How do you feel about Klinsmann now?

The United States men's national team won all three of its June World Cup qualifying matches. Has that changed your impression of Klinsmann? Does he deserve the lion's share of the credit for the three wins? Graph your position and share your thoughts below. Click on any shaded cell to read others' thoughts.

June 19, 2013 12:06 AM
The U.S. will make a run in Brazil
Collapse is imminent
He is the right man for the job He needs to go
I just wanted to leave a comment in the most self contradictory quadrant. — This Guy
Love Klinsi and the team, change takes time — Deepblack
He's doin a good job and I think we'll do very well comes Brazil — John
Klinsy has us in the middle of a culture change and it's seeming to work. Just noticed how he was yelling for the team to pick up the pace....we are progressing towards a team that imposes its will on opponents. I expect a quarterfinal run in brazil assuming luck doesn't match us with Spain or the hosts in round of 16 — Nick
We are getting there, but we still lack consistency. I hope we can being consistent enough to pull it off. — Kari
You can't expect systematic change overnight and anyone who did is a fool. He has gotten the team to begin to show what we all wanted to see and to think he still has Donovan, Holden, and Chandler to fit in when they get healthy (physically for Holden/Chandler and mentally for LD). Time to become a proactive team instead of a reactive. — YanksAreComing
My original goals for Klinsmann were win in Europe and win at Azteca. He's already done both. — Notes on Camp
Not sold on his use of Jones and Castillo, but the roster is so deep right now it is hard to make a devastating personnel decision. — @CZeroMusic
I think we'll do well, but I am not sure how much of that is due to coach and how much due to players. — Sean
I lost faith in Klinsy at first, but he has redeemed himself and then some — redditor
Seems like the boys are all in, so I am too. — Mark
I think our success is a bit of a mirage on his coaching skills. We are simply too talented to not succeed in concacaf. still needs to tinker effectively to impress me. line up we are sporting right now is solid, but we will need more in brazil — Chris
He will have ups and downs like any coach. I think he has implemented a lot of things he wanted i.e. more possession and passing the ball out of the back. There are still some things to work on i.e. more creativity in the final third and attacking with a purpose. Right now I can't see this current team making it any further then the round of 16. I think Klinsmann should stay on for another WC cycle. — 2Dub
Known it ever since WC06. He's got class, heart, and style. — Stacy Pfeiffer
lucky enough to go the game in Seattle — SoCal Soccer Mom
We are winning. Life is good. I think he does deserve some credit but also to the players who have stepped up....jozy.... — Russ
The team is coming together, and in the image he wants. The talent is quite good, some bordering on world-class. Quaterfinals. maybe semis with some luck. — John R
We'll make it to Brazil(unless we decide to stay on 13 points, oy)but not sure how we will do. The talent is improving and MLS is actually providing USMNT players more than in prior years. And we do have some legit studs but we still are in that 'if we make it out of the group stage that/s good' phase. We are not contenders yet. JK has raised the bar but he has not advanced the program to new heights. We still play an okay brand of soccer. This is not all his doing of course, but his selection of players has been odd at times and we still have not found that world cup upstart player or two to make a difference. E.G. Landon back in '02. — Jmark
The U.S. is really clicking in qualifying, and that's all you can ask of Jurgen, really, so you have to give him an A for the job done so far. But he can't truly be judged until the World Cup, and I'm too cautious to say that the U.S. is likely to find success. Cautious optimism, though. — Sam
The system is working with the right players now — Andy
We are going to brazil! — Jack
Klinsmann has obviously gotten the team to gel over the last month. We look sharp going forward, and our defense has been effective (if not always convincing). World Cups always require a fair amount of luck, but this team looks poised to make a good run. — Kyle
JK will have the drive to prove that the USMNT is more then a power in CONCACAF. That is why he was hired. Now the bigger question is do we have the talent to push his desire to prove us as a international power?? Frankly... we will be lucky to leave groups at this point. A MLS back line will NOT hold up in the WC. — Patrick D
JK has gone above and beyond what I expected from a foreign-born coach. He is commited to building a deeper pool of talent, which is needed to have sustained success on the world stage. He may not be Mourinho, tactically, but that's not what US Soccer needs right now. As for Brazil, it appears that the USA will have a core of talented players in their prime. The tournament being held outside of Europe, historically, is also a good sign for the USA's chances. — Jake
Not world beaters yet, but that's not needed. Just qualify... — John
Can't argue with success. — Rufus Wainright
He's the right coach, but I don't see a long run in the 2014 Cup. — JHG
We will qualify as we always do. No difference there. Will there be a difference in the world cup this year? — Kyle S
I had my doubts entering March, especially after the Brian Straus story. I don't think it's any coincidence the team has played well since then. The players have come together. JK has been more open minded and has finally settled on his core group. He's now definitely the right man. I'm still not sure if this group is ready to get past the round of 16 yet, however. — Taylor
