Jurgen Klinsmann's 2015 Gold Cup Failure: Big Deal or No Big Deal?

The U.S. men's national team crashed out of the Gold Cup in the semifinal round for the first time since 2003, losing to Jamaica after some poor displays in the group phase. Should American soccer fans be worried? Is it time for a change? Or is Klinsmann in control of the situation? Graph your position below and share your take. 

July 23, 2015 6:52 PM
A Massive Failure
A Bump in the Road
He Will Right the Ship Klinsmann Must Go
Klinsmann has been a massive failure. Not only has the team NOT progressed, there is a strong case to be made that it has in fact regressed under Klinsmann. What player development? The malaise will continue as long as he remains USMNT coach. — J. Cruyff
Have tickets to the final. — bpc2002
I'm not surprised. Jurgen has been flirting with this type of disaster for some time now, with his bizarre and (sometimes) infuriating selections, his incorrect substitutions and tactical blunders. It's actually his non-game presence that I find to be the most damaging to the program--the interviews, the sound-bytes, the mixed messages, double-standards, motivation deflating statements, and the perceived lack of meaningful preparation in practice that leads to such a disjointed mess on the field over a whole tournament. If he loses today, I would consider firing him if I were Sunil. If he loses in October, I would definitely fire him. — Archibald
Nigga please, this phony ass motherfucker has been so fucking mediocre his whole tender. And he isn't even developing young Americans. Why in the world have players like Bill Hamid, Fatai Alashe, & Zack Lloyd still in MLS??? Dis nigga is a fool and he's got to go. — Articuno
Disaster. Klinsmann gotta go. — Isabel
Tar and feather him — Andrew
team has not progressed.... time for a change — buckmark1
Get rid of this guy. Any other coach would be gone. He is a giant failure. Only eurosnobs who think he is going to change American soccer want him. — tom
Jurgen just cares about the so called Americans playing overseas sitting on the bench. A USA coach needs to have American Players who care when then play. — Soccer nut
Klinsmann is the biggest hypocrite — Drew
An unmitigated disaster in every sense. Klinsmann should go but US Soccer has allowed him to become too entrenched. — JT
Massive failure. — robbo
Out in the semis? Blech. Win in October and almost all is forgiven. — Golazo
No one should be surprised at all. — Shark
Apparently, despite public statements to the contrary, getting Alvarado cap tied and committed to the USMNT (plus some competitive match experience) and helping Brooks build his resume for his climb up the Bundesliga were more important goals than winning the Gold Cup. This will all be papered over by a win in October, but I have some doubt that JK will make the changes needed for that to happen. — Massif Echec
Too much of a failure to simply overlook. The lack of talent mitigates some of his responsibility — Ben Dover
This should be, "Things are on the right track." — Hawkings
There is no way that anyone can consider this anything but a massive failure, however I think the ability level of our talent pool is a work in progress and Klinsmann will be in place for the long haul. — Gary
Massive failure! — Robo
he's a great coach, with true vision for the future — me
Looks like I'm an outlier. Massive failure, yes. Coach's own words, "Do everything possible to win this competition.” Didn't happen. Some things out of control, others not. Still obvious there is no plan "B" without a fit and functional Jozy. On the other hand, you can't deny that the player is deeper than ever before, and that's a good thing. Whether he rights ship and technical director or head coach or both, only time will tell. — Jon
I get the distinct feeling Klinsmann is basically clueless. Former star players seldom make good coaches. Too much ego, too little attention to details and lack of leadership skills. — Paulo
There are only two words to sum up Jurgen Klinsmann after this Gold Cup fiasco: Unmitigated Disaster. He needs to take responsibility and go. — Kim B
I have defended Klinsmann in the past, but now I am done. He gotta go. — JIMMIE
Finishing fourth? Bad. — JHG
i was on his side...but now he must go...he has lost the players....they had no energy in the gold cup — TGA
OUT. — Xose
The team has regressed slightly under Klinsmann. Leaving Donovan home instead of bringing him to Brazil was a big mistake, and I believe it sabotaged our chances. Let's get a coach that believes in American players, and is willing to invest long-term. Bob Bradley does a great job - let's bring him back. He won't have the hype that Klinsy has, but he will produce an American team that plays hard, and believes in themselves. — Dave
Euro wana be loving hippies want him here. Real American soccer fans see that he is killing the team. This is a massive fail. Get this dude out ASAP. The rest of you klinsi supporters can go with him. — Tom
Huge Failure — Mike R
I don't feel JK must go yet but this Gold Cup was an embarrassment and a loss in the Confederations Cup playoff "should" get him canned, but it won't. What's most alarming is the lack of control we have in the midfield against supposedly inferior opponents. Lastly, we usually seem to play well against the bigger teams with less due to our fighting spirit. That's gone...and I don't know if JK is the one to get it back. — RAINMAKER
No balls man, no balls. Jamaica, now they had a pair. But America, no balls. — The Rock
The player pool is not deep. It is wide and shallow. — KXRTI
I've been saying it for awhile now he has to go. — Jared Rairdon
He can't coach the back, must GO! Plus he does not value American players. — Mike
This is where all the idiots live. — John
All the Klinsmann fans have left is childish name calling, because they can't defend him. The team's total collapse in the Gold Cup (a tournament Klinsmann himself called "critically important") is simply indefensible. — Eric S.
