How Should the U.S. National Team Approach the Portugal Match on Sunday?

How do you solve a problem like Cristiano? And do you go into Sunday's Group G showdown in Manaus looking for victory or trying to secure a tie? Graph your position below and share a few words. To read what others have to say, hover over any shaded cell.

June 20, 2014 6:49 AM
Attack and go for the win
Bunker and play for a scoreless draw
CR7 is hobbled—don't obsess focus gameplan on ronaldo
Go for the kill, seize the chance to advance. Portugal is wounded worse than we are, and they've struck me as soft this cycle anyway. Focus the gameplan on Portugal's focusing their gameplan on CR7, and exploit the holes that pattern leaves. — John R
Best defense is a good offense. — Bill
Portugal will be weakened in defense and vulnerable on the counterattack. Play Johannsson up top and take advantage of his speed and creativity in the air & on the break. — atloutlaw
Push for the win-counterpunch, counterpunch, counterpunch. — Scott
prevent defense prevents winning. cry is just one player...who is not on form. play to win and attack. — adam
If the US plays for a scoreless draw it will lose. They need to recognize the strengths/weaknesses of Portugal (as they did with Ghana) and be more proactive. — Pwyll
Play for more possession and create more chances. You can focus on shutting down Ronaldo, but obsessing will open up too many holes for their 10 other guys. — Dan
Ronaldo is hurt bad. He's still playing- that's a win for us. Don't ignore him, but treat him like we would any normal star striker. If we take it to the Portuguese, they'll be broken mentally as well as physically. — JaJuan Johnson
4231 Have Bradley in attack, Beckerman defending, and have Jones marking Cristiano. That last part is key. — MJF
<- This guy has it right. — Sam
<--- This guy is a fag. — Neil Degrasse Tyson
Would've settled for a draw before the Germany-Ghana draw. Now we've got to win so let's go attack this wounded animal we have in front of us. Shut down Ronaldo. Cut off the head, the body dies. — Brian
Dedicate one dude to obsess over him. All others attack. — Fox
Counterattack aggressively but still counter and control the ball. — Mattinho
My stomach hurts. — Sean
Go for the win, but don't lose 5-0 because of it. Ronaldo will not be himself, but don't underestimate him! — Cautious
make someone other than ronaldo beat us. without coentrao, pepe and hugo almeida, i don't think they'll be able to. attack on the counters — zack
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yeah — abdrew