Is Klinsmann the right man for the job? You tell us.

Jurgen Klinsmann’s record is 11-6-3 since taking over the United States men’s soccer team, including some historic road victories (Italy, Mexico) and some disappointing showings in World Cup qualifiers. We have two questions for you: How do you rate Klinsmann’s tactical abilities? And what do you think of his player choices? Pick a cell on the interactive matrix below that expresses your views, and then share your thoughts. (To read what other people have to say, hover over any colored cell.)

September 08, 2012 11:05 AM
Great tactician
Poor tactician
Excellent roster manager Picks the wrong players
I think Klinsmann is Dumn and stuff with the players, but oh boooooyyyyyy can that nigga coach — NAME
I think we are very lucky to have Klinsmann. though I'm still very nervous about qualifying sadly enough — Josh LAG Caron
This is his status if he picks freddy adu — Ben
1 — arachni_name
Just Kidding. — Joey
He's a great player. He knows the game, but I think he occasionally makes mistakes while making his roster. I just pray the next 2 games are wins. — Michael McCluskey
He's obviously got the right idea moving forward and frankly I'd be shocked if what he's instilled in our youth levels doesn't pay huge dividends in the next decade. — @NotAlexis
YEEESSSSS — Eddie Johnson
It takes time and he's not finished yet. I'm excited. — Dave R
Tactically, he's strong. The Italy and Mexico wins show that. Player selection has always been confusing. I think it's hurt us in those WC qualifiers. — TC
EJ and Gordo! nuf said — NAME
He knows what he's doing. Let him do his thing. — Kristy
knows the games styles and opponents very well but when picking his team makes odd choices. also lets someone like altidore off the team for what seams like a personal reason — chris long island
He is definitely changing our style of play. Even though I know it was a dud-game, our performance against Scotland in the summer was unlike anything I've seen the USMNT pull off before. His system hasn't fully taken hold yet, it's too soon. And he's stubborn in choosing certain underperforming players (Jones, Torres, Castillo, Beckerman) but once he gets his guys, and get them playing right... Watch out. — T.Sloan
I am enjoying the positive mentality. I think some of the veteran players are not buying into his vision. It is time to phase Donovan out anyway, he has lost his passion. — Dale
It does not matter how great your team is qualifying, it matters what you are by the time you reach the world cup. By all accounts, Jurgen is giving players a fair chance (to make sure their performances are not just flukes). He experiments with different formations, keeps a positive atmosphere, developing the US across all levels of soccer, and slowly bringing in new men to find a better working solution for that ideal US soccer style. — Stuart
Thinks long term & sets high standards — Paul
Because I'm right... — Michael J Fox
This comment is based in no fact or grounded opinion whatsoever — Jeremy
He does a good job! Real changes take time and we don't really have a deep roster right now except at center midfield. — Erick Peterson
I think he is a huge improvement over Bradley, full stop. The US is very lucky to have him. — Michael
He is fine tactically. Criticize all you want but when it comes down to the big world cup games....or AHEM gold cup games, I don't think he'll go full retard. — elvinjones
I've never been this confident about a world cup before. It doesn't matter if we struggle to score against Jamaica if we continue to beat the likes of Italy and Mexico. — Andrew
ji — ibanez
Right tactics, poor choices — Brandon
It seems that he won't give some new players a game or two for starting while he gives stagnant players all the time in the world on the pitch. What gives? — Dude
He is a step up over Bradley and is doing the best he can to improve the team, it will take some time but his work will show in the 2014 World Cup. — John
I call it a rough start, But I have good faith — Kevin
Hey Brandon — Patrick
This whole time I thought Klinsmann was the right man for the job, but as time goes on I am having more and move doubts. I don't think he knows the player pool like he should and playing players out of their best roles bugs me, but I think he does a decent job at insiring the group. Time will tell and the jury is still out. — HDsnob
Jurgen has the right mentality when it comes to tactics but at the same time he needs to play his team to it's capabilities. Sometimes the roster doesn't fit his ideal play style. — Chance
he is good — NAME
Tactically pretty good with who he calls in, and doesn't really give out undeserving callups, but his persistence in not calling in certain guys like Lichaj is baffling. — Jordan
I think his tactic are usually spot on, but often I view his roster choice as questionable. For the most part I think its pretty good, and has improved with most games. I don't understand why Jozy hasn't gotten his fair chance, and this is a bit biased, but I think just about anyone can see that Brek Shea is the right man for left mid. Almost every time he hits the field, we get a goal that is connected to him. — Zac Freeland
Love the guy — Brett
He just beat Mexico in the Azteca---he's got some capital to spend. — NAME
Does a good job with the talent and resources he has at his disposal. Jury is still out on taking entire organization to a higher place. — Scap
He has the right idea, but he's leaving off the wrong players or not using the correct combination of players when he goes into his camps or into games. He needs to find his balance, and quick, or you won't be seeing the USA going very far in the World Cup (if we even qualify) — NAME
