Assess Jurgen Klinsmann's Performance as Coach of the U.S. National Team

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September 11, 2013 12:31 AM
Smart Personnel Management
Wins Despite Roster Choices
He's a man with a plan Tactical Nightmare
Im with him -------> — jurgan
smart man, great coach — esteban
USA to the Semifinals 2014!!! — Bob
Timely subs (Eddie Johnson), great locker room talks (Bosnia), solid game plans (Dos a Cero), and exciting player development (Johannsson). Most of all, WINS (13 straight of them). — Sean
Personnel would be nearly flawless...but marking backs?! is it his fault? we all want more lichaj and chandler opps?? — Derek
I'm not sure he known what to do with the back line quite yet, but given how he's brought the attack to life, I trust him to get it right by June in Brazil. — Chad Gambone
I LOVE KLINSMANN!!! — @ttaMsenraB
JK always had a plan. The question was whether it was doable in one World Cup cycle. But the story isn't over, he was hired to do well in the World Cup, not just qualify. Very exciting times. — Juan Carlos Salas
Feeling better. Wait until 2014 — kev
Amazing and smart guy — sami
Not perfect but pretty close. — losrm
I'm late to the party, but now I'm totally on the JK bandwagon. You can't argue with the man's results so far. — Xose
Doing a good job, he's been there, done that and it gives him credit w/ the team. — SoCal Soccer Mom
To Brazil with 2 games to spare. — BostonRed
Lots of thought goes into his and the coaching teams selections. I find it hilarious that "fans" tend to seem to know better than the coach who puts on the camps etc. These same "fans" should just apply to US Soccer since they are so talented at roster selections for people they don't even know. His results speak for themselves. I'm glad he decided to coach our National team he is one of our most valuable assets. — KL
killing it. — j
Really has done a good job developing talent. Not ideal on some choices, but he's consistently putting out good teams. The style we play has been an incredible improvement though, and he's been able to adjust and win playing the style made necessary by game and personnel. — TheGoche
Great adjustments, especially at the half. Team always looks better in the last 45. Player selection is hard to second-guess based on results, but sometimes is surprising. — Alex
Swag — Jim
Just what the USMNT needed at this stage of development. — Cuban X Senators
he's doing it and doing it and doing it well — gilberto
Every game is carefully and meticulously calculated. — Chris F.
Klinsmann has put a coaching staff together that has identified talent, trained the talent, disciplined the talent, inspired the talent, and organized the talent of the American player. He has had a greater impact on the US program than he had on the German program. He played hard ball with US Soccer to get the position, and has maximized his opportunity. — Bill Anderson
He is a good coach tactically. Sometimes he starts a player that shouldn't be starting, but one of his best qualities is making adjustments to turn the game in our favor. — Brendan
We have to give him credit for finally learning the obvious things. The change to the style and tactics is way overplayed because it's not really that much changed. The players and the player pool have improved dramatically, but I'm unsure how much credit for that is Klinsmann's. Some extra credit may be his with the likes of Fabian, Brooks, Johannsson, etc. — KXRTI
would love to see Sacha. Very smart to rely on Beasley. — myownbobblehead
Some of the roster choices do still leave you scratching your head. And let's not forget it was only a week ago we had an absolute debacle in Costa Rica. But for the most part the plan is working right now. Will it work in Brazil next year? — Brian
Sometimes makes it too hard on himself and doesn't call in the "best" guys at their positions, but he's built great depth and obviously knows where he wants this team to be. He's been a revelation as the USMNT coach. — BDM
Present — Joe
cautiously optimistic. he has done a lot with this program in 3 years. USMNT looks better than ever, but the real test is just about to start. I can see this team reaching to new heights at the WC just as much as I can see us being deflated. — beto
JK has clearly had a plan to transform the US from a bunker and counter team to one that can dictate play. The US is clearly starting to resemble that paradigm. Not such a huge fan of his personnel choices. His great substitutions are a key part of the US' recent performance. However, those subs are usually those who really should have started. If he recognized this before the game instead of during, I would rate him higher. — Pwyll
He has a plan, but it doesn't always work. Hard to argue with the results, but his player selection at times is questionable at best. — BDM
Not always the most astute position selections, but it does seem to work out for him. Midas touch? — Charles
Has had a plan mapped out for years. Love his dedication and passion for the United States team. However I think his roster choices are questionable, but hey, we have one versatile team. These next 8 months Klins can use to experiment, but he better sort out the defense in time. — Connor
There have been some times where the roster was far from what we all were hoping for, but his system has prevailed. He made a point of saying that the loss of Bradley and Jozy wouldn't stop us against (an admittedly weakened) Mexico, and it didn't. We are settling into a good style, and all the players are buying in. — Brett
An expected player selection is neither is median. I think his not-so-easily-expected player moves have been positive (Zusi, Beasley) slightly more than they've gone wrong (Chandler, Lichaj, Kljestan). He gets slightly more positive marks for having a plan because the team appears to be answering the call to press high up the pitch. I'm not convinced he really has the on-field detailed level tactical nous necessary to provide more than this strategic impetus. I'd love to be wrong. — Braden
I think he'd best be described as a "roller coaster" He's on a up right now, and I love it! But he's had his downs. — Mark
He's got a plan, but I seriously question his roster/starter choices sometimes. He picks favorites more than he should. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. — Ross
Klinsmann knows how to win games. He is not a personnel guy. In his favor, it must be said that too many clueless fans and media gurus left Klinsmann with the impression that capping bi-nationals would determine his career trajectory and that has distracted him from doing his best. It is too bad. Our team will play well but it will not be our best team. — Excellency
I love how he can get the players with Dual Citizenship to play for the US. I wish he picked the starters better. He has turned our right back position into a joke with Evans, Orozco, and F. Johnson(who is leftsided player) playing there. get Lichaj, Farrel, Chandler, or Yedlin in — Germericans!
Dear Klinnsman I don't play right back. Neither does Orozco or Johnson. I play on the same team as a pretty good right back and can get you his number. Sincerely, Brad Evans — Brad Evans
Love the tactics and coaching. I hate roster choices. I mean Orozco, Evans, Torres, Corona, Beckerman and Castillo shouldnt be getting good national team looks when you have Shea, Gatt, Lichaj, and others not really getting looks — "micheal Freakin Orazco Fiscal"