How will the U.S. perform during the Hexagonal round of qualification?

In 2013, the U.S. national team plays 10 games that will decide whether they make the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. How will the team perform? Graph your position below by clicking on any cell, and then leave your comments. Hover over any colored cell to read what others had to say.

December 10, 2012 10:26 PM
They will qualify
They will be eliminated
Will dominate the group Will struggle against CONCACAF
Nobody took this corner yet. — brian fontana
I think we'll absolutely qualify, but it won't be a show of strength. The Yanks are simply too inconsistent and Costa Rica and Honduras will be stiff competition for 2nd and 3rd place. Mexico will absolutely take 1st. Even if we took 4th and played in Oceania, it would send a message that, once again, the Yanks are not to be taken too seriously in Brazil. I hope I'm wrong, but I think the Hex will be a repeat of 2012: some great shots, some wins we shouldn't have won, some losses we should have taken, but ultimately entirely unremarkable. — Jonny Utah
CONCACAF is definitely becoming a more diffcult place to play and Mexico is still by far the class of our region. We will lose a few away and draw a few at home. We will likely lose to Mexico twice or draw & lose to them. If we have a bad home game or two, this could get tougher than it normally does. Still, not qualifying would be a tragedy and a complete embarrassment. Unlikely to happen — Tim
The Fact that the sport has grown with @MLS in CONCACAF certain games are going to be tight The Good News is most of the second round will be HOME GAMES — @enricesar1979
- — Tim
They qualify for sure, but Jamaica and Mexico put up great competition. — Trent
I think they take all 15 home points and get another 9-10 on the road to finish 1st or 2nd — Rob In Hartford
Will come second behind Mexico, could see us having some difficult games. But certain qualification! — Dmlacey
I expect a little drama, but they will qualify. — T. A. Simeria
I think we'll take points from Mexico home and away cruising to first place in the group, but drop points against teams we should handily beat on paper. Just like Jamaica away in the qualifying round. — CrazyMike366
We'll qualify easily. I think Klinsmann has this team on track it's just a matter of time before they finally click. — Rob Usry
Qualification is a no-brainer. But the hex is never easy. — Christopher
We got this. USA are going to Brazil where we will win the World Cup! — Red
Gaining confidence. We'll win the group and beat Mexico at home....again — Charlie VA
I am super critical of Klinsy and his nonsense statements, hypocrisy, and unfamiliarity with the player pool, but he's not terrible, maybe a C. And this team is an A in our region, with all the talent that is emerging. Qualifying is a 100% certainty, so that is all the way at the top. We will be first or second in our group, so that is 85-90% to the right. — Bobb
They win for real at the Azteca, draw at some other away match, and win every other match, dominating at home. — THomas
time to run train on the rest of concacaf. — beto
They win every match. — HDsnob
I would like to buy a vowell — Jervis
Go USA — Mike R.
We're in for sure, won't quite dominate, but will win at home, 1-2 road wins, 1-2 road struggles. — Big Chil
Will win every game in the United States. Will win convincingly against Mexico. Will carry a torch into Brazil 2014. — Jake
I thing the national team will qualify, but I honestly don't believe anyone is going to have it easy. — Freddy G.
It's almost impossible for the USA to not place in the Top 3 or lose the Oceania playoff. 17 points will do it, and they have the players to get that with ease. — JSchnauzer
No problem! — Gouda
Will come in 1st or 2nd place. — Ryan
The U.S. will qualify rather easily but will blunder early on against a smaller team. I expect them to finish in second place. — Aaron K.