2013 Gold Cup champs, first-ever wins at Italy, Mexico, Holland, and Germany. Advanced from the "Group of Death", best W-L-D record of any US coach. The only thing that's indefensible is your claims of a "total collapse" and your emotionally-driven and ill-thought calls for Klinsmann's removal. The team lacked chemistry and looked lackluster for long periods in many games, certainly. Klinsmann made errors in the way he approached picking out starting lineups, sure. But there was no collapse. "Collapse" means spectacular implosions and multi-goal defeats, it means division and dressing room unrest. There was none of that. We played if not great, then adequatly, and were one game and one goal away from being in the final. Sometimes shit just happens. Get over it. — Mac
Shit happens, and it seems to happen a lot under Klinsmann leadership lately. We were heavy favorites to win the Gold Cup, and did not even place. Sorry, but that's called a collapse. If Klinsmann clings on as coach, I expect more "shit" to occur in the fall and beyond. — Oregon Kid
Enough is enough — Ryan
Fire Klinsi now. — Curtis
Massive failure is undeniable according to JK's own pre-tournament statements. Hesitant to let him go as he's clearly fortified the talent pool by emphasizing dual nationals, but his doghouse and his "crushes" are equally bizarre. — Asr513
In the past, under Bradley and Areana, I felt like the USMNT could beat anybody. Now, under Klinsmann, I dread watching because we can lose to anybody. — Gil
Things have gone from bad to worse. — Al
I was a huge Klinsmann fan in the past, not anymore. Time for a change. — JAWS
Massive failure. Klinsmann Out! — Fredo
If he loses the federation cup playoff, the calls for his resignation will be deafening. He should leave now to save what little face he he has left. — Kristy
PS. Seems like I accidentally covered up your comment. I sincerely apologize for that, it was in no way intended. — Mac
Yikes. — JA
Pitiful — Peni5
pitiful — fry
The Gold Cup is a better barometer of the program than the one-off Confederations Cup playoff. So even winning the playoff doesn't do very much to mitigate the failure. If you're saying "keep him for now" you probably shouldn't be saying "pending the result of the playoff". — KXRTI
The squad looked terrible, worse than in the World Cup. I want to believe but am really worried. — aplusashley
Poor decisions and tactics — Chris Rotondi
Big bad deal. Some luck involved in loss but we were lucky to get results in all 3 group games — Johnno
I had tickets for the final. Not making the final was unthinkable. Staying with Brooks, Alvarado and Chandler shows Klinsmann has a MAJOR blindspot — ChelseaMatt33
Want to believe in him, but he sure makes it difficult... — piccadilly13
we lost out on the confed cup which was our stated goal. disappointing for sure, but not means to fire him just yet. whos better? — people are too extreme
Jurgen, note the westward shift of the board this weekend. A loss to Mexico in October will make the upper left very crowded, and you likely out as head coach. Hopefully you've figured that out... — brent67
A massive failure, but we still have 2 years and I believe he will right the ship. Ask me again in 2017. — Ian Nadeau
The team lacks consistency. They never get the time to gel or play together. Klinsmann needs to stop "playing coach" and stop embarrassing the country. Weird squad selections, playing favorites, not putting players in situations where they can succeed. These are the hallmarks of the JK era. — Sam
klinsmann is good at talking big & winning friendlies, but 4 years on the job, I see no improvement at all. Our style remains bunker & counter. He has not moved US Soccer forward as he promised. Bob Bradley has been redeemed. Klinsmann out!!!! — Adub
Bradley was fired for better results. Prior to the GC, JK had met minimum acceptable results, but never exceeded them. More importantly, his teams have shown no progress toward his stated stylistic goals and he has shown worrying tendencies to make the same mistakes in roster construction and tactics. He should have been fired as coach after the GC. — Pwyll
Hes gotta go. Hes failing both as a technical director and a coach. — Ben
How is this guy not fired yet? Two chances to qualify for CC 2017 and he squanders both. Pathetic. — Gonzo
Klinsmann naturalized some good players that we might not have gotten without his name recognition. Now let's find someone else who can create a good team. — Soccerman