Hate this roster for the last two games of the semifinals, but he won in Italy and Azteca, so he knows his stuff. I just don't think he's using the best players and is making it harder than necessary. — Chad Gambone
I think the tactics have been pretty solid, but the depth of the roster has been highly questionable. — richuardo
Kinsy baby, I think you are heading towards the right direction, you know some of us love you more than others, but I'm in love with you.... — Dan
We've seen lots of good, young players come into the side during his tenure. Tactics are pretty good too; he knows how to build a good defense. — Troy
I feel like he's finally getting his stride on how to mold this team. — Hernan
Will move more right if he keeps playing Danny Williams in the middle — NAME
The first year and a half have been an awkward yet successful. If Jurgen can re-involve Landon, Jozy as well as bring in some of the new wave; Lichaj, Gonzalez, Gaat, Adu, Corona, etc. we will be a very solid team. As for tactics; I don't think Jurgen is done molding his plan, but it is comming along. 2013 will be very interesting with the Hex and Gold Cup — Beto
I believe he's done well with the cards he's been dealt like no Donovan, Dempsey has missed a few, Bradley missed some qualifiers. JK doesn't make excuses, he continues to move forward with what he has to work with. Reality is the talent pool is not great from age 27-mid 30s. Most are not used to his style of play. Why do you think Gomez, EJ, and Gordon have gotten call ups? Because they are better options than others. Include Orozco-Fiscal, Fabian Johnson, Danny Williams, Edgar Castillo, Beckerman and Zusi. Fact is none of these players got call ups until Klinsmann and they have all had good performances. — Adrian
He's the anti-Bob Bradley. You can see the potential and the ceiling is high, but the basement is also lower. The execution isn't there yet, but it does seem to be building towards something. If/when he does find that perfect elixer, there will be many more dos a ceros to come. — Droo
Makes questionable roster selections and strange substitutions at times, but also makes key substitutions when needed. He managed to finish top of the group despite his faults, so he must be doing something right... — Hank A
He obviously knows the game and how to train. No questions there. He also has that traditional German mentality that unless you are Messi he will tend toward youth but team chemistry an balance is the key. Develop the players when you can and in certain spots not necessarily certain games. I do like him though. — J.P. Terrasi
generally doing a good job — VTgooner
Usually gets good things out of what he has available — Jay
He really should be a technical director not a manager for the US. His tactics are very good in concept but he doesn't call in the players who can execute his ideas. — Dylan
No Jozy Altidore or Terrence Boyd is questionable. Alan Gordon will provide absolutely nothing for this program. Klinnsman doesn't just need wins right now, but dominant ones over lowly CONCACAF opponents. Results....Now. — Kramer
Slowly implementing the attacking style of play that has been lacking. Seems to have the right guys in the mix more often than not. — Nick in ATX
Good roster picks to start games, not so good in substitutions. Hot/Cold on tactics. Sometimes brilliant, sometimes baffling — Eric
Just my thoughts. — Tuggers
In a way Klinsi is like George Lucas. Lots of good big-picture ideas, but his work in the moment can be quite suspect. Then again, he could just recognize that now is the time to be tinkering with the player pool and will mold it into shape well by 2014. — NAME
I have disagreed with a number of Klinsmann's selections from the day he was hired. I was certainly willing to believe that he knew more than I did (and indeed, he probably does), but that doesn't mean he has exercised sufficient judgment. Leaving Altidore off of the most recent roster is just the lastest example, as was his constant sticking with Jose Torres (and possibly Herculez Gomez). That being said, when he makes decent selections (when he doesn't choose to start 10 defensive midfielders, for example), the style of the team is much more enjoyable, and much better suited to winning. I'd like to see him push for more pressure higher up the pitch, and for him to work on getting better passing and movement from his players, but overall, his tactics have been pretty good. — Josh
Ehhhhh.... HEX! — Charlie
Encouraged, but I want more. Why isn't Eric Lichaj on the squad? And Omar Gonzalez? Both can play circles around Michael Orozco Fiscal. Danny Williams should be the No. 6 for the next decade. Build chemistry between Jozy and Terrence. Crush A&B and then do the same to Guatemala. — JHG
JK is still trying to find the right players by bringing in new players all the time. let him find HIS PLAYERS then critic his tactics. — Ross The Red
He's been working players out and seeing what types of formations will work and he has had some success where we haven't in the past. Would like to see him give some new players a chance. — Blake
I think he is doing a pretty good job, but some of his call ups or lack thereof leave me puzzled. Namely Lichaj. — @brysonwebster
His in-game adjustments have been really good, in most situations. But his player selections have been hit-and-miss on more regular occasions. He needs to find a way of working in youth and experience into a single lineup, rather than one or the other. Combine USAvMEX friendly as well as USAvJAM WC Qualifier. — @RealDSean
Get em. — Odub
I think he'll find the right balance next year. Not so much this year. — NAME
