Julian Green Has Pledged Allegiance to the United States. Big Deal or Not?

The 18-year-old Bayern Munich has announced he wants to represent the U.S., not Germany, in his international career. Do you see him making the U.S. World Cup roster? Is he a game changer? Graph your position below and share some thoughts. Hover over any shaded cell to read what others have to say.

March 18, 2014 5:20 PM
Huge, huge, huge deal
He's 18—just a prospect
Green starts for U.S. in 2014 World Cup Green won't make the Brazil roster
The choice alone is a big deal. Gotta wait and see if he is too. — Increase
World class and plays for the world's best team at just 18 years of age — Justin
Unsure if he makes an immediate impact this summer, but a great prospect to lock up permanently. Eat it, Rossi! — Dan
Huge deal — Yep
Huge. What other attacking players do I have who are any good right now? — Jurgen
This is payback for WWII Germany... — Matthew
Thrilled! Likely won't start in Brazil but hopefully a huge get for the long term — Rainmaker
Will be shocked if he doesn't make the WC roster as he has broken through to the Bayern squad. Also will be a lot of fun to watch and could provide creativity on a wing. Will be great going into the world cup with a joker in our hand. Go USA! — John
We need attackers with a selfish nose for goal. He's going to be at the World Cup for the US and will see the field. — Free
it's huge — gil
Doesn't deserve a spot with less than 5 minutes of first team minutes — Kevin
right here — lftyg33
He may not start but he has a number of WCs ahead of him — Michael Bernier
This is a big deal. Never has any player that definitely has a chance to play for a soccer nation like Germany choosen the USA. This could be the start of something new and good. — Dibbs
Of Course it is a big deal!!! — Chante
Huge deal, he's a world class prospect — Kenny Delgado
Big deal getting a kid on the current best team in the world. I doubt he will start but I can see him getting minutes off the bench. — Kyle S
To quote our VP, "this is a BFD!" — Manny
I didnt follow any of the julian green hype about recruiting because i thought there was no way he'd pick the us bc of his talent. IM STUNNED — Julian
Massive deal. Top talent. Unlikely to start in '14 WC but will play a role and is a key figure to influence future youth players with multiple national team options to select the USMNT. — Prindi
The only people hyping Green and calling him a savior are the idiots of the fanbase. The intelligent people are thrilled we got him because he's a top prospect, but know he's still only 18 and not close to a final product. — Rob Usry
Maybe not a starter, but chances are the USA will be out of the picture after the first two games so why not start him and some youngsters against Germany? — Betamale
Huge deal. Probably makes the team, but I think he's more of 'one for the future' as far as World Cup starts go. — Sean C
This is a great win for US soccer but let's see a game first before we say he should start in the World Cup. — Ron
Great prospect with a VERY promising future. Although the same has been said about Adu. Treading lightly. Want to see him develop further as a player. Lots of maturing left to do. He's only 18! — Steve
18 year old from Bayern Munich. Enough said — Greg
Very big deal. He most likely won't be a huge impact for this world cup, but he's 18 with enormous potential. I look forward to watching him with the team for many years to come. — Brett
Very big deal. Likely more so for 2018 than 2014, but very good news. — T
BIG DEAL. I love it. — Matt Barnes
'Merica — Matthew
Very big deal but lets wait to get excited until he actually plays for either the US or Bayern — Beto
He's going to Brazil, will sit on the bench and maybe come in. How amazing will this look in a month when he is suiting up in a month and coming in as a sub for Bayern Munich. — Whoot Whoot
He has what we don't have. A true forward that can take on players! — Alex
He's going to Brazil & give the USA a '98 Michael Owen moment. Already see the Gil, Jozy, Aron, and J. Green future. — roro
Definitely a big catch for the USMNT and he will win a roster spot for Brazil...the Mexico friendly will shed for light of his role and how big of a part he may play in Brazil — Joe
18 year old German 4th division player. Potential to be special but US Soccer's had their fair share of those haven't they? The decision is a big deal. The product? We'll see. — BizzyV
Happy to have someone who might make BM roster. — BostonRed
Deep n the roster. BFD though — Zack
I don't think he starts, but I bet he plays in Brazil. — John Godfrey
If nothing else, this is a HUGE statement for US Soccer and is proof that we are an up and coming soccer nation! — Garrett
I like turtles — Eric
In terms of the recruiting battle, big win. Still have to let him grow. — AJ