The team looked flat all tourney, with only the Cuba game as the "bright" spot... Lack of fitness, lack of motivation and bad coaching decisions all led to this being a huge failure. Hopefully we use this as a reality check! — Ziggyt
I think it was completely disappointing but that if Klinsmann comes up with a huge win in October and the Olympics/World Cup qualifiers go better that nobody will remember. — Alex Rooney
Huge failure for sure. Whether he will manage to fix things for WCQ remains to be seen. Let's not forget how much this team has been up and down in his tenure. We sucked ballsac during 2012 for the most part, barely getting out of the WCQ semis, and then tore it up during 2013 in WCQ hex and Gold Cup. I am not optimistic because it's hard for me to see who the next Donovan or Dempsey will be, but I'm not convinced JK will suck for sure. Which is low praise indeed. — DF
a guy into public shaming (Fabian Johnson) should not be our coach — tim
Klinsmann is a charlatan. I was initially excited about him, but we're paying him a small fortune and he hasn't moved the program forward in any meaningful way. — Alex
I am changing my vote - losing the playoff game against Mexico was the last straw for me: Klinsmann got to go. — J
In my opinion the U.S. looked far worse at WC 2014 than in 2010, and was definitely far worse this GC than any in memory. At what point is leadership held accountable? Seriously, get rid of the clown while we still have time to right the ship. — Grunt
You're clueless. In 2010, the US gave up goals within the first few minutes in all their games except Ghana, and would be forced to chase the game. We played much better in Germany. — Mac
This was a pretty big failure. Klinsmann's insistence on playing players out of position, sticking with an untested CB pairing and not really having an opponent specific plan came back to haunt him. He won't get fired, but I wish Jurgen the Technical Director of US Soccer would hire a new head coach of US Soccer to replace Klinsmann the coach. I like th TD, not so sold on the coach. — Tobin
Unacceptable performance. Only reason for optimism is recruitment of dual-nationals. — Graham
This a huge deal.I thought he should have been fired before we barely made the Hex. — Mike P.
Embarrassing, but what can we do? — Sj
Fire him?? <--------- — Notafan O'Klinsy
Klinsmann is a tactical dunce, a stubborn fool and an egotistical, self-centered prima donna. Not a good combination. Get lost. — Brian D
Auf Wiedersehen, auf die große Idiot. The emperor has no clothes. Maybe it's time we informed him if that. — WEE
*Disgusted sigh* — Sean
He ight but that shit was wack — Milton
An absolutely hideous, borderline unprecedented result on home turf. He was even granted a mulligan, which was subsequently blown. Unless the player pool has somehow reached a nadir deeper than any other in the past 25 years, there should be no excuse. Let's see what the next guy has to offer. — ZZ
not a good showin — zz
His stated goal was winning and he fell hopelessly short of that while leading the team to play terrible soccer. — Rexspecs
JK continues to show he is clueless when it comes to roster construction and talent evaluation. The Jamaica game itself was merely disappointing, but the performance through the rest of the tournament and the lack of development toward JK's stated goal is inexcusable. He won't, but JK should be fired as coach (he seems to be doing a solid job as TD and that fits his style better). — Pwyll
— Bert
I was in the press box at PPL Park downing a large cheesesteak with extra cheese.It's OK because I had a Diet Coke too. Have to cut back somewhere. While I was too busy eating to pay attention to the game in front of me, but I'm told it was bad. Also kudos to the Philadelphia Union fanshop. They had several XXL shirts in my size. While the team disappointed I was quite pleased with my Gold Cup experience. *stomach growls* — Ives
jurgen sux!!! i give him his tactics and i am an idiot. jurgen is clever enough for that dumbass sunil gulati though....what a robbery his contract is!!! — berti vogts
He really should be held to the same standards as previous coaches, but I still have the slimmest of hopes there's a master plan at work here, but my patience is at its thinnest — Pat
Not winning the Gold Cup is a big deal, but Klinsmann still deserves time to see out his vision — Peter Brown
Learn and grow, but DON'T LOSE TO MEXICO!!!!!!!! — Andy
taking into consideration the way he did it.massive failure, yeah. — Excellency
He needs to go. — robbo
I wouldn't fire him....yet. But he is on Double Secret Probation. — John Godfrey