Some of the guys he has stuck with In the midfield (beckerman, edu) have been questionable and were just not scoring many goals, but the results have been somewhat promising. — Ice
I love his willingness to experiment with formations, but his rosters are head-scratching sometimes. He is improving though. — Alex
It all comes down to results and if the team gets through, then he is the right man for the job. He has included several dozen players, so I can't be too upset with the latest ommissions. I do believe that we need some continuity and barring a failure to qualify, I am all for leaving him at the helm and allowing him to build his team in the model he feels will be succesful. — Dan Tyree
Too soon to tell but I like the changes so far tho 3 Dmids was troubling. I would just like to see more goals but thats on the players. — Tim
He hasn't exactly failed at anything yet, has he? First place in qualification and 2 historic victories. Not sure why everyone is so down on the guy — Weston
Changing style of play while dominating teams is very much like trying to turn a car while speeding up. If you have ever seen a breakdown of tire capabilities.You only have 100 percent you can only turn so much while going so fast. He has done well with player selection to keep on the road, so to speak. — NAME
He should have picked Jozy, but putting in Gordon at the end of the match paid off. — NAME
Sticks with some players too long, but brings in others(zusi,Cameron) who make a difference. Needs to make faster tactical switches in games when the starters aren't making anything happen. -Rambo — Rambo
Time and time again it seems that the players save his bacon. He's had players put of position in every game, and it's never worked out. Not sure what guys like Lichaj and Gatt have to do to get called in, but when we are empty at their positions, it would seem logical to bring them in. Wins are wins but I think that's covering up Klinnsman's failures. — Caleb
He's got a good idea of what he *wants to play* but what he actually plays doesn't fit the players called in at all. — Byertfjord
Either this or the opposite: excellent roster manager, poor tactician. — NAME
This is an interesting exercise. I am generally positive about Klinsmann, however in having to make these choices I honestly found myself at first wanted lower selections for each. Maybe I'm just in harsh teacher mode. — BlueWave
I won't believe until we see some strong results, both in the run of the game and the final scores. — SRose13
The roster looks DRAMATICALLY more diverse than it did under Bradley who had pretty much locked in "his" guys. Klinsy does a good job of giving guys second chances which I think is important. Though I believe Beckerman has had 10 too many chances under Klinsmann. Still has a ways to go though. — BetaMale
He's a proven player and he's getting there as a coach. In order for him to improve this squad, he has got to get a handle on which positions need tending to. Our midfield has more than enough options defensive wise and offensive wise. But he's got to stop bringing 8 defensive midfielders for important WC qualifying games. Williams, Jones or Edu are reliable options and keep it at that. Also, bring in Lichaj. The kid deserves it. Also, give Omar another shot before he high-tails it to Mexico. — Jack
Right man for the job, but has a ways to go. — Andrew Silver
I'm not sure we have the players to execute the style of play that Klinsmann prefers. (Do we really have the defenders to play that high line of defense?) But he has been creative in some of his player selections and given lots of guys a chance. Some have run with it (Eddie Johnson!!) and some have not (Gooch; Torres, too, although he may get another shot). A healthy Stuart Holden would contribute nicely. — Michael D.
Doing a decent job with a relatively shallow pool. There are always players left out but for the majority he gets the right ones. I believe he's getting his footing after the Jamaica win in Colombus while previously showing glimpses of brilliance. — Will
Decent job — Jake
I like how Klinsmann isn't just going with the same guys just because they have been on the team forever. Altidore has looked great in Europe but when he plays for the US he tends to underwhelm. — Lucas
Some of his roster choices puzzle me. I feel like he picks some consistently poor performers such as Jones, when players like Kljestan, Wondo, and Lichaj have all deserved a call up. I do think he is emphasizing his tactics on the players and is improving them game to game. — Ross
I believe Klinsmann knows how to get the best out of whatever team he has, but sometimes chooses to go a route that seems to be driven by personal interest and not supported fact. — JBrescia
He needs to get the best out of Jozy soon and bring Gatt as well as LIchaj into the mix. Otherwise I'd just say I like his positive attitude and hope he pulls through — Cole K
Has got the team going in the right direction . Just needs the main players healthy like Holden, Bradley, Donovan, Gooch. And there are still some youth to incorporate into the team. Still some work to do, but is getting there. — NAME
Changing the culture and our style of play was never going to be easy. I think he's doing a good job and we're on the right track. — Tyler
Usually picks the right players, but does not always put them in the best position to succeed. — Al
Klinsman has found many German-Americans, T Boyd, Danny Williams, and Fabian Johnson. Just doesnt always know where to play them all — NAME
Does what he has to to win, awful roster management. — D. Lacey
Not really a matter of picking the wrong players, but every game is a remix. Stick to a core Jurgen.. you know what you have now. — Patrick
Like his attacking philosophy, but USA does not currently have the right players to execute it. Poor roster selection, poor subs also: jones?! — KC NYC
