How will the U.S. perform in the three World Cup qualifiers in June?

The United States men's soccer team was overrun by a dynamic Belgium squad but responded well by outscoring Germany four days later. Which team will show up for the all-important Hexagonal matches this month? Graph your position by clicking on any cell, and then share a few words. To read what others have to say, simply click on any shaded cell.

June 03, 2013 8:55 AM
The Team Is Moving in the Right Direction
The Team Seems Lost
U.S Will Get 9 Points U.S. Will Get 0 Points
Klinsmann wasn't hired to qualify this team. Any one of many fine MLS coaches could do that. He was hired to develop this team so it would make an impact at the World Cup. He is well on his way to doing that. They should get 7 points over the next three games. — Partha
Very stoked about how Klinsman is changing the culture of the USMNT. The team can beat anyone on any given day and can lose to anyone on any given day. I look forward to some consistency. — Joshua Madison
Gona roll — Deepblack
The other three pegs were filled in so I wanted to complete the square. — Red
9 points here we come — eddie
True Patriot--> 9 points! — Getindachoppa
9 Points!!! Over the years they have never lost a qualifier that I have attended, and I am going to the two home games! Defense is still a mess but these are the games that need to be won and Jurgen understands that.. 7-9 Points for sure; but I am going all in! — beto
When the team is whole (with Bradley) they are playing great football right now. — Matt Davis
Why expect anything else? — Futbol4a
is this even a question? 9 points! — Sam
USA — colin
My brain says 7, my heart says 9. — Matt Lawson
7 points, and the team has been moving in the right direction for some time now. The ability of Evans to handle the RB position was an absolute revelation. If we can get consistent play out of the outside backs, this team suddenly looks slightly dangerous. — Willis
The changes really showed in the Germany game. Possession was crisp at times and long balls over the midfield were mostly eliminated. I think JK is creating some hunger by elimination of guaranteed starting slots. If MLS takes the next step by having competitive rosters, we will see a big dividend in the next cycle. — Pedro
They have 7, will most likely get 9 — Sami
When we beat the Dutch and Germany I re-believed! — Troy
7 points sounds good to me. More than the results I am looking for Jozy to continue his form from the Germany game and for the backline to become more solid. — Jake
Keep lineup from 1st half against Germany — Juniordoc75
Jamaica and Panama should mean points for the US, but Honduras could prove tougher to handle. Anything less than 5 points is a disappointment, while 6 or 7 is probably to be expected. In terms of the team itself, Klinsman has the boys playing better, and I like the high pressure. If Altidore, Deuce, Bradley, etc get the offense performing as well as we know it can and the defense plays to it's potential as well, we could see the team gel and go get 9 points. — John
This team will get 6-7 points and they are definitely looking better than they have been. This will be their first real opportunity this year to really play their game in something that matters (2 toughest qualifiers and a blizzard make playing your own game tough), and they'll look good doing it. — Conor Lynch
Expecting 7-9 points. Jamaica looks beatable at home right now, with injuries and not much time with all their players in camp, plus a qualifier against Mexico to get through on Tuesday. But, it's The Office, and anything could happen. — Ryan
This team is moving in the right direction. I think this team will gain experience and improve overall in the near future with more games played. I think they will get 7 points in the upcoming qualifiers. — Jack
I'll hedge my bets and say we'll get 7 points. I do like where the team is headed even if its painfully slow and in fits and starts. — wandmdave
2 wins, 1 tie — Andy
5 points. We should expect no more than 5. — NickB
We need at LEASt 6pts but I want at minimum 7pts. At some point you want a win on the road in case you slip up at home and the game in Jamaica is the best one to do it. Panama on the final day will be tough and CR want pure revenge. Get me 7pts and I'll be a happy USNT fan. I'll live with 6 nothing less. — Red
Expecting 7 points. A tie in Jamaica. — Dustin
Would like to see 9, but be happy with 7. Just beat Panama, as I'm going to the game. — SoCal Soccer Mom
predicting 7 points. — Chris
eh — will
My heart says 9, but my brain says 6. — Sean
We will get 7 points — rigs
I think we're all hoping for 7 points... gotta get those Ws at home. Hopefully we can stop talking about Klinsmann's job security and start discussing to the team we will take to Brazil. — Brett