A lot depends on JK's gold cup roster and whether he is willing to integrate some young studs. There is plenty of potential on the fringes. Will he use it? — Doug B
It's always a struggle but over 10 games quality is rewarded — Jon
No problems. Doing well in Brazil is another thing, though. — Rick
This round is never as easy as the final papers make it read out to be. In the tables, the USA will qualify and it's up to Klinsmann's management how easily. The individual matches are never easy and things won't be pretty, especially with the current chemistry (i.e. lack thereof) of the team. — KXRTI
They will struggle but will qualify. — Oranje Mike
We'll make it in the top two or three, but it won't necessarily be pretty, especially on the road. If handle business at home, everything should be ok. — Alexander Blackmer
Will qualify. Not necessarily easily but not a "struggle" either. Make it with a game or two to spare. — Brian
They will definitely qualify and finish either first or second. As always, the matches against Mexico will be key in determining who wins the group. — Franco
Bound to dissapoint in a few games but still easily qualify — patty
The qualification path is easier than previous cycles. 17 points should be enough for qualification, and I would be shocked if the USA lost more than 3 games. — CincySporting
I expect them to struggle through qualification, as the youngsters develop and mature. They should be able to get through once the team starts to mesh. There's too much talent in the pool to crash out. — Dave
I think the U.S. will qualify easily, struggle on the road against the tougher teams and dominate at home. — Drew
Away matches in CONCACAF are not for the faint of heart! — ZAIRE
4 wins and a draw at home. 2 wins, 1 draw, and 2 losses on the road. 20 points good for #2 and a trip to Brazil. — Chad Gambone
No worries. — Mike
They'll qualify as the number 2 or 3 team. It'll be a struggle on the road but we take care of business at home — Caleb
Defense is our biggest problem the worst problem to have — Thomas
The US has a great chance, IF they play the right cards, and everyone is on their 'A' game — Joey
They have a great chance but those early road tests concern me especially if LD is not in the mix! — DCLee
Donovan will retire, only to come out of retirement at the last minute, we will qualify second due to struggles on the road. But we will qualify comfortably once our defensive laspes are resolved... — DWS
USA all the way! — Jordan
A healthy roster would go a long way in helping the U.S. qualify. It's time to see if any new fresh faces in the back could solidify a shaky D. Ultimately, the U.S. has too many good weapons to not qualify: Bradley, Dempsey, Howard, Cherundolo, Donovan, etc. — Nathan H
We will make far fewer mistakes in the Hex this year. Coming out on top with an impressive win over Mexico in Seattle! — Jonathan
The US has entirely too much talent not to qualify. If we win all our home games and snag points on the road, we'll be just fine. — Kirun
This team has a lot of growing to do, but they'll finish in the top half of the group. — Danny
We should qualify but competition is at a premium this go around. There will be some early hiccups but the team should recover to finish second. Just have to shoot for at least 12 (4-1-0) home points and 5 away (1-2-2) points and we'll qualify. — Conor
Odds are very high to qualify -- not enough cohesion to dominate with Mexico lurking and enough other teams that play well at home. — Sweet Billy D
It doesn't need to be pretty, it just needs to happen. And when it comes down to it, the USA always make it happen. — Jason
The USA will definitely qualify. — Ian
Will qualify in 1st or 2nd place. — Ryan
They will qualify but not through complete dominance. — scott
The hex is always a struggle, and it might start horribly. But the U.S. always comes through at home and should qualify with a game to spare. — Paul Carr
We will struggle against Mexico and Costa Rica, where we always do. Other than that, Klinsmann will figure out Concacaf and lead us to the World Cup. — .
USA has not been playing well. But should qualify as 2nd place. Will definitely struggle against mexico and honduras away.But i think they will beat mexico at home — Ivan Mendez
I'm pretty sure that we'll just see more of the same struggles, but in the end the US will qualify. — Sean
Mexico 1st, one of the other four teams grabs 2nd and the U.S. takes the 3rd automatic qualifier. Not our best team right now and the region is getting stronger. — Rainmaker
Because I said so — Me
— Stamford6
— jason
Deuce will destroy, Jurgen will be prepared. — ATM10
... — Jacques
We will qualify by playing how we usually do. Spectacular at home and sluggish away — Zak
When it comes down to getting the job done, Klinsmann will make it happen. Expect a stumble here or there, but one of the top two spots will be filled by the USMNT. Expecting Mexico and Honduras to also qualify outright and Panama to lose to New Zealand. — TheUnionDues.net
The early sked will be tough but the Yanks will breeze through the home matches & pick a 2 road wins to qualify without too much sweat, — Mark F