Shouldn't get bashed too hard for player selections when he's guided players like fabian johnson, geoff cameron, and danny williams to their best spots (albeit late). Tough to see the logic in including Beckerman in a possession based side. — NAME
It's interesting. At times the new tactics are thrilling and entertaining, and other times it appears we are in over our heads. Time will tell. — Cason
It's early to say. He hasn't had consistent access to the best players and he's trying to get the team to play differently. Is this period of underperformance due to grinding gears or inadequate coaching? I like that he seems fearless. — NAME
in the end he gets results but it is not pretty — David
Klinnsmann building an identity for this league, and the key word is "building" using players from your country's domestic league, players that are familiar with one another. — Jodh
Taking a strong stance on certain players has worked out well so far, but all could change very quickly. He has put lots of faith in Gomez and if he falls off form at the club level then Jurgen could have a problem. — Keith Buderus
Decent but not a finished product. — NAME
Manages active talent while developing new talent. Needs to improve in game adjustments (subs, formation). — cmjhogan
Getting the job done, however, feel like he has gotten a bit lucky at times and could have selected his roster a bit better. Can't fault him too much right now, they have progressed to the next round and are still on track to qualify. — AY
It seems with injuries and availability he does as well as he can. Don't want to dock him too much there. — Nick
He will willing to try new players but he has to get results when it really matters and we haven't yet seen if he can do that. — Nate
He seems to continue to make odd roster choices without so much of an explanation. Maybe if we knew why he wasn't calling in players like Jozy we wouldn't feel the need to call him idiotic so much. — Zach H
Some quality wins against big names abroad, but lack of strategy in the midfield and experimentation all around when injuries open up roster opportunities. — John Bonini
I think he has the right plan to move the U.S. forward, and that he's trying to find the players to fit that mold. However, he's still trying to make some players fit that don't and overlooking a few who could really give the U.S. something to work with. — Trista Jade
Klinsmann gets the roster correct for the most part. But he does make questionable callus and not bringing in players after injury issue dumb. It's a perfect excuse to bring in new players to at least get acquainted to the regime. — Jeff m.
I think he is trying to implement an attacking, possession oriented mindset into his players. I think we've seen some progress in that regard but definitely not satisfied with that yet. And no Altidore, Lichaj, or Boyd, and I'd love to see Kenny Cooper get a shot as well. — Harden
Results are undeniable - Jamaica away loss isn't that bad - and has done a good job getting the team younger in needed spots. Still would like to see the "fluid" style he talks on and on about be better complimented with guys who better fit that system. — Bryan
Tactically more dynamic than Bradley, ballsy to move for an aggressive USMNT. Doesn't get the tactics perfect, misses some potentially great call ups but overall, positive. — Nathan
Accent = Perfect Style of play = needs work — @lookslikepeeta
I'm convinced there's some sort of mad-genius order to Klinsmann's roster selections. There have been a few players I'd like to see called in--Lichaj, Diskerud--and a few I'd like to see left out--Torres--and the continual selection of Jermaine Jones is a bit annoying. But other than that, I can't really fault the guy. — Kirun
Winning friendlies against Italy and Mexico was nice, but advancing to the hexagonal was vital. The new players in the mix and the new tactics need to continue to develop on the road to qualification for Brazil. — Doug
I think he's done a good job of selecting the best players, but we can't play 3 or 4 defensive midfielders and expect to score. He seems to be starting to realize that. — NAME
he's not terrible, but I feel like he needs to talk less and let his results show how he wants his team to play. — NAME
Would love to see more Gatt, Kljestan, etc. Doing a serviceable job so far. — Nick
knows the game but not a great tactician. IMO, his strength is in the psychological part of the game. — Alan
On the right track but a bit shaky. — NCK
He changes his style only when he absolutely has to. — Sean
Gotta get the goals. If you are going to start 3 defensive midfielders at the same time and expect points, you will be criticized. — Kris
I think Klinsmann is taking WC qualifiers to test out players under pressure, but this might be a little TOO much pressure for testing time. Clearly he has no faith in some players, and perhaps some players have no faith in him. As for tactics, I think he has been okay at best. One game he allows the team to open things up and the next he packs in with too many defensive midfielders. He has yet to figure out a viable offensive strategy, which may be the players as much as it is tactics. — Dan Levy
He's learning on the job, clearly. — Mark F
He brings something different to the table. It is a philosophy more than a tactic. He is telling us to play big, act big, and stop thinking of ourselves as the underdog. I think the change In mentality he brings is far more important than any tactic he could apply in a game. In Spanish, a team with a history has a "shirt". It is an identity. Argentina has it, Brazil has it, Italy has it, Germany has it. Teams whose "shirt" matters more than whose wearing them. Klinsmann is giving us a "shirt". — Miguel
