Jurgen Klinsmann Cut Landon Donovan From The U.S. Squad. Thoughts?

The best-ever U.S. soccer player will not get a chance to play in his fourth World Cup this summer in Brazil. Are you happy about that? Incensed? Graph your position below and share your thoughts. To read what others have to say, hover over any shaded cell.

May 22, 2014 6:22 PM
The U.S. is primed to win
We're Doomed
Donovan Was Out of Gas Klinsmann Totally Blew It
Proud to be the sole inhabitant of this quadrant. COMPLETELY ridiculous move. But USMNT is too strong. — Liam Pierce
That guy was getting old, time to invest in the future. — Julian G
Donovan deserved to be cut. Awful form and bad attitude. — Ksar
Not!!! Landon should be going. Klinnsy messed this one up. At least take him as a sub for that Lampard factor. I wont lost faith in my boys though. Avenge our loss(es) to Ghana, and beat Germany when they're already through! — Harrinho
Donovan was old and slow and he got my daddy fired at Bayern Munich so I had to grow up in California, which is like, totally, not as cool as Germany. So I say HaHaHaHa. — Jonathan Klinsmann
I'm ok with it, we have ally of young guys coming up and have more creativity with the ball at their feet than Landon. While he is a great finisher on breaks and space, I'm excited to see what the next generation brings! — William
Great move — Jef
Speed and power are what the USA need to compete. Davis has a specialty. — RBP
afdsasdf — evan
LD wasn't going to make the pitch too often. We're still primed for a good run. — KH2468
This move by Klinsmann is, and will always be, petty and stupid. Yes, it reeks of 'vendetta' thinking and perhaps something more sinister. On the field tonight: no play maker, no finish, no magic. — chris
Best decision ever. 100% right call. — B. Davis
Donovan has barely looked like a threat to make the roster. Everyone is acting like he is the best current player. The World Cup is no place to get sentimental. Either you can contribute now, or in the future. Donovan can't do either. — wfjackson3
We have nothing to lose. LD isn't what he used to be — betamale
LD has not been committed to wearing the Red White and Blue for a long time now. Time for both LD and the US National Team to move on. — Dale
I don't get it. USMNT's most consistent short-coming is flat-out lack of soft feet. World players don't let hard passes rebound 10 meters off their uppers and hope they can beat world class defenders who are expecting it. LD had great ball skills for an Ami and it was a patent truth that he can put the ball in the net at this level. Best player by far at Gold Cup. I hope there's a better reason than the obvious ones floating around. Was he becoming locker room poison? — Marc
Totally a case of a player seeing himself one way and believing that is good enough and the coach seeing him differently and wanting more. Yes, Donovan could help us but he wasn't willing to do it JK's way. I think JK thinks Donovan could be more and LD thinks he is fine the way he is. — Futbol4a
Don't know man, he's 32. He's not as fast as he used to be, doesn't get back on defense as much and missed a lot of qualifying. I love watching him but I can see it being time, but I didn't expect it to be now. — Tomi
He hasn't nearly been close to what he was four years ago — Logic
They have a chance — Collin
At some point you have to move on, and this is now a very athletic team that can go a full 90 min against the best. — Kevin
Ever since Landon took his sabbatical, I think it left a sour taste in everyone's mouth as far as him being dedicated, but yet there is something to be said for the magic he can produce late in a match. That certainly can't be matched by Brad Davis.. — CJ
poop — poop
Whoa... What a surprise, that wasn't, but still is... Looks like a WC 2018 move, but could potentially have positive upside in WC 2014 Brazil. No doubt about it, though, risky. Escaping the Group of Death will be a huge challenge. As a fan, want to see the US do well in 2014 (vs. waiting for 2018). Need center backs to surprise people and Michael Bradley to have a great tournament. Forwards will likely have limited opportunities, thus, must do the business. Go Deuce and Jozy... — Yank in HK
. — Bdm
I think Klinsmann deserves a lot of credit. Frankly, I think this is the exact right decision. Looking at our players, Donovan simply doesn't have a spot on this roster that another player couldn't fit better. And if he's not a starter, there are better sub options as Donovan needs a full game buildup to be effective. If I were coach, I wouldn't have the balls to cut Donovan despite knowing this, so huge props to JK. — Geo
I predict LD WILL go! There will be an unfortunate injury and JK will call him up. — Bob