huge. but could be not huge. he's only 18 after all. — colin
We're a country that's still working on our domestic youth development, so at this point whenever we have a chance to get a talented foreign prospect with a US passport to sign on, we have to go after him! They're not all going to pan out, but the risk is worth the reward. — Rob McNicholas
klinsman wont start him, but he will be out best player in 2 years; will be a sub in brazil — julian (not green)
Great Young Player — TPF
He's still so young that I'd be surprised if he did anything more than ride the bench for the US this summer, but prospects of this quality don't come along every day even for top footballing countries. — Matt
Yeeeeehaaaaw! — Noses Malone
Anytime you can get a player with that training around world-class players it sure doesn't hurt — Bartels
Dunno if he'll start or if he deserves to, but getting someone with his talent to commit to the US at such an early age is exciting, without question. — BDM
Fantastic news ... for the 2016 Olympics and 2018 Cup. Trying not to get over-excited: Freddy Adu, anyone? — Ken
Just wow. — KlismannFan
His patience to learn is his best asset. Efficient with both feet. WATCH OUT!! and remember....Patients is a Virtue. — Cypher
Sure, locking up an 18yo with an awesome pedigree and huge potential is nice, but there's still a host of questions he'll have to answer. I hope he fits in well with the guys. Likely more exciting for '18 than '14. Kudos, Jurgen! #ThankYouCherundolo — Eric
Big time win for Klinsy and helps relieve some of the concern with Donovan nearing the end of his international career. — KB
Great job swaying Green's interest to play for #USMNT. His talent and promise speaks for itself, but if he's to make the team for this World Cup, he'll have to have a good public showing. At best, he'd make one sub appearance in the WC if his position requires it. But will be great to see him in the starting XI in 2018. — @JohnBonini
sign him up — myownbobblehead
huge pick up for USMNT, huge decision for Julian to potentially play in 3 WCs. It makes a big difference when u know who will be the coach during the next WC cycle. — CP
World Class prospect at a world class club with the potential to play in 4 World Cups. Skys the limit — Justin Reniva
Very doubtful that he starts. But I'd expect to see him in any game the MNT is losing late. There's no such thing as a sure thing with an 18 year old "starlet," but this is a big deal even if the kid doesn't become great. — Soccerjohn
Big deal, but not sure he offers much in 2014. Would love to be wrong here — Matt L.
He goes, but doesn't start....big deal in 2018 and 22 — Hugh candlin
Not sure he starts. But yes, massively huge. — Tim
From Russia with Love (...simply add ZELALEM)!! — UsaUsaUsa Byrd
The Germans wanted him, we got him. Thats a big deal — guest
On the roster as a sub — MCA
Big deal. He's a top prospect who was still wanted by Germany. But he's still a prospect. However, he'll be on the plane to Brazil, at the expense (I hope) of Brek Shea — Brendan
He may not start, but he is a huge win for us and he will play. — Mary
The more talent, the better. Not sure he makes the squad (I haven't seen him play at all), but it certainly can't hurt. Either way, it shows how players with multiple options want to come play for the USA! — Nick Judge
A sub appearance or two. But def. Makes the team. — FIVETWO
Not sure he will start but looks to be a sub in every game — Jinzo
Won't make a difference in this WC but will be important for the next few cycles. — Drake
Doesn't start, definitely plays. Exciting times. — KIK
Huge deal not just because he is promising... Maybe more important, this shows that someone being courted by a top-soccer nation like Germany may actually choose the US. He isn't one of the almost-made-it Germericans or a talent from tiny Iceland - he was being pursued seriously by the big guys. — The Rationalist
Big deal but not huge, huge deal until we actually see him play. A lot for him to prove, right now the hype is way over the top. I wouldn't take him to Brazil but Jurgen probably will. If he starts in Brazil something has gone horribly wrong. — Brian
Could be what Landon Donovan was in 2002 — USP
Could make this WC team, but probably to inexperienced to play this is about 2018 — Jeff
He'll make the roster, won't start and it's a pretty big deal, but not today. It's a big deal to be determined 6 years from now. — KXRTI
Barring injury to many players, Green won't start. However I think he's got a chance to make and impact and if nothing else it makes the rest of the team need to play that much harder to earn a spot. — AZgreg
I can't really see him starting, but then again, I've never seen him play. Hopefully he's worth all the hype. — Daniel