There have been plenty of hits and misses in terms of roster selection. You have the maturation of Fabian Johnson an Graham Zusi and then you have the disappointing development of players like Brek Shea and Robbie Rodgers. I would say Klinsi has got more right than wrong but still has a long way to go. — Sean Heffernan
Loved the starting 11 against Jamaica in Colombus. If we see more of that his rating goes up. Let's hope he finally figured out an effective attacking lineup. — Matt
His decisions are confusing sometimes but he is still experimenting a lot I think. Interested to see what he does when playing important games (i.e. WC qualifier/actual WC) against good teams. — NAME
I'm giving Klinsy a break in his new role at the helm since he must see what he has in the US talent pool. We can't overlook the road victories vs. Italy & Mexico - the man is doing more than something right & seems to be instilling confidence & mental preparation towards our players on a level that we have not seen before. — Michael Loreti
Not a bad tactician, but has made some questionable choices in his short time with the USMNT. As far managing the roster I think he's done a good job at expanding the US's pool of players and has shown a willingness to shift his opinion on certain players and not stay entrenched. — Dean Moriarty
Really hard to judge with so many friendlies. We'll soon see what formation he sticks with. — NAME
it's still early in the klinsmann era, i think he is trying many, maybe too many, players and formations to see what he has to work with. using wcq games to do this may be a little too risky though. play the best players now and get the wins then use the friendly matches to experiment. — charley
Doing a decent job bringing through new players, but sometimes sticks with players that aren't warranting it. Some of the game day tactics are spotty but the style of play seems to be more aesthetically pleasing. — Andrew Voegele
Still a bit early. — CSC
He has trouble reacting to the play on the field but generally makes good roster choices — Luke Brownfield
Klinsmann just refuses to pick the in form players sometimes. He tries to bring in new players then refuses to stick with them. We need more continuity. — James
At least he's not Sven Goran Eriksson. — Clark
I think there is a lot of experimenting happening still and I like it. And he's doing very interesting things with the player pool. — NAME
Very hit or miss on his tactics, seems to get the players right most of the time. — Matt Lawson
Bringing through some great youngsters, trying to play some nice attacking soccer. But his game day choices and some of his tactics are strange. He's moving in the right direction in making us great to watch, but needs to keep developing his system and compensate when necessary — John P
More of a big ideas coach and not so much a grind a result out with the best available. Roster choices not bad but not great. We'll have to wait longer yet to see if he is truly what we need unfortunately — Alex
meh.... leaves a lot to be desired. — mike
I like the direction toward more attacking, dominant play that the program seems to be going, but he hasn't figured out how to make it click just yet. Moments of brilliance and moments of anguish. Love the fact that he's bleeding new players into the program like D. Williams and G. Cameron, but I just don't understand his insistence on the continued selection of J.F. Torres and J. Jones, who have been very underwhelming. More success than failure though, so credit where its due. — CrazyMike366
Great motivator and thinker on the training ground, but he ignores players at times for seemingly no reason. Blah, Blah, Blah. — NAME
should've picked Altidore and should give more of a shot to Beasley. like that he's able to bring in some Germans though — Kevin
I think JK is close to being a good tactician but what is with the number of CDMs? We don't score much as it is, then why are we not playing more offensive minded players? I think roster selection is also mediocre. No Pontius, or Lichaj? I know it is WCQing time, but we need to get them in sometime. — JW
Some perplexing call ups and misses. Doesn't seem to have any consistency in bringing guys in. Average tactically, sometimes hit, some miss. — CJ
the axes aren't relevant... his tactics are not matched to the squad he has available. So he can either grow new players who are (long-term) or change tactics to suit our current squad (short-term) — rinypa
I am indecisive — Brandon Capdevila
To Early — Tom
Tends to pick decent rosters with a few head scratchers on every one. His tactics tend to be good but he isn't flexible enough when they don't work — GSRyank
Has brought in some great new players, but seems to be lost in tactics and makes some inexplicable decisions in managing games — Mayra
He bothers me. He doesn't give the right people a chance and plays people in the wrong position. — NC
Until this week I'd have been to the right on Player/Roster selection - and the formation/tactics employed so far don't seem to be a step forward at all. — NAME
Jurgen Klinsman is the right man for the job his problem is that his roster selections are terrible. not bringing in altidore makes no sense at all but i like how he is implementing more of a possesion based style compared to bradley ball where you hope for a counter attack and the other team doest make their chances count — casey
OK tactically, sometimes gets it sometimes not. Odd preference for some players (Fiscal, Castillo, Beckerman) who seem to show that they aren't at this level. Missing out on callups for excellent talent like Gatt and Mixx. I like the theories and emphasis but we'll have to be patient with the implementation. — chris