mexico is very strong, the USA has shown we can win in hostie environments and play against very good sides and grind out results when needed. COME ON YOU YANKS! — Akoob
Drop some on the road as always...probably tie a couple they shouldn't. Winless vs Mexico. — Shifty
A — Connor
I believe the U.S. will qualify for Brazil, but I don't think it will be easy—sort of like the semifinal round. That February 6 match in Honduras is huge. A win would send a message to every other team in the Hex; a loss would suggest the U.S. is vulnerable. — JHG
Expect solid victories, one loss, and a few draws. A victory over Mexico in the States and a draw in Azteca. The US will come out on top of CONCACAF. — KJW
JK will have them well prepared. — M Carmona
Define "struggle". No one will dominate this group, not even MEX. I think the general public and media will say we "struggled" despite qualifying. Qualifying is all that matters. — Rob
Will struggle to get full points in road matches. Should be able to take maximum points from our home slate, though. — Charlie Fiction
Bring in Omar and Gatt! — Ben
The Hex should end up being more of a proving ground for young and fringe players. The USMNT is deeper and more talented than four of the five other teams in the group. Just got to translate paper to qualification. — Bradley
It's going to be tough, and I don't even want to think about 2018 right now. CONCACAF is more impressive than it used to be, but it would take a complete disaster to prevent a top 3 finish. — Jack
In the end we make it, but not before this team tries to give me a few more heart attacks along the way — Harris
I think we will make it through, but with the way the team has been playing of late I think there are going to be some ugly games. We never make it as easy as it should be. — Sean
They will qualify with difficulty and the schedule will be the scapegoat for why they did not dominate. — Tucker
Won't dominate, but will qualify — Ross
It will be tough unless team steps it up a couple of notches. — Paul
Mexico will be number 1, but we will be 2. — Nathan
We will struggle early, but ultimately qualify in the end. — Matt
They will qualify but it won't be pretty probly 2nd or 3rd place. They need to quickly id young talent that will help and coount on a few older players to hold things together — hak
! — bohringer9
Can't imagine too many teams in the Americas be that much better than the US. — Michael Del Muro
bad — Jake
Won't completely dominate, the road games will be ugly as usual, but should go through as 1 or 2 seed. — Bucky
We struggled, but we still made it. Donovan hasn't been a factor, nor should we expect him to be. We have enough to get through. — Caleb
There will be some nervy games and lost points. Expect full range of emotions. In the end though, US Soccer will still be buying a box of "Portuguese for Dummies" on Amazon, and AO members will be jetting down to Rio. — MrTuktoyaktuk
Nm — Rr
Look, the trial year has passed. We succeeded. Wasn't pretty, got done. That will translate into better results. With the talent coming up the pipe, it will be transitional but do-able. Second only to Mexico. — Joe G.
Look out Australo-Asiatic-Pacific-NZ Qualifier play-in game. Here comes the USA!! — NickB
will do enough — arty
Person to the right doesn't know what he's talking about. Good thing we wouldn't play a South American team and that its a team from Oceania. — HoosierFC
Honduras, Costa Rica have improved significantly by having their players play in Europe. Jamaica not as much. With mexico dominating, that leaves the US at fourth, facing a S. American opponent in a home-and-away playoff. Don't fancy our chances, unless Honduras or Costa Rica falter dramatically. — Shchors
I hate to be negative, but with the struggles currently going on within the team, it's hard to see them qualifying easily. With the potential absence of Donovan weighing heavily on the minds of those on the team, this American squad will need to perform well above their normal standard in order to make it out of the Hexagonal. — Brandon
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The guy to the right is an idiot. — A-toast
Mexico, Honduras, Jamaica. US loses vs CONMEBOL 5th. — Ricardo
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I agree with the guy on the left. — Jason D
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We got this raymond domenech style ;) — Tony
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How long did it take to come up with the x-axis? I thought of 2 better ideas in 1 minute: Play pretty vs Play Ugly Play youngsters vs Play veterans — Jon
B- 15. you sunk my battleship ... kersplash — Jon
This area of this quadrant is stupid. — C-toast
They will lose — fukusa
They suck with their old players playing on wheelchairs. They are gonna get gang raped by all the other teams. Just like dos Santos raped Tim Howard. — fukusa
This part of the grid is a tad bit redundant. They're actually going to win by so much that they're going to lose. SO DOMINANT. — BB
They're going to win so hard that they'll crash right out. — Skeletor
they gonna lose man.. — Mexico Joe
Just because... — StopSign19