Jurgen is the best option we have — matt
You're in the wrong quadrant here sonny jim ------> — Notafan O'Klinsy
People need to chill — Jan
Good point, T. — U
T — T
It's starting to feel like the best solution would be for Klinsmann to stay on as Technical Director (where he's done good work to modernize the system of US soccer) and get a new coach. I doubt his ego would allow that. — Richard Manfredi
We are not Mexico and cannot have a revolving door for our manager. If you think Klinsmann should go, then who is your man for the job? Will he do any better?Klinsmann is in for now. Changes he's implemented from the technical director role for youth soccer should pay dividends in the future. Perhaps 10 years from now. The only way he's gone is if the US fails to qualify for the World Cup. CONCACAF teams have drastically improved, so I wouldn't be surprised if the US has a couple of stumbles in World Cup Qualifiers. — AJ
Team lacked cohesion and did not play with urgency. Klinsmann also put players in situations where they cant succeed. Klinsmann gets an F for gold cup. — sam
! — Bob
not making the final is a huge failure, but they did at least make the semis. if we lose the confed playoff, he should be fired — jrt
Enough is enough — Scuba Steve
Klinsman needs to have players at their "natural" position. Also need to do what he preached: play the ones who are "hot" in their clubs. — Tilly
There's been no improvement in results over four years. The roster selections are erratic, the game planning apparently non-existent. The end result was an incoherent mess of a Gold Cup where we consistently punched below our weight. Ugh. — JB
He needs to go. — robbo
THANK YOU!! ------> "The man who cannot own up to his own failures is not a man" --Albert Einstein — Notafan O'Klinsy
Bad failure. Very dissapointed in klinsmanns pressed afterwards. He did not handle that right whatsoever. Fans expect and deserve more. We did not play well, address it. — Me
Mysophobia - fear of germ(mans)... — Ramen
He's been playing up the importance of the Gold Cup for months. However, he seems to be constantly tinkering with youth & position. Against Cuba, sure. In the knockout rounds, you have to field your best squad & he rarely seems to do that these days. — Scott
disaster - but we must think long-term — paulferg
F — Gr
Has not improved the program. The team looked terrible during the cup, except against powder puff Cuba. If we lose both september friendlies, then he will likely get canned and deservedly so. — Mike22
Still developing talent for the future. Klismann is going to make the US strong through youth development and will have a better idea of his A team by 2017. Look at how successful he was in the WC and WCQ. — Billy
Fire Klinsi now! — Curt
Expected more from these players and coaches. In each match, the players looked like it was the first time they had been together. — Matt
I have always been pro-Klinsmann, but this was not a good show for him. I like him pushing players, and recruiting as widely as he can, but I start to wonder when we will see the fruits of those labors. Winning the gold cup, or at least reaching the finals, should be a given. I trust him, but if we lose on Oct 9, I wouldn't be against the USSF starting to look for possible replacements. — Brett D
growing pains. Looks like he is getting more players experience — jamie
f — geoff
Worst performance in memory. Just not acceptable — rotocamel
We're on thin ice. He's been pretty radical in his decision making and coaching style, and pissed off a lot of guys. Unfortunately, you can't do that and lose and not expect people to call for your head. I want him to succeed, but two more major slip-ups and we may be looking at a new coach. — EMD
Klinsi continues to use the wrong guys. He needs to stop playing favorites and start bringing in the guys who actually perform. — Doug
It wasn't just the two losses. They looked terrible the whole tournament except against Cuba. — Andrew
A bit disappointment, but not the end of the road. If he loses confederation cup playoff then panic may ensue. — Iseypoo
US soccer culture is to blame. Set the right priorities and Klinsmann can succeed. — Excellency
I have a feeling that he will disclose in his autobiography that he intentionally threw players into bad spots and potentially sacrificied results with the idea of creating something stronger from the set-backs. Whether or not we should believe him is up for debate. — VB fan
I'm kinda done here. Stubborn, but nothing to back it up. Let's move on. — CLYDE
Garbage, we were just garbage, during the whole tournament. — P.Diddy