I think this team is coming too much about Klinsi. Step back and let your players perform. I'll give him credit for not starting Beckerman at least. — Gman
More questions about how players are used than who was picked... — Kevin
Seems to think too big and do too little — David
For every Azteca, a Jozy snub. For every Genoa, an undermanned roster. The results are there but the promised polish isn't. Jurgen's a strange cat but for all the uproar and excitement surrounding his administration so far I can't help but notice how zen-ed out our Germafornian is. What does he know that we don't? Hopefully it's a happy end game for the USMNT. — Russ
Klinsmann has done a great job expanding the roster and bringing in fresh talent - particularly of the German-American persuasion. His ability to get results despite rarely having Donovan and Dempsey on the field together can't be overlooked. His underwhelming performances against teams like Antigua, Canada, and Jamaica, however, show the tactical shortcomings JK has as a manager. — Kampfers
Klinsmann needs to put our best players and their best positions and give the team their best chance of being successful. Using players in different positions only leads to confusion and poor play. Bradley and Arena were extremely good at getting the best out of what they had. Klinsmann is the opposite. — NAME
Overall, not bad. No 2002 Bruce Arena, but not bad. — Christopher
His MLS selection success speaks for itself. His tactical success are silenced by tactical failures. Not a great start but there are signs of potential improvement. — Christian Araos
could use help in both spots — NAME
His tactics suck, and why is he obsessed with Beckerman and Orozco? — aol
Has generally chosen good rosters and put the right players on the field. Needs to find ways to get the most out of Dempsey and Jozy going forward. — Charlie Fiction
I think generally he tries to pick teams that will play well together, not just the set of hottest players at that moment. That said, they could stand to play better together. — Nate
Gotta put him here after that 2nd A&B match (10/12) — topher p
Has discovered some real gems in Johnson and Williams and a few others. — Kevin_Amold
Think he's been good with the roster but hasn't figured out the right strategy yet. — David
Room for improvement in both categories. But still better than the last fellow. — Nick
Stubbornly ignores some players (Klejstan, Lichaj). Stubbornly sticks with others he shouldn't (Jones, Beckerman). Friendlies are nice but the plan in some qualifiers has gone horribly wrong. — Brian Daly
meh. too many defensive midfielders in roster, too many defensive midfielders subbed on. — mallory
Too many defensive mids, and defensive tactics late in games against weaker opponents (Jamaica at home). But the dude can motivate and instills some sort of positive vibe in the players. — Bucks Buxley
Jurgen continues to overlook competent players like Eric Lichaj and Mix Diskerud while picking mediocre player like Orozco and Torres. Additionally, he is not able to utilize his players well, evidenced by midfield @ Jamaica. — AdamTheRed
Klinsmann has brought in a bunch of talented new players, and seems to have the team motivated and competing for spots. OTOH, he has played players out of position repeatedly, and used lineups that were too defensive. — NAME
Seems a bit stubborn to stick with a pre-game strategy too long. When not breaking down or not out possessing weaker opponents he needs to switch things earlier. — Mark
Players like Boyd, F. Johnson, Zusi and the like are fresh air, but JK sticks too often to his script in-game. Needs to respond better when clearly Plan A isn't working, esp. in CONCACAF qualifying. Think it's hard there? Try Brazil in 2014. — Free Beer Movement
The time to send a message to one of your best attackers is not when a WC slot is on the line. We were 30 seconds away from being in serious jeopardy. That so many are in his doghouse says something about his man management. He also was slow to appreciate what was needed to win in CONCACAF. — Mike B
Why is Jermain Jones an automatic starter and what kind of tactic is starting 3 Dmids against Jamaica?!!! — Nate
Results are more important than style. Manage in the now not for the future. He might not be in charge in the future without the results now. It's not your job to make us look fancy. It's your job to get 3 points every match! — Dylan
Some of his surprising call ups have worked out, but many have not. His biggest problem is playing guys out of position, specifically defensive minded midfielders. — mike
Tactically way too inflexible. Comes in with a plan, often a poor one and can't adjust. I miss Bob. — Dallen
When he no longer tries to put as many defensive midfielders who are poor in transition on the field as possible, he'll have the potential to become an adequate tactician and manager. Until then, eck. — Wazowski
Dont understand the refusal to bring in some new guys (read: Kljestan) when that's exactly what has brought a spark to this team recently (read: Cameron, Zusi and Herculez). Also don't understand his love for Beckerman and Jermaine Jones at all. Shows high expectations that many rate him in "double negative" territory with a 9-6-3 record, however, which is never a bad thing — Logan
Playing too many defensive mids vs Jamaica away was bad mistake — shades846
Patience. We're still figuring things out. — Jason
Sigh. Deep breaths. Thank God Eddie Johnson is a beast in the air. — sounderinpdx
Just think if Bob has picked his tems like this — Nick
