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Predictions from the press box

The Pundits Predict the USMNT-Guatemala Score

Some of the finest minds in the United States soccer writing community offered up their final scoreline for tonight's match between the Americans and the Chapines. Hint: Think "USA. USA."
BY Various Posted
October 16, 2012
2:08 PM

Jon Arnold, ASN's man in Kansas City, wandered around the press box at Livestrong Park and asked the journalists covering the match for their pre-game predictions. Here's what the esteemed gentlemen said:

Steve Davis, Pro Soccer Talk
2-0 United States. It'll be scrappy, but in the end a little more comfortable than the final score indicates.

Paolo Bandini, The Guardian
United States win.

Ives Galarcep, Soccer By Ives
2-0 United States.

Walfri Rodas, Revista Diez Nueva York
Not a prediction, a hope. A draw. 1-1.

Brian Quarstad, IMS Soccer
3-1 United States.

Zac Rigg, Goal.com
1-1...and neither team [cares] in the second half.

Andrew Lewellen, ASN
2-0 United States. The Americans score within the first 20 minutes

Jon Arnold, ASN
3-1 United States. The United States bosses the match early, excelling in possession on the K.C. pitch

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