I picked the middle of this box because Jurgen took a young German team with some veterans to WC2006 and did well. Is this the same thing? Not exactly but I'll go with Jurgen's decision because of what he's done in his career as a player and coach at the international level. The writing was on the wall when Jurgen named Dempsey and Donovan strikers only on 30 man roster because there was no way Donovan was going to beat out Johannson at striker and no way he's big enough to back up Altidore nso he was out, plain and simple. Also, it tells us that Jurgen didn't feel Donovan can be that box to box player he once was from 2002 to 2011 or so. — Adrian
That dude is so over rated. Good get some younger more ambitious players in there. — Caseykealoha
If you can see he is clearly out of shape and not the play maker he use to be and yes he does have experience but his ball skills and awareness have evaded him in the last year — Joe pinto
Lando has not been playing well and we need to step away from the past. Was he going to start? Probably not. Why bring him than? — Eiffel
Donovan has only himself to blame. Should have arrived in camp in shape after his miserable condition for the Mexico game. — Marcroi
I think Landon may have still been able to contribute somthing but he hasn't been the same player he used to be. — MR
MEh — Tom
Klinsmann knows something we dont, and one has to think that he was scouting all the players film before they arrived at camp. We shall see. — Mike
Time to move on. — PW
He proved himself for the 136th time tonight — Kyle S
Move on... — Over It
Though Donovan is a veteran player and brings plenty of experience to the team, he's slowing down and has lost some of what made him great — Murica.
You have to make tough decisions. It sucks.... But we move on and support the team! — Gonz
Donovan has no drive left — Peter
"risk everything" — stacy Pfeiffer
Landon was out of form and probably won't be in contention for the MLS all stars let alone the national team. His presence will be missed but this US team will need some wild card players to get out of the group — joe
It was not a smart decision - Brad Davis cannot help the U.S. In as many different ways as Landon Donovan can - but it doesn't doom the Yanks. But Klinsmann definitely made things harder on himself. — Godfrey
Dumb move taking little boys t — Dumb
Donovan was getting fat, out of shape and lacked the passion that Jurgen was looking for. Gonna miss his veteran presence but not a big deal compared to some other roster choices — BP
How can anyone think that Donovan doesn't have something to offer this team? Stunning decision. — Robert
Think about it this way: we now have a good enough team that we can cut Landon Donovan. — John
Gutsy call from Klinsmann - he could have done the safe thing and included Donovan and used him off the bench as everyone was expecting.... Donovan's fitness level was down and has performed sharply since the Gold cup. — Bob Bradley
Donovan knows he's a far cry from his best right now. — Brad Davis
Donovan has lost a step. Less effective as winger and Altodire, Johanssen and Wondo have proven effective and hard working at Striker. Where's he gonna play?? — G$
A simple wtf? should cover it. Don't believe it dooms us, but I think he'll be missed. — Brian
wrong decision, team will survive — chirs
Don't think Donovan would have been a huge game changer this WC anyway. I don't think it changes anything. Klinnsmann had time to look into him and saw that he was not up to point he has to be. — Dibbs
I've never been a huge fan of LD. If Jürgen wants to run this team like a European system, LD's hiatus has to be punishable by international career death. I'm not very high on us getting out of the group, but an opening win against Ghana and a draw vs. a German team that will have likely already secured advancement means that it could come down to goal difference. That could be anyone's game. — Brian
23 spots, he doesn't have to be a starter, still could have been a difference maker. Don't see how Davis’s foot is more cultured than Donovan’s. — unsane1
0 — krh132
Would have brought him as a bench player to bring into the game maybe for the last 5 minutes when we need a goal. You can't tell me he is better than Brad Davis — Jeff
I have more of an issue with Brad Davis being included. Felt LD's experience could have helped but also felt that Boyd's current form could have helped. Our fate in this group at the WC with or without LD will be mainly unchanged. Could have gone either way for me but JK's overall message speaks to a country that, in soccer terms, was mainly trapped in this sense of complacency. We have good, young talent in this country that merits consideration now and even younger talent that promises to be bright. At our current level we are not good enough in senior international play. This is a constant process and pecking order. The Gaffer made a decision. That's his job. His process has been correct and transparent through it all. — Conor Hearn
Landon was slowing down. He's lost his pace which was his number one weapon. Still he should've been a substitute — Kevin
