How Big Would It Be if Julian Green Committed to the U.S. National Team?

Has the 18-year-old Bayern Munich striker committed to the United States, or is he still weighing his options? It's not clear at this point, but assuming Green does align with Jurgen Klinsmann and co., what would it mean for American World Cup prospects? Graph your position below and then share a few thoughts. To read what others have to say, click on any shaded cell.

February 15, 2014 8:45 AM
Instant World Cup Starter
Doesn't Make 23-Man Roster
Game-Changer for Klinsmann No Impact For a While
I'm the best — Julian Green
Julian Green is going to start for me. — Jurgen Klinsman
A sub from Bayern is better than any winger except Landon. If he plays enough for Bayern he has to be included I like him over corona bedoya or Shea — Ryan
game changer that would be immediate starter — bodey
:) — Alex
He is what US Soccer needs more scoring! — Coach K
All of my other guys are going downhill — jurgen
Julian Green represents a golden chance to right past wrongs in USMNT (e.g. Giuseppe Rossi)... A total game-changer, Green can effectively be the USMNT version of Gerard Deulofeu coming off the Everton bench. — Prindi
Absolute gamechanger from a team and recruiting standpoint. — Jofflenberg
Huge, maybe not for this cycle but definitely the next.. if players of his calibre and promise are choosing us over a power house country. I feel like that is a huge step up. — Tony Ash
Would Make 23 if committed, but a move for 2018. — Jonathan Maciel
Not good enough To be a starter in 2014, but definitely makes the squad. Will be the face of American soccer for years to come. Potentially will become the best player USA to ever play the game — Ethan Swain
Boom - it would blow up everything i think i know. — Josh in KC
Could be 23rd man for Brazil, but wouldn't be more than a sub. Great for 2018 however.... — JHG
Would love to see him as our future left wing star. — Venicebeachbull
Landon and Julian will provide a quick and deadly combo — CFA Naples
If Green commits, then it would be big for the U.S. World Cup dreams. Green brings flare, goal scoring, pace, and other talents to the team. With Mr. Green playing at the youth of possibly the best team in the world and even doing so good at it that it caught the eye of the first team. In my case, I think Klins will include a ticket to Brazil in the deal if he commits. — Trey
Hooking in Green is continuing this very smart course that Klinsy started a while back, but come on. This kid can only do so much this young. Next WC - instant starter. But we need to cap-tie him first. — Geo
Instant offense! This would be great, great news and one helluva of a striker corps now. — Nick
He would be the best player that Klinsy has stolen. Definitely in the USA 18 each game. Bring him off the bench when looking for a goal. — Manny
Lack of familiarity with Jozy or Kevin Bacon is only impediment to Green being a starter. — Tyler
Someone playing for the best club side in the world? Yeah, he's starting for us. — Matt Schott
Huge game changer imagine a perfect line up for 22 Agudelo. Johannson Altidore Green mix andrew Johnson Yedlin gonzo brooks (Future goali /guzan) Andrew is my little brother who is right mid and will be playing for FC Augsburg soon. (If things spoon out well) — a
Mos Def — J ran
Impact on Germany as well as USA. — Daniel
Would be a huge coup but I am not sure that he would see the field much this World Cup, unless he is just lights out in training leading up to the cup. — 1st Time Caller
Near lock to make the 23-man roster. I highly doubt he would make the switch if he wasn't guaranteed a spot on the roster — Adrian
Sure, why not us? — LOPEZ
great — david
Huge for Klinsmann, huge for the MNT - seriously, Bayern's first team usually is beyond our capabilities. This year though? This is big for 2018, 2022, 2026 - you get the idea. — Dan-O
this would be big — Nick
he fills a huge position of need...he's exactly the type of player the team needs and doesnt have...have to actually see him first to say hes a starter, though. — adam
Would be a great addition, but not quite a starter, definitely a super sub. — Isaac Selchaif
Closer to a starter than missing out on the 23 man roster — WWM
He will be brought, but won't have a huge impact just yet. Good move for future success though. — Eric muller
Will make the WC 23 and play at some point to cap tie him but his real impact won't be for a few more years. — CJ
Great player for bayern. Playin with best team in the world. He also has a champions league goal for bayern. — Logan