Improve CB pairing, bring donovan back, make sure Jozy performs consistently. we'll be ok. — mitch
USA — Evan W
JK is slowly but surely building depth in the first-team squad. That doesn't mean instant results, though. Some tricky match-ups. 5 points. — Jake
Should be a 7pt month — J
7 or 9 points. With more starters back and more cohesion formed over three games, the team starts to look a bit better. But that's from a very low point — Mike22
The team is moving in the right direction (but not as quickly as we'd all like) and we WILL get points (though the team is prone to conceding points at a higher rate that we'd all like) — Andrew
Trending up! — @Irishconrad
Fine line here. Less than seven points would be a disappointment. Nine points seems out of reach. — Taylor
I feel like they will choke on game because of overconfidence — Kevin
Right direction, but considering the stuff CR has pulled this week it gives a serious advantage to themselves. US will maybe win, but probably draw, and then beat Mexico Tuesday for another Dos a Cero. — Tim
I expect 7 points. Like where this team is headed. — Hunter
Team is coming together. Defense is holding them back at this point. — Paul
Team is looking better, but still won't get all 9 points. 2 win and a draw! — Jackson Treadway
If Klinsy doesn't repeat his asinine away game choices of the past (ie 3 center D-mIds) and doesn't overwork the players, then I think 9 points is very reachable. Using the same line-up and formation as the Germany game (1st half) would also be wise. Lastly, don't play Geoff Cameron...ever — Mark
The team is in good form and should beat it's CONCACAF counterparts this month. — Greg Bean
Looking for 9 points, but only "feeling" 6 - 7 points. That's optimistic relative to how I was feeling last month. — Djep
7 points id guess. team seems to be starting to click under klinsman — chris j
Until the back line is sorted out, the Yanks are susceptible to being over-matched and outscored. Need much more of a pattern of offensive output, similar to against Germany, as well. Somewhere between 5-7 points, I am guessing. — Route 1 Soccer
If I had only watched the first half of the Germany game I would have said 9 points. However, I did watch the other 135 minutes they played this past week. — Kyle S
Amazing what 1 win will do, lots of optimism. A couple tough games, but I think we're showing progress. Hopefully at least 7 points, maybe 9. — Josh
9 points is a tall ask. 6-7 seems more likely — BetaMale
9 points but there will still be defensive questions afterward. — a
There is a lot of work that needs to be done, but Altidore is in form, which is an improvement. I'm calling 7 points with the USMNT dropping points to Honduras. — Andrew
im starting to see the signs of the possession game klinsi have been talking about. We should get at least 7 points from these games, but really should get 9 — Chris
I think we get seven points and make a huge step towards qualification. Still questions out there, though - back 4, LB/LM, ways to score more from the run of play. — d-bar
The best guess is to go with 7 points, but I think the U.S. really should pick up 9. I don't see another Jamaica meltdown, and Honduras and Panama on U.S. soil? 3+3+3=9 — Nathan Halford
Yep... — Lou
The USA will get 7 points. Last 2 results mean absolutely nothing. All about player development, giving opportunities, and learning from experiences. Experiences have been great this last week for the players. — Dezzy
Take 7 points and be happy with it. Still enough holes in the team, especially in the back line, to make less than 7 points a distinct possibility. Scoring 4 goals is nice. Having to score 4 goals to win isn't. — Brian
I think the team will be ok--6 or 7 points of out of these three games seems likely to me--but still questions in both attack and defense. I'd be great to see some consistency, both in terms of selections and play. — Alex
I bet they get 7 points, but in the long-run it seems like our floor is getting higher while the ceiling isn't growing as much. — Jacob
I like potatoes! — Jervis
9 pts great 7 pts a must — chris
I'm thinkin the Jamaica game will be a tie, we will have a little panic and then two wins. It seems to be the way it works, we can beat anybody on a good day, but we can also lose to anybody. — Taylor storey
Team seems to be working better, but we have one poor game in us this round. 6 points. — Greg
Here... — BostonRed
Even if they comes up successful, I'm not so sure the drama will die down. — AaronOB
Think we have the talent to take the nine points but need to continue to incorporate players who will be in their prime in 2018. — Siz
Its that Woo-WOO — Bubb Rubb
Cautious Optimism — Bradley S.