Shocking? Yes! Missed leadership? Sure. That being said..he hadn't had many reps with the US recently and I think Zusi, albeit a different type of player, has filled in nicely on the right side. JK is looking to the future with Green. He will be our star forward in 2018. This year is going to be tough but you never know what could happen. I'm not crushed, but as a fan, this is a tough way to start seeing the changing of the guard so to speak. — Me
Seems like an ego play by Klinsmann more than anything. You're kidding yourself if you think 20 mins of Donovan as a sub couldn't prove useful when you get to take 23 players. But I don't foresee this making a major impact b/c I never viewed him as a starter. It's still sad to see his international career end so cruelly. — Jimmer
im afraid it won't have much effect on the fact that we won't advance...but we are worse off w/out him (will davis see any minutes i doubt it...will green? maybe last minute desperation sub) — derek
It's a shame that a kid with no experience like Green is replacing a legend with something left in the tank, but the midfield did not seem to have Donovan starting in it anyhow. — @CZeroMusic
Idk why he cut him he might not be as good as he was before but he's not bad enough to get cut — Martin
He wouln't make or break this team in his current form. — K Web
The bigger mystery exclusions are on the back line (Brooks for Goodson?!). Although many will be wondering who the magic moment will come from late in a match, the WC inexperienced playmakers of Diskerud, Bedoya, Johnansson, et al will have their chance to shine. — John F.
klinsman not objective with regards to dondovan — nami
Julian Green plays alongside some of the best young players in the world. Toni Kroos, David Alaba, Thomas Mueller, and Mario Gotze. All of these players were playing regularly and impressing in the Bundesliga at 18. Fantastic choice Jurgen Klinsmann (sense the sarcasm Mom). — Eddie Johnson
There's going to be a moment where Klinsmann rues leaving LD off the team. — Kevin
just not worth the potential downside. he's proven in big situations... who would you rather have coming off the bench against any of the three opening games if we need a goal — drew
<- Terence Boyd. Not an out of shape disinterested Donovan. — Eiffel
Klinsmann had better know what he's doing... — Bob
I don't think we're doomed. This team has a lot of talent, and I wasn't even sure Donovan would start most games at the World Cup. But it is an undeniable fact that the USMNT is a better USMNT with Donovan than without him. The selection boggles my mind. He's the most decorated, experienced WC player we have, and JK left him home in favor of a kid with three minutes of professional experience? Mind blowing. Ugh. — Alex
Sometimes when a flower blooms, it blooms beautiful and wild. Over time the wildness dims. But now that it the flower has been looked over for another wild and beautiful flower, that first flower burns brightly and wild for one last time. It's never good to overlook old beauty before it's light is out. — Socrates
Donovan wasn't going to be a starter BUT he would have made an excellent sub... Jurgen also blew it with other fringe players especially on our back line... He left off the only worthy young player in Boyd. Nervous times...... — Connor
Inexcusable. JK let his ego get in the way of making the right decision. — Pwyll
No matter how well we do, the team would have benefited from having Donovan on it. — Matthew
The Cup is where we need proven veterans not untested youngsters. A perplexing decision — G
To cut Landon is a slur against us soccer. Germanizing the team is wrong and takes the heart out of the progress Soccer has made here. Fire klinsman now and restore Donovan and give us fans something we can support. Beat Germany do not join them as a minor league. — Lloyd lovejoy
I know there are reasons to cut Landon, but he would have been in my 23. I don't think it makes a huge difference to our chances in the group stage. It was going to be a herculean task, with or without him. — Zak
The group was going to be tough going with or without Landy. Klinsmann's looking towards the future with this decision. — Ryan
Created this self-inflicted distraction — Makes no sense
Explain wondo — Jake
I think it's a bad decision. Hopefully it won't hurt us. — TB
We weren't looking too promising regardless — DZ
Mistake! — Dan
Definitely a mistake leaving out someone with 3 WCs under his belt. — Humpty Dumpty
A strange choice that we are likely to never understand. — RW
It's also just sad — Harbor Master
World Cup experience - Klinz was hired- so why not go w Donavan's World Cup experience -2 goals way to go old man — Ty
Green over Donovan? Brooks over Goodson? Chandler over Evans? Building too much to the future, seems to have no faith in squad to advance from Group of Death. — Nick B.
