizarre much the same as Dempseys to Seattle — MK
Shit. Another one. What are my guys thinking???? — Jürgen
Hhgh — Bill
I have no idea why he would do this other than a guaranteed start. A step backwards in my opinion — D3
Man what the hell are u doing — Matt Fields
He should play at the highest competition — Hndn
WTF — Chris
terrible — marcello
He's too good for MLS and we need our best players pushing themselves in the best leagues, because we're facing the best in the World Cup. — Zac
Wrong! — Joe
Poor — ME
Disgraceful move..I was proud to have an American in a big club like Roma..he really let me down and I'm officially not a fan of his..throw him the pile with Dempsey and Donovan(who was to pussy to make it happen in Europe because he wanted to be cuddled in L.A) Landon is dead to me Bradley is dead to me who is the next American to make me proud in the biggest leagues in the world..America needs a real representative out there — Eddie
He's his own man, so he can do what he wants.. But no, not a positive career move, in my opinion. — Chris D.
This is not what Bradley needs at this point in his career. — Aliaksandr
LeAve a top team in serie A to play in MLS with lower quality teammates? Bad move — Matt
uurg — mA
Wack — Brian
Sitting @Roma = better than MLS. MLS will be here in your 30s Michael. — JByrd
Stay out of MLS. Play good competition — Aaron
bad bad idea — yeahbad
This is far less than ideal. — Scott
Should have learned from Dempsey! — Drew
Stupid stupid stupid — Nick
Terrible move. Considered one of best players on Roma. High level of competition in Serie A — Eric
I picked the closest available open box to the bottom corner down here. I really want that very bottom corner box. Actually I think this is so bad it's off the chart. Can I pretend there's a box down by the copyright thing at the bottom of the page? — Brian
This is bad news for all parties involved, save Toronto. — Emily
He's planning to leave a successful team just as the competition started to get stiff? That's probably not the right message to send just before the WC starts. Besides, he'll learn more in training and on the bench of a major Europeean team than he will playing for any first team in the MLS. — DN
Threw his career away for 6.5 million when he could have kept it and gotten the same amount of money with Southampton, Spurs, Fulham, or Bayern Leverkusen. — Sam
Ur my hero Bradley so dissapointed your no longer with a world class team — Kw
Should be playing at a higher level. — Kevin
wtf — Ross
MLS doesnt play till march, too late to join January camp, so where is this "more PT" coming from? He was seeing some minutes for roma. And people say MLS didnt hold LD back, but we dont know how good he could have been. very disappointed if this is true — Hatch
I only hope it is for this year to get more aligned with the U.S. team. Why Toronto? Think D.C. United would be a better move for the league. God knows the franchise needs a lift. — Bill
Horrible move, he went from a Scudetto challenger to a shit team. — Blaa ihan9vnrin
"You're selling me to a French team? No way, nu uh, no more languages. Where do I want to go. Pfft, send me to Canada for all I care." — JW
I don't think I could hate this idea more. — austin
Good for MLS, bad for Bradley and USMNT — Matthew Russo
If Bradley returns to the states he will be taking a step back in his career. I hate to put down MLS but this guy is playing on a pretty damn good Italian team. Yeah he isn't as important to their team as Strootman but he is an important part of their midfield. If he has to transfer he needs to stay in Serie A or one of the other 4 big leagues. — Michael
Why? — Pablo
Uhhh... It doesn't always turn out like you think it will. Might want to reconsider bro. — Clint D - Seattle
This can never be a progressive choice. — Jonathan
Still has a number of good playing years left, and Toronto of all places, MLSE has a great track record for trading away talent so hopefully he lands Ina more deserving city soon. — Andy G
Kiss our world cup dreams goodbye... — Mark Stine
is this a joke? this is a joke right? right!?! rriiiighhhtt!!!?!?!??! — caroline
Dumb decision when klinsmann is telling players to challenge themselves in Europe. — Michael
Great, now that you've arrived, go pack your bags on loan to play in a real league before the WC. Hopefully a jealous, fellow MLSer (because that's what you are now) won't break your leg when he sees you're making $6.5m and he's making $50k. Unbelievable. I wanted to see you play in The Champions League SO bad. — Carlo B.
International Football can only make our players more competitive, and better footballers. Don't mean to bash MLS but clearly Serie A has greater quality. Personally I think he's being pushed out of a job at Roma and he doesn't want to fight for his spot. Should just man up and fight for a place in the squad instead of run away from it. All in all poor decision for the lad. Hope he doesn't go through with it. — HeavyTrance
Bad for Bradley, less so for usmnt — Perk
Cool — Andy
I don't like the move for Bradley, love the move for the MLS, TFC, and everyone but him. — Sean Kelly
Oh shit. Ohhhhh shit shit shit. — JSlip
Great move for MLS. Bad for Bradley's develpment. — Jeff Loaisiga
Nooooooooooo Whyyyyyyyyyy Howwwwwwww — Jjjjj
:| — Jess
Am I crying? Yes. This is not how our field general should be moving. This kid is our midfield. We look lost without him. And he's just surrendered himself to a league that is clearly under the big leagues (albeit a developing league). Terrible move for USMNT. Great move for MLS. — mitch
Blahahaha — David
Michael (and Dempsey) do not have time to reacclimate to what world class opposition looks like against Ghana, Portugal, and Germany. Playing in the MLS cheapens their value to the team. Period. It's an even worse deal for Bradley to come back home in the prime of his career when he is arguably at his highest value. If it's about money, he can get paid abroad. If it's about respect, competition, whatever... well that's not even worth talking about. Stupid, stupid, stupid all around. — Bizzy
The last time the USA had this many MLS players as there are now projected to have on the WC roster they got pummels and didn't make it out of the group. Not good. — Pat B
This seems like a horrible move for Bradley in terms of maxing out his soccer abilities. Will six months of MLS soccer kill his play for the MNT? Probably not. But I can't see it helping. — soccerjohn
Nooooooooooooooo — Cristian Arevalo
Horrible Decision. While I still don;t know the details any time spent at TFC while a european season is still being played is a bad thing for Bradley and ultimately the USMNT. — Erick Peterson
Passing up champions league next year, and run at a scudeto this year. — Cj
Dear lord... — Jim
Room for one more? — Pablo
Why leave Europe, there's where all the talent is — B
Dude... — Babel
So dumb!! — Mac
Bad move all around — Nick
Terrible decision — Matt
Terrible football move.will help MLS, but not why the hell Canada. Help a USA team! Shit. — SumOakTrees
When Bradley played for roma he played well, but when other mid fielders came back from injury or were aquired mb struggled for playing time.he chose the path of least resistance. 5 million and a league that he could be a star . Who could blaming him. But his game has suffered. — tom
You were playing with and against a different caliber of talent. — Luis