IF we don't make it to confed cup, he is gone. — Patrick in Portland
No consistency and outplayed in every Gold Cup game except one, embarrassing. Not the end of the world but no signs of progress or identity still. Too much power for Klinsi. No chance he leaves even though he seems clueless. — Justin
Was a Klinnsman supporter, but his player selections have been strange. — Jeff
Very disappointing tournament. And not just the Jamaica game, just about all of them except the Cuba one. I hope we find more consistency - we did not become a worse team but we. need to stop playing with a different lineup every game. — Ferenc Miskolczi
Bad tourney, same problems in GC as in friendlies. Firing is an appropriate question if we cannot beat Jam/Mex winner. Let's see if JK learns, and if others at US soccer can get into his ear about resolving team issues. — Arthur
JKs mind is on the bigger picture but losing the gc gives other concacaf teams momentum going into qualifying. Real test should be the confed cup qualifier. — Alunsfo
upsets happen; long term hire. we need to see some change though. — bobbyjaaaanson
I think that most of the blame is on the players, not Klinsmann. — TomsWyfe
Not a good outcome, but Klinsmann will get the team into shape when it matters most. — Gavin
Big failure, the US soccer needs to find another coach. — Jim
Coaches should only stay one world cup cycle — Bob
Enough tries. too much luck in the wins, too much error in the losses. — cj
It's bad, but we're getting closer. JK is trying to find the right lineup and clearly he hasn't found it yet. Some pieces are still on the way, but given time he'll figure it out. Win one game in October and he'll have two years to figure it out — Franklin
Not making the final is pretty much unacceptable. Not sure he'll right the ship (because honestly, we're not sure what the ship is supposed to be). — Lee
Gold cup was a failure but US Soccer is growing and excelling like never before — Brandon
Pick a team and build chemistry. he just doesn't have what it takes, not learning for all those experiments. — fry
Hire Jay Vidovich and replace JK — Ben Dixon
Zlatan thinks Klingy needs to find American Zlatan to make amends. But since there is only one Zlatan, and he is Swedish, Klingy will never make America good. Klingy is destined for failure. — Zlatan
Crashing out to Jamaica is only a big deal if the US fails to qualify for the Confederations Cup. While Klinsmann's lineups/tactics are maddeningly inconsistent, what he's done to expand the player pool cannot be overstated. Unfortunately there are no viable alternatives to Klinsmann at this point. Until one emerges, Klinsmann should remain in charge. — mtmat
Tough to say, but I'm leaning this way \ — Mark
It's pathetic how Jurgen got out coach by someone whom has been with a team for a couple of weeks. Embarrassing loss to MX. — Josue
We need to do etter — Bobo
He should stay let's not forget the last three years prior to con concacaf — jimcactus
no comment — fernando
The loss is certainly disappointing, but it is no where near the problem that most in the media are making it out to be. Upsets happen and Jamaica deserves credit for what they did. All the criticism of the center backs is odd, since they were only at fault on one of the goals and held Jamaica to 3 shots on goal. Not sure why there aren't more questions about Guzan (30% is not a good save rate) or our forwards for not converting. — Tim Landrum
This year's performance was to be judged by the Gold Cup. We fell short of expectations, but the ultimate goal is Confed Cup and World Cup. There's a lot of promise in the team, with some new blood being added. — Justin
Losing the Gold Cup is not the end of the world, we can still qualify for the Confederations Cup. However, this tournament is just a continuation of Jurgen's strange squad selections and tactical erraticism. Our players need to develop chemistry by playing together in a system and not being constantly tinkered and experimented with. — Kevin
Need an American in charge of th nt... — Mike
meh. — Larry David
A massive failure be cause HE said it was the number one priority for 2015. Very questionable lineup and roster decisions. — Kevin
Poor decisions on personnel . We have the players now to be dominant in the our region. Put the right ones together. Just because some are from Germany doesn't mean they should play. — Dano