He is biased towards certain players for having a style but sucking. He does not understand that certain positions have no depth and his refusal to call in more players shows that he intends to alienate the rest of the pool. Boca to LB was stupid and his choice in coaches, Vasquez and Porter, are just plain poor. — Archer Diver
As a tactician he does not put his players in best position to succeed. He has had a better team than Bradley and he can not get the job done. Example why it's better. Just players that are there like Dempsey, Altidore, Bradley are better players now than when Bradley coach them. You add guys F Johnson, D Williams, and players not being called in like Pontius, Kljestan and Lichaj. He calls in 5 DM/CM and he wants to play them all out of position. Calling guys like Pontius and Lichaj would solve a lot. What we don't have a lot is wingers or midfielders that play wide so that's were he tends to move people that don't play in the wings there. Putting in Lichaj moves up F Johnson the wing and bringing Pontius will add depth in a position of need. You don't always call your best players if they all play the same position because your not going to tell me that D Williams is as good as Pontius on the Wing. You built a team not always of the best players but a team of best players that fit what you are going to do. I was never a fan Klinsmann when hired and I was hoping he proved me wrong and still hoping because I love my national team. To me he just talks to much and has not been able to back up what he says. Talks about play more fluid but he ruins it with his player selection and tactics. Wins against Mexico and Italy in there homes are great but in the style that we did was not very attractive and that's all Klinsmann talks about. — Sergio Alvarez
Klinsman is stubborn. Picks his team without thinking of players getting injured. I bet his fantasy football team picks never changes its line up. — darren
Not necessarily a great roster manager, but he knows how to build up his players emotionally. Despite this, he consistently employs players in unfamiliar roles where they are unlikely to succeed. — Jake
Can't raise a competent side or even motivate his team enough to see off a lowly side such as Antigua and Barbados. Sad. — Brandon
He seems to pick the wrong players And the right players he puts in the wrong positions. — Chris
It's not hard to imagine just how things went wrong at Bayern, having seen Jurgen's tactical and roster decisions. Picking guys who aren't playing over guys who are tearing it up; lining up players in positions they don't have the attributes or experience to fill; sending the team out flat game after game - I'm disgusted. Is Klinsmann's whole reputation down to stumbling on Ozil, Khedira, et al at the right time? — Sean Spence
This is a better representation of how i feel towards him. the other mark i made was more just because i could — Dillon Farnsworth
Phillip Lamn said it best "Tactical issues were only dealt with briefly,"... "We players had to meet independently before games to sort out how we wanted to play." Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/blogs/soccerblog/us_coach_klinsmann_hits_back_at_UdYnVAy4UD9hGlMFx16OlM#ixzz28MjOlLSE — NAME
Usually chooses good players, but struggles with game-to-game tactical planning. — Jason Davis
Talks the talk, but his walk seems to have gone from baby steps back into the baby carriage. — NAME
He seems to be a bit clueless about who the USA is right now. He seems to think to big and do to little — David
he gets a pass on the roster since it's only been a year. Tactically I've been appalled at the Jekyl & Hyde nature of the team. One only needs to look at the two halves of the Jamaica game to see an example. I don't care if Jamaica rolled over in the first half - the USA was dominant and the substitutions at the half made a mess out of the match. — glecko
I just had a bad dream that Alan Gordon got a call-up while Jozy and Wondo sit at home. Thank God I woke up. Wait, that wasn't a dream? Ack! — Brian
I like the direction, the philosophy, but you don't win WCQ games with direction or philosophy. You win with sound tactics and roster choices, and these have been in question over the past few WCQs. — Jayson Rodriguez
He's brought some interesting players along, but too often what you see on the field doesn't mesh with what he says he envisions, and at the same time is unwilling to shift to a plan B. — Carl
JK picks the right players and they always seem to perform even though everyone was wondering why they were in the lineup (i.e. EJ). However, the organiztion and tactics against these lower tier teams is terrible. It's like the US doesn't practice at all before these games and just walks out on the field and wings it. — Ryan
Very suspect roster selections, poor 2nd half substitutions and weak in-game tactics — Ryan Fleming
He is too defensive minded. There should never be 3 DMs playing on a team that has a hard time scoring. Also, I wish he would give certain players who have shown some talent a chance. — Sarah
I'm tired of him :( — usmntfan
The man is a CEO. Good with the press, mediocre in selection, horrible with tactics. — JP
Had some historic wins in friendlies and poorer play in qualifiers. Talks a great offensive game but is fairly conservative in tactics and managing the roster. Reliance on Jermaine Jones is disappointing as he gives the team a less creative option and a more physical "bulldozing" presence. — Jason G
The fresh faces have been welcome additions, as have the big friendly wins, but the failure to win the matches that actually matter is disconcerting. — Jon Arnold
Picks the right players. Doesn't know how to play them. Hire Pep and move Klinsy to technical director. — Billy
Bringing in Boyd, Johnson, and Williams was great. But he's all over the place with his pre-game and in-game tactical choices. — Ryan O'Hanon