has us on the right track in CONCAF but we have a ways to go to become one of the world's elite — Michael
So he can win. So he can get the team to play attractively (and unattractively). But one of the real reasons he is the highest paid (by far) national coach for the United States is so that our team does all of the good things CONSISTENTLY. That still remains to be seen, but I like the direction we are heading. — Route 1 Soccer
Nobody has tested and stretched the US like this before. Instead of relying solely on 11 players to be healthy/available/not-suspended he has created depth for the team and found most guys' optimal positions. The Donovan thing I still don't love...but how can you complain about the results? He's done an excellent job to this point and it is showing. Yoga or not, these boys have been real strong since that article came out. That may have been a bit of a blessing in disguise. Either way I love what Klinsmann has done. And when we have Chandler and Dolo back that will be a major boost for this team. — Sean C
Results speak for themselves — ED^^
He's gotten smarter as a coach, but the jury won't be out until our run at the World Cup is complete. (Of course, how we do in the World Cup is dependent on a lot of things outside of his control - the draw, injuries, luck, etc.) — Dan
Still not convinced, but hey, results are coming in. — GB
Outside of his obsession with playing Jermaine Jones, I like what JK is doing & believe he's the right choice...just like I said two years ago! — Alex Lozano
Don't really see the US being any better than usual in the WC (knock on wood), but given the right draw, a round of 16 game is conceivable. Still the occasional personnel and tactical issue, but he seems to have pretty much figured out his best eleven, and implemented a style that's leading to goals and results, at least in CONCACAF. — Alex
Hoping to get out of group stage, depending on the draw, maybe even to the quarters. Long term, I think we're in good shape. — Alex
Not 100%, but in the right direction — Nathan
13 points plus a draw in Mexico is nothing to look past. Still feel Conacaf is weak though. Mexico is getting crushed in Confed Cup. Need to do some work and get a good draw in Brazil. if we want to make it past the group/round of 16 stage. — Elijah
He is definitely the man for the job, but expecting a run past the round of 16 is a bit presumptuous. The USMNT probably won't win the group again, which means they'll have a much tougher opponent than Ghana standing between them and the quarters. — Dom
He still makes some really odd picks for rosters and lineups. It's still pretty far out to discuss what we have a chance to do in Brazil. There's a lot of hurdles yet to be crossed in the process and JK's job is still not completed. He's already done better than I thought, though, and made some solid adjustments to the team, strategy, and tactics. — KXRTI
Consistent attacking play finally coming around. — Charles
The change in strategy and style is coming along much more quickly than I anticipated and JK has even found some depth in our player pool despite all the turnover from Bradley's core group especially on defense. We've even gotten some historic results in friendlies and are doing great in qualifying while all this has taken place. That being said once we get to the WC I'm not sure we have the talent from top to bottom that will reliably allow us to make a run without a good bit of luck regardless of who is coaching. — wandmdave
Still work to do if US is going to make a run in Brazil, but there's no arguing with 13 points after 6 games. — Wiggin
I always thought he was a bit shaky, he is doing a good job now. — Sam
Nowhere near imminent collapse but not ready to make a run either. Unless we get a very friendly draw like last time this looks like a group stage exit. That back line won't hold up. JK still makes some odd choices. Honduras and Panama can't expose the flaws. The teams we see in Brazil will. — Brian
The more the players buy in, the better we look under JK. I'm still not convinced we're due for a WC run yet though, until our back line matures and solidifies more. Honduras, Panama, and Jamaica are one thing; Spain, Germany, and Brazil are another. — AJ
Right guy, but it might take longer than next year to get to the next level. — Chris
Not sold on him, but do appreciate that he is finally learning that 3 DM will not cause offense to go. IF he brings in Donovan then all will be forgiven and you can count on a run. — PanchoMiguelMoralesdeConejo
Still think he is lacking in tactical acumen, but it seems the players are adapting to this and learning how to become more inventive players. Brazil is still very far away, and it will be important for the team to play well against high quality european and south american competition in the next 12 months. — creweXI
Mr. Right Now; praise deserved for shoring up locker room and Donovan speculation, but 1-0 wins in CONCACAF portend = 0-3 losses v Europe. Enjoy the moment but get more attack. A short WC run & all old probs will resurface... — Sean
Feels like we are having success inspire of him. But I never understood the eagerness to get rid of Bradley — Loudtalknliquor
We have taken a step forward with Klinsi. However, he is flawed and needs to be replaced after Brazil 2014 when his contract runs out. His ceiling is too low. We have many really good domestically based younger players whose talents are not being developed which hurts our forward progress looking towards Russia 2018. — Excellency
Oh wait. I thought this infographic was for the El Tri (aka El Tie) manager. Never mind. — Dos a Cero