I read some more comments and agree the young cbs should not have been playing in this game. Chandler has skills but his work rate is poor- I can't stand that from a defender but expect that from a forward.- slight jab at Deuce. JK is developing talent but expecting too much. From the vets as well like Beckerman. Jk has the players, just use the right ones. — Dano
bring back brucey! — CJC
Sloppy defending not JKs fault. Puzzling selections on flanks, is. — Duncan Rowe
JK revamping whole setup. Expected decline. Now can he get us going in positive direction? Into the elite? Hope so, but don't know so. — Jac4860
He has taken this team about as far as he can. He has instituted the changes that needed to be made at the foundational level. Leave him as technical director to guide the overall direction of the program but hire a new manager who understands game management and preparations better. This team could really use Bruce Arena back. — Daniel Knauss
No comment — scott friedman
Time to stop tinkering. Pick two seasoned center backs and stick with it — sheff2d2
He isn’t going anywhere but has been an enormous disappointment. — Tyler Wells
Terribly disappointing. But upsets happen sometimes, that's part the game. I love what Klinsi is doing raising the expectations of the team and the players. I think it is having an effect. I'm not convinced, however, about his tactics on the field. — BenRI
The whole squad is off. They never gelled. JK has swapped parts, but nothing worked. The last part to swap is him. — RV
We can turn it around, I think — JPS
I give great Head — Bruce Arena
<-- yeah he does, he also bangs my anus real deep like i like it — Landon Donovan
Fuck you — Landon Donovan
Let him continue to expand a good soccer infrastructure in the US... shake up the traditional approach... I will come in as a savior when new systems and culture are in place. — the next coach
Klansmann be hatin on a nigga. — Fabian Johnson
If we loss the play off he goes. Until then we wait — Scuba Steve
To be honest I hate the gold cup. Negative football, diving and concacaf referees are on another level of awful. Really wish the USA had other options when it comes to regional competitions such as this one. I get it for WWC qualifying(can't change geography) but seriously i think the USA should just skip this tourney and try to get invited to the Copa America instead. No problem for us losing this one. We will win the playoff(mexico does not even have a manager). — Tom L
Just win the playoff game to qualify for the Confederations Cup. — Charles
Never been a huge fan, this team has no direction. He's a great recruiter. Maybe better as a technical director. But an uninspiring coach at best. — Mike
Losing a game to Costa Rica and Mexico back to back is not good, but there are bigger problems that need addressing. Such as pay-to-play, college soccer, MLS, pro/rel. The U17s doing bad is not the problem. When they head off to college to stagnate, their counterparts will go to "B" teams and fight for first team play against superior competition. We ignore long term for short term analysis and opinion — Geeps
The team performed far better than the result. — Josh
It'll be ok people... — dan
US is in a transition phase with old players moving out and younger players on the way up. The bright spot is that the talent of the youth pool has never been this good. Changing coach will not help. — Ken
Must be coming together. We beat Vincent's and the grenadines. (Hey, does that qualify as 2 victories?) — mastermind
help? — nick
Klinsmann does not seem to be well suited to guide the team anymore, as the team hasn't improved over the past few years — Will Rowe
Love how extreme people are. The Gold Cup, the CONCACAF Cup, has no bearing at all on WCQ or Russia 2018. It's the Gold Cup, it means nothing but the opportunity to rise in the FIFA rankings, and we all know how that shakes out each month. IMO, the true blame JK should be shouldering is the consistency in his choices towards Dempsey, Altidore and Beckerman. Those 3 are past their primes and holding the US back. — Tim from Dodge
Ahhhhhhhhh. — Toki Wartooth
I hate him — Scuav
Derek Armstong for top job — David Armstrong
Initially, I was worried. Looking at the Copa America, I'm really not anymore. At the end of the day, the Gold Cup isn't that important -- a spot in the Confed is all it is for. In a real tournament, the experimenting has stopped and the team has played lights out. — American Soccer Fan
Jay Vidovich @ Timbers II is best coach in US — D. Armstrong
we will come to play in the play in game for the confederations. We will most likely have Danny Williams, Bobby Wood, and Jordan Morris all back so it will be ok. — Zach G.