think he's doing good at getting new faces in the mix, the tactics stink. — Greg
I miss Bob Bradley — Tim
If his name were Bob Bradley or Bruce Arena he'd be crucified. His tactics stink and his roster selections are baffling. — Matt
The new blood is a welcome sight, but the inconsistency, thin skin and modest approach compared to his soaring rhetoric about open, attacking play leaves me cold. — Paul
I think he has actually shrank the pool. The German Americans have been great. But some other players have been left out in the cold. Mix Diskarud and Eric Lichai are just two examples. Mix and joe Corona just to cup tie them. But if he doesn't get a result in K.C. It won't matter because he will be gone. — Duffy alverson
anybody who can put MOF in a position to score one of the biggest goals in US history has to be doing something right, but the man simply can't adapt on the fly. — @richardmcgovern
He's played too much of a defensive style since he's taken over the national team. — Daniel
picks players that he thinks already play the way he wants. that is why he picks so many german based players and so many def. mids. In Jamaica, the US only put one cross into the box the entire night yet Klinsmann complained the field was bumpy in the center of the pitch. Then y only one cross. why didnt he have them try to earn fouls and set pieces. — mo
I think he picks decent players however his inability to be flexible on placing and arranging these talents is not very good. Plays way too many players out of position and not to their strengths. — NAME
Poor tactics plus some odd player selection makes his job much more difficult than it should be... -Longshoe — NAME
Overrated and overpaid. — tclark
Fire him now!!! — Tom Taranto
He usually gets the core of the roster correct (which most of us here could do), but he is terrible at filling in the gaps. He is too inconsistent with his lineups, formation, and tactics. He preaches an aggressive attacking style, then sends out a lineup designed to defend with little chance for a counter. He also makes very poor substitutions, and is not great at in-game adjustments. Overall, a step back from Bradley. — Ryan McC
He's a mediocre selector and an asleep-at-the-wheel tactician. Also, he's German. — Aaron S.
He's doing a good job of expanding the pool, but his in-game management needs work. — Noah
All style and no substance. Terrible judge of talent, doesn't understand how to put players in positions they'll succeed in, and ignores the players that could actually allow the US to play the "proactive" soccer he keeps babbling about. — Alex
Where are the goals? — Tim
Is of litte use without the man he hid behind as head coach of Germany, Jogi Loew. — RAR
Terrible motivator, horrible tactics, makes the same mistakes over and over again. Slow learner, slow to adapt. He's great if you German though! Jermaine Jones was the perfect sub for the game today (sarcasm intended — Ryan H
Bad tactician. Not great roster choices. — NAME
'Cause anyone who keeps calling in, and playing, Jermaine Jones is a borderline "special needs" case — NAME
Why have we played 3 defensive midfielders against middling CONCACAF opponents? We should be playing more positive players against teams like Antigua; it's not like we should be scared of teams whose best players play in the third tier of US soccer, as many of these Caribbean nations. Why can't Kljestan get any sort of chance? Danny Williams is not a winger. Klinsi came in promising a forward-thinking approach, but he's played far more defensively than Bob Bradley, and he's made some baffling tactical decisions — Big Z
If Arena or Bradley called in this group and made these decisions re injuries they would be skewered as naive. What does that make Klinsmann just plain arrogant — Leo Castracane
He plays 3-5 defensive midfielders at once and then blames Altidore for not scoring goals when he gets no service. Three multi-goal games out of 18 played. He talks a lot and most of what he says makes no sense. Philip Lahm was right, he is a joke, a motivator and snake oil salesman, not a soccer mind. — Doug
I have yet to see a proactive attacking soccer. — Will
He is not a good coach, come on now. — navi
He has some decent ideas, but he is a poor tactician. He proved it at Bayern and the German National team, two teams with the highest caliber of players in their respective position. Don't wait until the US is eliminated before firing him. — Jesus
The football isn't spicy, the price tag is too high and the service sucks. We want a new chef! — Robert
Klinsmann: - is a beginner and it shows - poor tactician - picks the wrong players - changes opinion and direction far too often — Frank R.
Not the right man for the job. Qualify for the Hex already! — Dillon Farnsworth
Klinsmann preaches technical ability developed throughout childhood, but he calls players that are noticeably less technically skilled than other players. He forces players into certain roles rather than maximizing the US' potential by playing the best players together. Klinsmann picks favorites. — COLIN REESE
To me, Jurgen can't seem to spot talent or has the knowledge to put a cohesive squad in order. He persists with Bekerman and Shea who I feel are not even great MLS player.On top of that, he continuously leaves the MLS top scorer at home? I'm missing Bob Bradley... — Matt Swift
Instead of letting him replace Donovan and choose a poor strategy, US Soccer should have replaced him instead. — Anonymous
He is way too defensive, too many DMs. His rosters are ok but how did it take so long for him to realize Williams>>Beckerman?? And what has Orozco done to earn a spot, he doesn't even start in Mexico — ajasjeuqhakv