Can't conceive that we are a better team without Donovan in the team or even as an option off the bench. — T
Brad Davis over Donovan? Julian Green over Donovan? Bedoya over Donovan? None of those guys have what Donovan provides or brings to the National Team. Green May be good but it's BS he is on the team in Brazil. He has done nothing for us. — Brock mery
I wouldn't catastrophize and say "WERE DOOMED," but I think it's a poor decision and Donovan will be missed at more than one occasion. — Sam
klinsmann made a bad choice No way that Donovan shouldn't be on roster talent can't be one of his determining factor for his selections — bob
Need proven performers. Not untested kids — Corey
Donovan at 90% is better than Wondo, Zusi, Davis, Bedoya, and Julian Green. Im pissed. I have more bitter then sweet feelings going forward with World Cup. JK. Blew it!!!! for 90% of US fan base. — Jose
Donovan wasn't looking great in the MLS, but I'm concerned about who'll replace him on the left wing. Brad Davis is not a World Cup-caliber player. — Arch
<- I guess I am now! — Brad Davis
He wasn't the player he used to be, but he is still one of the 23 best players in the pool. — Wiggins
Donovan would have been a great fit, especially on the bench. Not fit enough to go an entire ninety, he could have been a goal scorer off the bench. Players who were beneficiaries (Davis, Wondo, Green) are far less helpful for the team. — Paul
Brad Davis? WTF — Wags
Landon has looked better, but there's no way he's the 24th best American player. He needs to be on the team — Halley L
well done JK. — user222
I don't think Donovan is at his best, but I still can't imagine his experience, locker room presence and confidence to change a game is still better than 5 or 6 players chosen ahead of him. — Andy
So we take players for situational roles? Donovan can't hit a set piece? Can't run at defenders? — Matt
brb throwing up — Ryan
Petty and shortsighted. Not what I expect from the national team manager. — CeeJaySquared
The Group of Death was going to be hard enough, and leaving off a major WC veteran for another player of the same age (BD) is tough to justify. — NW
Too early to judge... I'm sure there is some method to JK's madness. I like seeing him take risks, however I can't say I'm comfortable with his roster choices. Hope to see what he has up his sleeve during the send off games. Maybe then it will make more sense? — Scott
I don't see how you leave off a player that has proven so many times he can step up in big moments. — John
Leaving donovan doesn't help our cause. He better be fired if we don't advance. — Wes
The thing about Donovan is when he's on the field, the other team has to account for him. Even as a sub he would have been valuable. The other thing about him? LD was money when it came to penalty kicks. I have seen Dempsey take penalties. I dread the thought of him stepping up to the spot with a game on the line. — Michael
I like this move. Chances of us getting out of group stage is slim, although I'm still very hopeful! Its great to see some youngsters added to help us in 2018 — Joey S
smh — Yen
I bet there's an injury over the next few weeks, and Klinsmann doesn't even call up LD. — Berton
Group of death is real-- for US — Short passes
Brad Davis is better? Even just as the veteran on the bench inspiring his teammates Donovan is worth it. Trading all that USMNT experience for a first timer who's not any younger. Maybe bring a promising young player at least for the experience..not another 30+ guy.. — Mikey
We were already doomed so this isn't a new death sentence but not bringing the skill and experience Donovan possesses is ridiculous. — Rainmaker
So mad right now — Bryan
Terrible idea taking little boys to WC over experienced players like landon, Goodson or edu. Not excited for this failure for US soccer — Dumb
Just unbelievable, I really dislike klinsman at this moment. His ego has clearly affected his judgement to the detriment of the team. LD was capable of providing goals in Brazil, the other players on this roster are not. Nuff said — Erick P.