Before Wednesday game I had a feeling the boys would slip up. I have mix feelings on how this will affect the rest of the year and will hold judgement until after Oct. 9. — Scott
Brooks Alvarado thrown into fire as Klondike likes maybe he's learned his lesson for time being. Concacaf is better no doubt Klinsi.. And players not up this time it happens. — Kprath
<----Dude. Lay off the hard stuff... — Hagrid
Disappointing, but i'd rather this wake up call come now, rather than later. Of course the irony is that we'll probably get a higher FIFA ranking with the extra competative play in match (if we manage to win). — Don Cornholio
Great coach, good fit for American soccer culture with his relaxed style. The U.S. needs to do a better job recruiting the high school star athletes that currently break toward basketball and football. We are a nation of soccer-playing kids, but when it comes time to choose a sport to specialize in, the elite athletes choose bball and football. If the U.S. can solve that problem, they can win a World Cup, Klinsmann or no. — Mike Petersen
It really isnt the end of the world. Everyone loses sometimes. Hes still a good coach, and the one we need right now — Taylor
Bad: 1) We Aren't going to the Confed Cup. 2) No shows at last years Copa America - This trend must stop. Copa America is one of the most prestigious trophies in FIFA. Good: 1) We are hosting next year's 100 year anniversary Copa America 2) He hasn't been fired yet 3) US soccer is on the brink of being the next popular thing Ugly 1) We lost our precious gold cup. The tournament we rig for ourselves every year 2) Mexico stole all the thunder in the Concacaf division. Any remaining was snagged by the Raggae Boys — G$
none — bill
klinsmann is a horrible coach but we can still make Russia if we change now! — joe schmo
No problem — Barksdale
Klinsmann needed to go before the miserable performance against Jamaica. Constant poor selections, poor leadership, favoritism for dual nationals, leaving off veterans, unusual subs. National team is mess. — Alden
Not to worry it's just time to bring in the next generation. — Bob
The loss is a data point that comes with experimenting. You cannot grow and/or expand without trying different and new things and players and formations. Our world cup result was perfectly reasonable given our player pool. He is not a magician. He is a soccer coach. Soccer is an unpredictable sport as well. — US Soccer Fan
That's what friendlies are for. By the end of a year of friendlies, when a competitive tournament comes around, your experiments should have turned into new known-quanitity players (groups) and ideas. — KXRTI
We'll be back on track. We just need to beat Mexico for the right to represent CONCACAF in the Confederations Cup... — Zamora FC
Bad generation and I think knowingly chose experimental roster — Peter
We outplayed Jamaica and lost. Remember when everyone was cheering our wins out in Europe (Ger/Neth)? Soccer has a small margin for error and we just missed too many chances. — Paul Hannan
Let him work - he knows what e does — HMV
As sports enthusiasts I feel like we tend to over react to the manager's decisions and under react to poor play by players because we can easily get a new manager but finding a better very of Jozy (with US citizenship too) is not so easy. We didn't play our best game against Jamaica but ultimately got a little unlucky. Mexico on the other hand got lucky in three games and walked away with the trophy. — Paul
Everyone needs to calm down. We are being led astray by a media that can't help but create a controversy. The Confederations Cup is not that important. Teams and managers have bad years. This sort of knee jerk reaction is embarrassing.
This is a long term project. Don't panic. — Tomi
This stuff happens and change doesn't happen overnight. I believe JK has the program on the right track and it will continue to get better. — acrozone
Hey! Why you inverse the Positive and Negative on the Y axis here ASN?? — Wondo
This should be "A Massive Failure" — Hawkings
------->> The fact that you are actually arguing for ME to see the field at this point makes me doubt your credibility completely. — Wondo
Jamaica took what their chances well. A header that they make 1 out of 5 times and a free kick that never gets called. We didn't finish. Center back pairing is better than Omar (who has a flub or two every US match) and Besler. If anything, sticking with Jozy was the mistake. Shouldn't have been in the squad. Could have given his minutes and Wondos to AJ. — Pedro