Tonight's win was big. These guys are working very hard for each other and although it can be nerve racking to witness, — JohnnyPauly
Love the progress. Now mix in a dose of consistency and we're golden! — Brian Smith
6-7 points depending on Honruras' form. Need to take the 'momentum' from draw at MEX more than win over GER. Lean on Bradley and Jozy for offense, Howard in goal, defend set pieces, log points. — Jonny Hoops
if they are good, they are solid and decisively good. but more often than not they are bad and when they are bad they look lost and disconnected. As long as they all show up and are hungry for the W they can do well. — caroline
Nine points is possible, but I think seven more likely. There is progress, but I think the time and space Germany allowed the USMNT to play in will be much harder to find in the next three games. — Nicholas
Go USA — Max
Team is not moving in the best direction currently. We should be able to quality for the HEX however. — Thomas Horn
Doubt that they'll get nine, but they'll get there. — Shibb
Maybe 5 pts and a squeaker — Maybe 5 pts
getting there as long as the coach does not loose his mind again — Greg
Hard to say whether we're making progress at this point, though the next three games will shed some light on this question. I expect us to get 5-7 points, as we have too much talent to get anything less than that. 9 points would be impressive; less than 4 would be a disaster. — Dan
I'm just not sure what to make of this team; periods of solid play offset by episodes of glaring dificiency. Perhaps our depth of talent is just too shallow right now. — Soccerwonk
I see 5-7 points. It will be a failure if under 5 with the two home games. It will be immensely successful and will firmly take hold of their spot if they gain 9. — Steve
Yeah, If Klinsi is settled on his backline we'll get 7 points - if not I'm thinking 5-6. This is his easiest stretch of 3 games so 9 is not out of realm of possibility - and I know most are worried about the 'D', but I'm more worried about the 'O'. — Pancho Miguel MoralesdeConejo
Need consistency. Badly. — Tyler
Feels like we're headed toward seven points, none of which will be won comfortably. — David
They were two friendlies, but they exposed our backline's inexperience. We'll get four points, and the sky will once again be falling at the end of this set of qualifiers. — Christopher
Putting this here just to mock Christopher above me. How is that crow you're eating big guy? Ready for another portion next week? — wandmdave
The team played better against Germany but no doubt there are tons of question marks all over the field. Gonzalez is a weak link in the central defense and neither full back is a guy you'd want starting in the World Cup. Howard is also shaky and shouldn't be starting. — Rainmaker
I think Klinsmann's time is done. He is no good for us. — Zach Cramer
I think we'll get points out of the next 3 games, but we're still disjointed as a unit. Far too many attacks that are drawn back by lack of ambition or creativity. When it looks like the play should flow to the wing there's no one there. Cautiously optimistic. — Alan Collins
I think we're talking 5 or 6 here. The jury is still out on this team. I don't think we'll know any more during June, though. We'll know a lot more in July if Holden, Donovan, and Bocanegra play significant Gold Cup minutes. — KXRTI
We are moving in the wrong direction but we will qualify easily and fail to advance out of group in Brazil. I predict 6-7 points from the 3 quali's in June. I am excited about our 2018 team and intrigued whom USSF will pick as Manager in the post-Klinsmann era. — Excellency
Los gringos son putos — Mexico