He's punting the ball to 2018. That's just not right. — Christopher
davis over donovan? WTF> — tom
He is no spring chicken but when Klinsi cuts Donovan he has to think about how we replace Donovan's playmaking skills. I dont see those guys in the 23 — Excellency
uh — Vinay
The US had a hard enough time with their group WITH Donovan. Without him...yeah........ — BDM
Just plain wrong, but JK's move is pure genius. If he gets away with this he knows he has total control through 2018. If they fire him USSF eats that contract. While I our appreciate our sons of GI Joe contingent, how exactly is he going to boost the confidence or ambition of the homegrown US player? I think we've been had. We'll just have to wait to see... — Ape X
Some very odd choices in this roster, Donovan the biggest among them — Mark
Why remove your leader heading into a world CUP? Stupid IMHO. — Coach Blanton
disgusting — Disgusted
Donovan is(present tense) top 3 USA soccer players. To leave him off is scandalous and proves klinsmann can't see past his own shadow. — Je
Greatest usa player ever - still playing at a high level. Landon should start on this team. — Jeff
| V idiots are actually here. — Idiot locater
I blew it, and I raised a disrespectful scumbag for a son — Jurgen Klinsman
Done and done. — Xose
Here's what makes it so stupid, he is our best counter attacking player! We have no one else who can counter attack with decent pace. Now we will be forced to play teams straight up which is a receipt for disaster. — John
Cutting Donovan gets the headlines but the whole roster is ridiculous. We're going 3 and out in Brazil. And we signed this idiot up for 4 more years. Heaven help us. — Brian
<--- this is where the idiots live — everyone
<---Truth Seriously. Take a breath. — Mom
why — joe
It's absolute madness. Never in a million years is Donovan less useful than Brad Davis, Julian Green, Chris Wondolowski, etc. And he clearly has the support of the squad's leaders, given recent quotes from Howard and Bradley. Baffling. If it doesn't work out, Klinsmann will get annihilated. — Blake Thomsen
Ridiculous! After making us suffer through 3 years of bumbling indecision and "trying out" 100+ players, Klinsmann takes an untested 18 year old and leaves out Donovan-- the greatest US player in history? He should be fired. I for one won't be watching. — JN
Not the biggest fan of LD but pretty sure any WC squad could benefit by having him on the roster — Jeff
Freaking out over here you guys... — Dave
People no understand how to use this graph — Methinks
Donovan is a game changer for the USMNT. Even if he wasn't going to be a starter he should have been in the 23. Klinsmann is going to take a lot of heat if the USMNT perform poorly in Brazil. — Ryan
I can't wait to just absolutely crush Klinsmann for anything and everything that goes wrong. Unbelievable hubris from JK. — Casey Johnson
Fire Klinsmann. Fire Gulati. — mgp
Landon scored twice with 1 assist tonight. Stick it, Jurgen! — ConcordTom
klinnsman has too much power...LD earned his spot. JK made the wc about him. i guess he needs to be in the spotlight — jbd
At this point it's a question of how badly we get beaten. — Dr Duh