3 words: World Cup 2018 — Gooch
Could be huge. What is needed is a fresh talented player to reinvigorate the USMNT. Who knows he may have an important role on the team for this World Cup. I still remember the young guns Donovan and Beasley added to the 2002 World Cup, and they both showed that they could compete and push the more established players. If nothing else Green is going to push the veterans harder to perform well. Which is always a good thing. — The implicate domain
great potential but not making the roster bar injury or dip in form from both Agudelo and Boyds — nik
Part of me has to believe that Jurgen assured him that if he chose the US he would make the Brazil roster. I am not sure that is the best thing in the world but here is where we are. Overall though, it's a great sign that a top level prospect at a top European club is choosing the USMNT for his national future. — Peter
Won't be too crazy about him yet. Who knows how he will gel with the team our develop. However, the more great prospects the better. He'll make the roster. — Eric Müller
I haven't seen this kid play really at all. But I do know a couple of things. He is a prospect. The German Nat'l team wanted him, and pursued him until the very end. He is rising up the ranks of the best club team in the world. He has earned 1st team minutes at FCB in the UCL as an 18 year old. He trains with Schweinsteiger and Ribbery every day. If the pieces fall where they should, he is going to be one hell of a player. — Preston Drake
a — b
It's a good sign, but he's still a prospect, and he shouldn't join the team in Brazil. — Alec
Seems like a good kid who wants to please his Dad, but I haven't seen enough of his play to know how good he is. — Fredo
still need to learn more about him — neal
He'll show flashes and be there as #3 behind Iceman and Jozy, but won't be more than a wildcard sub — Ajax
He should probably be on the plane to Brazil, but I think he doesn't start against Ghana unless he shows something spectacular in the send off games. I remember Messi at the 06 world cup and though he was exploding with Talent he wasn't exactly refined — Alex
He is the most polished 18 year old the U.S. Has brought into the set up in a very long time. He isn't just a goal poacher for a reserve team in Germany playing matches in the 4th division, but is a player who is highly regarded by the best coach or most successful coach in the world. A former Balon'D'or winner who occupies the position at Bayern, which is best described to American fans as their GM agrees with his coach in regard to his status as a top prospect. Will he be a star? Only time will be able to answer that question, but he has everything he needs to become a star, and getting minutes for the national team is one thing that can help him become a star for Bayern and the USMNT. The US coaches who hadn't seen him play before his trip to train in Frankfurt before the friendly against the Ukrain in early March could only say that all the so called hype you have heard of is completely warranted and very real. — Andy
The guy is an important prospect. He's likely to be one of our more important players going forward, but he's not starting for this world cup. I'm almost 100% sure he'll be coming off the bench in the 60-70 minute of a game or two, but he is likely not a savior for the USMNT this year. — Geo
What we don't need: another unproven German. — Xose
he's 18 and hasn't played at any high level, a lot has to go right for him — usa guy
Fans are already putting to much expectations on him. Does he have talent? Absolutely. IS he going to revolutionize the USMNT immediately? no. — Captain Kirk
Until he is tested on a real game we can't argue that he is National team Material....It is amazing that so many people are assuming that he is without the proper field test...Amazing — Fernando Sanchez
I think hell make the wc team because jurgan favors german based players but hes not ready to take usmnt to the next level yet — mario and luigi
How many people have watched this kid play a full game? Where does he fit in on this US team? Do people remember that singular, great individuals do not make great national teams? I'm glad he chose usmnt and think he has a decent shot at Brazil but how much of a difference will this unknown kid really make? Maybe huge in 2018 — Mikey
This will be answered in the Mexico game Wednesday. But we could use some pace and excitement on the left wing, and that is the little we know that he brings. I think if we try to play Germany and Portugal straight up we will get absolutely hammered. — <-------
means nothing. this guy isnt even zalalem. sign up zalalem then ill tall about this team — yea so what
<-- this guy hasn't gotten laid, ever. — everyone
Comment of the year — <-- this guy
Terrence Boyd Volume 2 — Wholian Green?