Means a lot that a player with his prospects would pick the US over Germany, but it's too early to tell how good he will be — Justin
Makes the 23 man roster but not a starter just yet. Would be HUGE for the national program and Jurgen. Gives us a legitimate star to replace the name recognition of Landon and Dempsey (who will both be in essence done with the national team after this world cup). — @50StarsSoccer
Would likely make the World Cup roster as a reserve, but huge going forward for 2018 and 2022. — Matt
Game changer but not instant starter — J beeno
Would be huge for the USMNT, but I don't know if he factors in until 2018 (or, hopefully, the 2017 Confed Cup) — Daniel
No — Yes
— dave
I think he would stick behind some of our current strikers so it might take awhile for make large impact, but as sub he could definitely come in and make an impact. — Matt
If he commits before the deadline for the prelim roster. I think hes a fringe roster member depending on the health and form of guys like brek shea, josh gatt, etc. who would top my list for impact sub list. Now if he starts seeing sub mins for bayern i think he will make 23 but his ceiling is impact sub for this WC. — Doug B
A huge deal — chris
Game Changer for the US for the next few years. If we can get Green to commit to us then perhaps it will help persuade the Zelalems and Ledermans of the world that the US is truly the team to play for. Absolutely huge for the game in the states if it happens — Jason
Wow, everyone. Chill. — Sean
Am I excited at the prospect? Yes! But, come on, we haven't even seen him play 1 minute yet. Let's throw up here some highlight vids, at least. — ConcordTom
23/23 but what is the state of the US game if we rely on foreign nationals that are not brought up within the US system? — Eiffel
yup — Rob
if he commits after ukraine, he makes the WC squad — roscoe
He could be a sub that uses his speed at the end of the game — Jeff
Huge. For 2018 — ZackK
I assume Klinsmann would commit to taking Green to Brazil, so my vote reflects that, but I doubt he starts. Maybe, he might spark off the bench. — fischy
The little I have seen and read he looks good, but let's take it easy. How many young "game changers" has the US chewed through only to find out they are not much of a "game changer" at all? Too many. Let's take it easy and cool the rhetoric, he's a very talented young prospect and yes I hope he chooses the US, but that's all. — Mark
As many others have said, this is a much bigger deal for 2018 than this summer. That said, it may well matter for the summer - creative attacking players aren't exactly our forté, especially with Deuce dropping a deuce all over the form charts. Ignoring Brazil, though, it would be a HUGE coup for the USMNT organizationally that we'd attracted one of the top prospects in an elite league. My view, in short: this is less about Green, personally, than about its reflection on our standing as a soccer power. — Jim
Glad to have him. — BostonRed
Will be a factor in 2018 — PMacD82
He's played exactly 3 minutes of professional soccer, so it's hard to say how good he is right now. I wouldn't be shocked if he made the roster, but I would be surprised if he's a "game-changer" in this World Cup. — Dan
He is not going to the world cup. Great to have him in cam though — Kyle S
50/50 he makes Brazil! but huge for Klinsy and Co. going forward to the '18 cycel — Rich K
Possible game-changer and on the bubble for a trip to Brazil if he commits — Dellio
Could be a future star only time will tell. Fact he is highly thought of at Bayern is impressive. — Two Daft Yanks
I would just give him a cap in one of the games off the bench. Can't hurt. — Charlie
Game changer in the sense that he'll be money in the future. I'd put it dead center on the 23 or not. He's quality, undoubtedly, but can he get the run and chemistry going prior to Brazil and will he commit prior to the initial deadline? — Steve H
I think he could be a game changer coming off the bench late. Certainly much more dynamic than any other wing bench options we have (Shea, Bedoya, Zusi, etc). But no, if he does commit, I can't see him in the XI for any of the 3 matches. — Derek
Future World Cup starter? You bet your ass. Game changer, most definitely. But unless Klinsmann strikes a deal with Green saying that he'll take him to Brazil if he commits to the US (not a terrible idea), he wouldn't make the roster. Next cycle, absolutely...but not this time around. — Sean C
1-3 years from now this will be huge.. And Jürgen do what you gotta do to lock him down at some point! But i wouldn't expect him to contribute right away. — Beto
Still Young And Not Starting Yet — dcunited!
