How Will Clint Dempsey's Two-Month Loan to Fulham Play Out? Good or Bad?

Seattle Sounders striker Clint Dempsey is set to return to Fulham on a two-month loan—will he languish on the bench or flourish? Will he be tempted to stay in the English Premier League? Graph your position below and share your thoughts. To see what others have to say, click on any shaded cell.

December 27, 2013 7:04 PM
Deuce Will Score Nonstop
He'll Get Minimal Playing Time
It's the Perfect World Cup Prep Clint Will Be Tempted To Stay
dempsey descends upon the prim for two glorious months leaving defenders in his wake he score 15 goals a game — adam
Hope he finds his scoring touch — Jay
Deuce would be delighted to help out in any way that he can. Giving Fulham a little push is probably what they need. — Rahman
Can't go anywhere but up after 0-6 against Hull. — Jon
Good to see Dempsey staying fit at a place he's very familiar with (even though it's been a year and a half since he last wore the Fulham shirt). They could certainly use him to fight that relegation battle. — PC
He will score goals but not nonstop. Based on his introduction interview it seems he is happy to end his career in Seattle. This will be a good prep for the world cup as he will be training and playing in a top league leading up to WC 2014. — Erick Peterson
He will see plenty of playing time at the highest level and re-find his scoring touch for the Cottagers. — Shane Wood
Should get good PT and perform at the level he has shown he can. — Pwyll
If Dempsey does well, Fulham will pay top dollar to Seattle to keep him the rest of the season in order to prevent relegation. It would be a win-win-win... — CP
Excellent prep, but he will only score a few goals on an otherwise weak EPL side. — Stephen
He'll probably do OK and be a regular starter, but not make much of an impact. Fulham will likely still get relegated — Mark
He'll definitely see plenty of time on the pitch. But nobody is going to be scoring nonstop for this rather terrible Fulham team. Decent, not perfect, World Cup prep. Doesn't matter if he's tempted, he's coming back to Seattle whether he wants to or not. — Brian
Fulham could use the help, and he didn't look at his best in the MLS; good opportunity for him to sharpen up. — Matt
Hope it goes well. I think Clint can make an impact there.Hope it goes well. I think Clint can make an impact there. — Adam
good prep for world cup considering that this is the club he has spent the most time with — ian
Win-win for Clint and FFC — Westbrook
I hope I'm proven wrong but I don't see Clint scoring many goals. He wasn't in great shape at the end of the MLS season and has been off since then. He's going to need a little time to get acclimated and then his time there's almost up. I still think playing in the EPL and staying sharp during this period is important though - just tempering expectations. — Alex
Good way to keep the mind and body sharp. Might not do much scoring, though. — JKoll
When he plays, he scores. Happy to go back to Sounders — ThaDeuce
meh? — tclark
He will play decently, get a serious injury, and these loans will be rubbished in the future. So say we all! — Don Quixote