Don't think he makes an impact in 2014, but might be good to get him on prelim WC roster but not main roster. — Bryan
Yup — J
How many young players, strikers especially, have we hyped up at an absurdly young age? And then waited...and waited...and waited. Could be years before he makes an impact. Could be never. — Brian
If he makes the 23-man roster, which is a distinct possibility, he would be a sub. Great for 2018, certainly, but hard to see him beating out Jozy/Aron for playing time in 2014. — JHG
Potential game-changer down the road, but not a realistic world cup starter yet — Rationalist
Don't get ahead of yourself — Noah h
Green can be a game-changing talent, but not for this World Cup. — Wiggins
Great prospect for the future but lets not get ahead of our self. — John
He will make bread and water flow for the Americans as a super-sub at Brasil. In 4 years time Green will be apart of a talented young corps of attackers for the USA. They will be labeled a darkhorse to win the WC in 2018. The Bald Eagle will soar to new heights as the undisputed king of the sky in 2018. — Buddha
Impact player in the future. Not ready for prime time . — Marin Quake
Huge get for Klinsmann if he commits but I don't think he makes an impact at the 2014 World Cup — Matt L.
It would be too late for him to make the 23 man roster for Brazil, but after the world cup he would be incredibly important moving forward. — Ross
Big for 2018 — Robo
Too much of a slap in the face to the guys that fought through Qualifying to give him a spot on the Brazil roster. — James
Incredible talent, but I don't think he should be going to WC 2014. 2018 is a different story. — Dom
Still kind of an unknown entity right now for World Cup. Surely one to watch for the future however. — John
Quality player, but not totally ready for Brazil in 4 months. Cap him quickly after, and enjoy the next 16 years. — BDM
All hype — Chris
Great talent but 2014 WC too soon. Not enough first team game experience. In the long run could be a game changer. — David
Smooth work by Germany to mess things up n team USA just two months before final camp. Only USA soccer ingenues would fall for that one. What a laugher. We've got a long, long way to go before we are a serious football nation. — Excellency
He's 18. Wouldn't make the 23 man roster right now because he's still only playing in the Regionalliga. Down the road? Potential star, but not yet. JK likes players that are playing consistently for their clubs. Not sure if Regionalliga counts — Andrew
I like Green and it's obvious he has immense talent but I'm not sure you can bring him in and bet that he impacts the team right away. — Harrison
Terrence Boyd gets the 4th forward slot. Green is promising but we shouldn't rush him. Boyd has poured his soul into the national team and should be rewarded — Kevin
He better not take my playing time! — Landon Donovan
Guys...he is no Champions League Player... — Jermaine Jones
Promising talent with no first team experience. Would not make the world cup roster and likely would not contribute to the US MNT for another year or two. It would still be a nice feather in our cap if he committed to US, given that he was born in Tampa — Mike
Let's all take a few deep breaths. He's got lots of potential, and it's nice to have him in training, but why wouldn't he check out US camp? Doesn't mean much. He won't be making this WC roster, but hopefully he commits and is a star for the next four. — Alex
Game changer? Yes. But I don't see him making the 23-man roster to Brazil. Let's keep in mind that he's played the majority of his football in the Bayern Regionalliga, which is, for all intents and purposes, 4th division football. — Tyrone